If Only – Pasyal Time

If Only – Pasyal Time

It’s a Sunday. The family attended the mass and now on their way to the mall. Doris, Sabel and Joma with his son were with them as well.

Upon alighting the vehicle,

“Dahdi, carry.” Sky raised his hands towards his dad.
Maya was carrying Sean. Sunshine was looking at her twin, she then looked at Luke.

“Okay, come here Sunshine, kuya will carry you.”
She was grinning.

While walking, Ricky asked Sky.

“Sky, why you don’t like to walk?”

“Becos my feet are sleepy. They don’t like to walk.”

Everyone laughed at Sky.

“Oh Sky, where did you learn that? Hahaha. You’re a better joker than kuya.”

“Mommy, kanino nagmana tong anak mo?”

“Eh di sa’yo daddy.”

Ricky’s eyes rounded and just chuckled. He placed his arm on her waist.

“Are you okay sweetheart? Hindi ka ba nahihirapan?”

“Okay lang ako sweetheart. Ikaw inaalala ko. Ung buto mo. Alam mo naman.”

And she laughed as he gave her a grim face.

“You’re so mean.”

“I love you.”

He shook his head and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

They are now near the play area for the kids.

“Hmmmm, should we go in the play area? I don’t think Sky and Sunshine wants to walk.

Sky then was wiggling out of his dad’s arms.

“Dahdi, my feet are awake now. They want to walk.”

“Oh my gee!!! Hahaha.. Sky! You are really hilarious. Where are you getting those ideas? Hahaha”

“Ang witty po ni Sky mommy.”

“Oo nga ate Abby and makulit.”

“Doris, Sabel, Joma, kayo na lang sumama sa mga bata. We will just wait in the coffee place”

“Eh sir, dito na lang po kami sa labas ni Marco.”

“No Joma, bayad na ung ticket ni Marco. Don’t worry about it.”

“Naku sir salamat po, Mrs. Chief.” Ricky just smiled to acknowledge his thanks.

“Wala un kuya Joma.”

“Sige po sir, kami na po bahala sa mga bata.” Doris said.

“Okay, around 11 puntahan namin kayo dito para mag-lunch.”

“Copy sir.” Sabel answered.

“Sky, Sunshine be good to ate Sabel, ate Doris and kuya Joma, okay?”

“Yes mommy!” The twins answered at the same time. Excitement evident in their voices.

“Okay, you may go inside now.”

“Ah, kuya Joma, here’s my ipad. Kindly take pictures of them para makita rin namin itsura inside.”

“Sige Nikki.”

“Thankie. Bye Sky, bye Sunshine. Enjoy!”

Sunshine nodded her head, Sky grinned.

“Excited na pumasok ung kambal.hahaha” Luke commented.

The three kids get inside with their chaperone as the rest of the family went to the coffee place.

They looked for a vacant place so Maya could take a seat.

“Mom, dad, kami na po mag-order.” Luke offered.

“And pay?” Ricky teased his son.

“Opo dad. May naitabi naman po ako. Tsaka para ma-i-treat ko po kayo.”

“Wow kuya, you’re so sweet.”

“Sila mom and dad lang ililibre ko and si Abby.” Luke teased her.

“Kuya! You’re so daya.” She harrumphed.

“Sige na, kasali ka syempre. Niloloko lang kita.”

“Thankie!” Nikki quickly recovered.

Ricky and Maya were smiling watching their older kids’ sweet banter. They looked at each other and smiled. Happiness and fulfillment evident on their faces.

Such a great life indeed.

[a/n: Here’s hoping you all had a great weekend and may we all have a great week to come ๐Ÿ˜Š]


23 thoughts on “If Only – Pasyal Time

  1. My god sky ang banat mo hilarious at tnx din inspired ang author natin dahil nag trend knina sana lng wlang ampalaya na ng stalk bka accuse pa taung nag auto hashtag or di kya autovotes .. Haha what a stupid mind dont even know how technology run.. Peace hehehe isa lang nman ang bitter dun. Tskk . lols

  2. Thank you Ms EJOYMAC ,you always make us so happy all the time dhil sa mga gngwa mong kwnto at thank you so very much sa lhat lhat,have a wonderful weekends too,take care always๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

  3. whenever i read about d kambal natutuwa ako…i can actually picture d facial expressions…kakatuwa talaga…sana lang maging totoo ulit ito s big screen…kung ibabalik nila na me dagdag bawas…it wont be the same….each character is lovable (ay pde palang tanggalin si Doris bwahahahaha)…esp d LIM & the DELA ROSAs…nakakamiss talaga sila…hay! thank u for another heart warming epi of the Lim Family…keep it coming pls? God bless!

    1. Pwedeng pwede talaga Ms Mryna…actually mas gusto ko si yaya Leah noon pa..reel or real i like her better than doris and at the end of the day…i just proved that i got some talent in reading one’s personality….own POV lang po ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Such a great life indeed! Thank you for another peek in the life of Ricky and Maya, for this booster drug story for the adiks as we begin another week in the real world. For now, we can vote and tweet JOCHARD REUNITED!! Go team! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. laking tawa ko sa iyo Iskay dito โ€œBecos my feet are sleepy. They donโ€™t like to walk.โ€ at lakas ng banat ni Mrs. Lim sa sweetheart nya ng โ€œOkay lang ako sweetheart. Ikaw inaalala ko. Ung buto mo. Alam mo naman.โ€ naku Mr. Lim prove to your wife nga na malakas ka pa sa kalabaw hahaha what a wonderful family bonding.

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