If Only – Valentine’s Day… or Not

If Only – Valentine’s Day… or Not
Ricky’s eyes flutters as he wakes up. He felt someone watching him.
“Good morning sweetheart!” Maya giddily greeted her husband and kissed him on the lips.
“Good morning sweetheart. Ang taas ng energy mo ah.”
“Of course! Masaya ang araw na to.”
“Really? Why?”
“Naku ang mamang singkit nagpapacute. Sige na, tumayo ka na at mag-ayos. Nag-aantay na ang mga bata.”
She fixed their bed and together they went out of the room. The kids were already seated in the dining room.
Sky run to his mom.
“Hi mommy! I got fowers for you.”
“Awww, ang sweet naman ng Sky ko. Kiss mommy.”
Sky peppered his mom’s face with kisses. All this happening while Ricky seemed frozen in his place with eyes rounded. Luke motioned towards Nikki to look at their dad.
“Naku, mukhang nalimutan ni dad. Patay tayo diyan.” Luke was whispering to Nikki.
“Oh no kuya. What should we do? Ano ba naman tong si dad.”
“Aliwin mo muna si mom, kakausapin ko lang si dad.”
“Eh kuya ako, I want to help too.” Abby put in.
“Hmmm. Abby, tulungan mo na lang si ate Niks mo.”
“Okay kuya.”
“Mom, do we have plans for today?”
“Ah, hindi ko alam Nikki sa daddy nyo.” Maya looked at her husband who went with Luke in the living room.
Luke and his dad were conversing.
“Dad, nakalimutan mo pong Valentine’s day ngayon?”
Ricky swallowed and just looked at his son, confirming silently.
“Any plans?”
“I think we’d go to the mall after mass.”
“Sige dad, kami bahala ni Niks.”
“What do you mean?”
“Pagdating sa mall, hihiwalay kami ni Niks to buy flowers and chocolates for mom. Kunwari may papakuha kayo sa van para hindi makahalata si mom.”
“Okay son. Thank you. Please tell Nikki too and Abby. I owe you guys.”
“No prob dad.”
“Daddy? Luke? Kain na.”
“Yes mommy.” Ricky answered.
When Ricky was near Maya.
“Anong pinag-usapan nyong mag-ama? May date ba si Luke?”
“Ah, about work lang sweetheart.”
Maya looked at her husband trying to decipher if he was telling the truth but Nikki saved her dad.
“Mom?” She looked her way.
“Ano un Nikki?”
Ricky breathed a sigh of relief. Luke was biting his lower lip to stop himself from laughing.
“Let’s eat na po, di ba we will attend the mass.”
The family eat their breakfast after which they all get ready for the mass.
-in the mall-
As planned..
“Yes po dad?”
“Pakikuha naman ng gamit ko sa van. Nalimutan ko lang.”
“Sige po dad. Niks, samahan mo ko.”
“G-r-r-r ka kuya. Sarap na ng upo ko eh.”
“Sige na Niks.”
Nikki stomped her foot but went with her kuya.
When they were out of earshot.
“Okay ba kuya acting ko?”
“Ah acting ba yun, sanay na kasi ako sa arte mo.”
“G-R-R-R ka talaga kuya!”
“Hahaha, tara na. Kailangan bilisan natin, baka makahalata si mom pag matagal tayo.”
“Yes sweetheart?”
“Ano ung nakalimutan mo sa sasakyan?”
“Ah..ano, ung..”
Abby saved the day.
“Mom, look at Sean. He’s smiling at me.”
“Ay oo nga ate Abby. Saglit nasaan ba ung phone ko.”
Ricky looked at Abby who made a thumbs up sign at him. He mouthed ‘thank you’.
“Dahdi, I want ice cream.” Sky went to his dad.
Ricky scooped him up.
“Mommy, pwede ba mag-ice cream tong kambal?”
“Ummm, pwede pa naman sweetheart. Maaga pa naman.” Maya answered while she busily take pictures of the smiling baby Sean.
“You want ice cream too princess?” He asked Sunshine.
Sunshine shook her head.
“I want that daddy.” She pointed on the cotton candy a kid was holding who passed them by.
“Ah okay. How about you Abby, you want anything?”
“I’m good daddy. Thank you po.”
Ricky brought with him Sky and Sunshine. When they got back Luke and Nikki were already there as well.
“Wow! Ice cream.”
“You want Nikki?”
“No po dad. Natutuwa lang po akong tignan kumain si Sky. Come here Sky, ate will wipe your face, it’s so messy.”
“Dad, ito na po ung pinapakuha nyo.” He whispered “It’s in the van now dad.”
“Thanks Luke.” Luke gave his dad his body bag.
[a/n: What’s on it? Nothing. But that would be their secret.]
“Ah mommy, where do you want to eat?”
“Huwag ako ang tanungin mo daddy, yang mga bata. Kahit saan ako, okay lang.”
“Kids, where do you want to eat?”
“Daddy, pwede po sa shabu-shabu?” Abby asked.
“Oo nga. Gusto ko rin dun.” Luke agreed.
“I’m good there po dad, healthy food.”
“Okay, let’s go.” Ricky took the stroller and placed his other arm around his wife. Luke and Nikki took hold of the twins.
“Sweetheart, may makakain ba ung kambal dun?”
“Yes sweetheart, meron naman pang-bata pero papa-try pa rin natin sa kambal ung foods. They might like it.”
Then Maya looked on a woman carrying a bouquet of flowers which Ricky didn’t missed but pretended not to notice. Good thing it was still a bit early for lunch that they were seated at once.
After ordering.
“Ah, sweetheart, may titignan lang ako saglit sa bookstore.”
“We need more books kasi sa institute. Baka merong maganda, mag pre-order na ako.” Ricky answered without batting an eyelashes.
“Ah okay. Isama mo na si Luke baka may ma-i-suggest sya.”
“Ah, sige tama sweetheart.” He kissed his wife before leaving.
“Okay ka pa po dad?”
“Grabe, ang hirap magpalusot sa mommy nyo.”
“hahaha. Okay lang po yan dad. Kukunin nyo na po ba ung gift for mom?”
“Ah, about that Luke. Can you buy three more?”
“Bakit po?”
“For Nikki, Abby and Sunshine. Ako na lang kukuha nung para sa mommy nyo then dito na lang tayo magmeet.”
“Ah, okay po dad.”
They meet after 15-minutes. The time they arrived, the foods were being served. Good thing Maya’s back was at the door. Ricky kissed his wife on the cheek that surprised her.
“Ay! Sweetheart, nanggugulat ka.”
“Happy Valentine’s day sweetheart.” He gave his wife a beautiful sunflower bouquet and a box of chocolates.
“Naku. May titignan daw sa bookstore. Hay naku sweetheart, nakakainis ka.”
“Nakakakilig. Hahaha”
The older kids laughed at their parents.
“I love you sweetheart.” Ricky kissed her on the lips.
“I love you too sweetheart and thank you for these gifts.” Maya was ecstatic. He smiled at her.
“Luke.” Ricky then called his son who gave him the other sets of bouquet.
“And these are for my other lovely ladies. Happy Valentine’s day to my princesses.”
A beautiful bouquet of tulips for Nikki and Abby and a single red rose for Sunshine.
“Awww, daddy, you’re so sweet.” Nikki said as she kissed her dad on the cheek.
“Thank you po daddy.” Abby kissed him too.
“Thank you daddy.” Sunshine said as she giggles on the flower she received.
“Oh, kain na tayo.” Maya told everyone. Luke and Ricky took their seats.
Nikki was in-charged of Sunshine while Luke took care of Sky. The twins were enjoying the cooking session and was eating happily.
“Sweetheart, mukhang nagustuhan ng kambal dito.” Ricky
“Oo nga sweetheart. Akalain mong magustuhan nila dito.” They laughed together.
Luke, Nikki and Abby looked at each other giving a knowing smile.
They continued eating and talking. Everyone listening to stories shared by each one.
A beautiful family sight indeed.
[a/n: Bawi na ko ha..hahaha :D]

17 thoughts on “If Only – Valentine’s Day… or Not

  1. Hay salamat ! Buti nalang nakalusot si Mamang Singkit at nanjan na rin si Luke kung hindi naku, makakatikim ng batas ng api ni Mayabels, hehehehe ! ;D belated hapi Valentines day, ms. Writer ! :-*

  2. Mr. Lim sign of old age na yan hahaha naging makakalimutin na, and I find it really, really, really sweet and cute, him, as a father giving his 3-year old daughter a single stem of flower, super love it. and kahit na belated na ms. joy, Happy Valentine’s Day

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