If Only – Naughty Sky

If Only – Naughty Sky
Maya and Ricky were in the twins’ room who were busily playing.
Sunshine suddenly went to her mom.
“Yes, baby?”
Sunshine’s eyes twinkled surprising Maya.
“Really mommy, I’m your baby?”
“Of course. All of you. Kuya Luke, ate Nikki, ate Abby, you, Sky and Sean.”
“But..” She was hesitant.
“But why Sunshine?”
“But Ishkay said I’m not baby anymore.”
Maya looked at Sky. Ricky was just watching from the sideline. Sky was biting his lower lip.
“Sky, come here.”
Sky went to his mom.
“Why are you telling Sunshine that ?”
“I’m just joking mommy.”
“But it’s not a good joke kuya Sky.” When Maya called him kuya, he frowned, making Ricky chuckled silently.
“I’m baby mommy.” He said indignantly.
Maya mouthed to Ricky, “Mana sa’yo”
Ricky just shrugged his shoulders.
“So what will you say?”
“I’m sorry mommy.”
“Not to me Sky, to Sunshine.”
“I’m sorry Shineshine.”
“Okay.” Sunshine nods her head.
Maya mouthed, “Mana sa akin.” Ricky burst out laughing.
“Sky, Sunshine always remember you are all mommy and daddy’s babies. Ate Nikki, ate Abby, Sky, Sunshine and Sean are kuya Luke’s babies. Ate Abby, Sky, Sunshine and Sean are ate Nikki’s babies. Sky, Sunshine and Sean are ate Abby’s babies. So Sean is your baby Sky and Sunshine. That’s why we have ates and kuyas. Understand?”
The twins nodded in understanding. Sunshine hugged her mom tighter and kissed her.
“Mommy, me too.” Sky said.
“No, it’s your punishment.”
Sky understood that he did something wrong but he then looked at his dad and grinned.
“Oh why me always.”
Maya laughed out loud. Ricky had no choice and carried Sky. Sky felt victorious and was smiling big. Maya shook her head and peppered Sunshine with kisses. Their baby girl giggled.
“Mommy. wag ng mang-inggit.” Ricky warned her.
Ricky sat down beside his wife and gave her a kiss then Sunshine.
“Daddy!” Sunshine was raising her hands towards her dad.
“Sky, go to mommy.”
Sky looked at his mom, waiting for her go signal.
“Come here Sky.”
And the cute little boy jumped towards her making his mom chuckle. And Sky was the one
who peppered her with kisses.
“hahaha. Hay Sky.” Maya squeezed him tight.
“I love you Sky.”
“I yabyu mommy.”
“I love you Sunshine.”
“I love you mommy.”
“I love you daddy.”
“I love you too mommy.”
And the couple kissed making the twins giggle. They tickled each one making them shriek and waking up baby Sean.
“Ooooopppsss.” Sky uttered, making his parents laughed.
“Go down kuya Sky, baby Sean is up.”
“Otei mommy.”
Sunshine also went down so Ricky helped Maya. The couple asked the twins for some assistance to which the two were more than happy to do so.
Another worthwhile day for the family.
[A/n: pagpasensyahan na po..yan lang kinaya..:-)]

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