If Only – Daddy’s Time to Shine

If Only – Daddy’s Time to Shine
Ricky went to the lanai and was surprised to see Luke there. He sat down.
“Problem son?”
Luke was startled.
“Ah, wala naman po dad.” He then sighed.
“Dad..” Ricky just waited for him to continue.
“Dad, nakipagbreak po si Joni.”
“Do you know why?”
“Time daw po.”
“Masyado ba kayong busy at hindi na kayo nakakapagkita?”
“Actually dad, nagselos ata kay Aira.”
Ricky raised his eyebrow at that.
“And why is that?”
“Eh dad, tropa naman po kami tapos magkasama sa work. Medyo namiss lang siguro namin ung isa’t isa.”
“Was there any reason for Joni to doubt with that?”
“Di ko rin po alam dad. Ganun lang naman po, magkasama sa work, sabay kumain, nothing else.”
“Are you sure on that?”
“Yes po dad.”
“You probably need to give each other some time apart. Baka lang need nyo ng breather. Talk to her after a week. Ask her if she is serious with her decision. If she say yes, you need to respect that son. But do ask why. Baka naman magawan nyo pa ng paraan.”
“Thanks dad!”
Then Sky came in his PJs.
“Dahdi, I want you.”
“Sorry sir, kanina pa po kayo hinahanap.”
“It’s okay Doris, ako na magpapatulog.”
Ricky brought Sky up to his chest. Sky readily lay down across his dad’s chest.
“Wow, habit na yan ah.”
“Nakasanayan na since that incident.”
“Would it scar him dad?”
“The doctor said no. But we just have to make sure that nothing would trigger it. Mahirap din ang may trauma.” Ricky explained as he caressed Sky’s back who is now falling asleep.
“Wow! My three boys are here.” Maya kissed her husband on the top his head, then gave Sky a kiss on the cheek. “Wawa naman ang baby namin.”
“I’m okay mommy.”
“Hindi ikaw sweetheart, si Sky.”
Luke laughed at the banter of their parents.
“Luke, you want hot choco?”
“If okay lang po.”
“Of course son. I’ll fix coffee drink as well for me and your dad.”
“Makikitsismis lang mommy mo.”
“Ewan ko sa’yo Ricky.”
“hahaha. I love you sweetheart.”
Maya rolled her eyes but was smiling and went to the kitchen.
“Sana makahanap ako ng katulad ni mom.” Luke said.
“You will son. Just give it time. Enjoy what you have right now. It will come when you least expect it.”
“Thank you dad. I love you po.”
Ricky smirked. “I love you too son. I’m liking this you and me time. Siguro we could start on that and pag malaki na si Sky, pwede na rin isama. Then later on si Sean.”
“I like that dad. I like that.”
Maya then came with their drinks. Of course mommy Maya asked what they were talking about. The father and son explained briefly and mommy agreed with daddy. Luke smiled.
“Thanks a lot mom and dad. I really appreciate your support and love. Sige po mauna na ako.”
“Sige Luke, papasok na rin kami. Ihihiga na namin si Sky.” Maya told Luke.
“Good night po.” He kissed his mom before going to his room. The couple then bring Sky to the room he shares with Sunshine and Sean. As soon as they were sure he was settled, they left the room and went to theirs.
The couple lay down with Maya lying almost half of her body on Ricky.
“Tingin mo okay lang si Luke?”
“Yes. Don’t worry about it mommy. Matured na ang panganay mo, he’ll know how to handle this. We’re just here to guide him.”
Ricky chuckled.
“Oh bakit?”
“Nothing sweetheart.”
“Hay naku Ricky.” Maya was on the act of turning away from him but Ricky hugged her tight and he kissed her. A kiss that went beyond of course.
[a/n: hahaha.. hanggang dun lang kaya ko. Ituloy nyo na lang po. :D.. Double treat dahil I do Cherish them..hahaha]

67 thoughts on “If Only – Daddy’s Time to Shine

  1. thankie sa double treat ms. writer, pampa GV sa umaga 😊 at ito na naman ang nawawalang kasunod ng “A kiss that went beyond of course.” hahaha

  2. kaya ka namin love eh….dami mong alam na pampasaya…ikaw na! merong pang Daddy Ricky…at meron ding pang Mommy Maya…wow na wow!! we do cherish both of them hehe! God bless!

  3. Hello po dear author. An i ask a favor po? Can you please share with me the password of your new post It Was Somehow Real? Please po 🙂 i hope you will grant my request po 🙂 thank you in advance po 🙂

  4. Hello Author,Ganda ng mga gngwa mong mga story enjoy kming mga ADIKS at sa pmmgitan nito nbbwsan ang lungkot sa PGHHNTAY sa Lovable JOCHARD ,thank you at pwsde b mhngi ung pw ng It Make Me Real please🙏🏻

  5. Oh my G ! Ang ganda tlga 😉 yan ang pagmamahal ng isang magulang sa mga anak at tlgang humingi ng payo bago gawin ang mga bagay bagay, Chos ! 😉 at yung double treat ? Kami nalang mag-iimagine nun kung anong susunod na kaganapan, yiieehh ! ^___^ and also, you can share ur both protective PW like IWSR & IFYP plz., hehehe ! 😉 and here’s my email lagnason.cherry22@gmail.com thankie sa beautiful update ms. Writer 😉 CHERISH JOCHARD ❤

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