If Only – Baby Sean’s Christening Day

If Only – Baby Sean’s Christening Day
[a/n: ang hirap isapan ng mga ninong at ninang..nakuha ng kambal lahat. :D]
baby Sean
The couple had a simple celebration for baby Sean’s christening. Only close family friends were invited. Baby Sean also almost have the same sets of godparents with the twins. Rafi and Emman were on top of the lists.
The couple then went in to check something with Sky in tow.
Since there was a cake, Sky thought it’s a must to blow the candle. So he has been demanding that he blows now the candle.
“Sky, it is not your birthday.” His dad calmly tells him.
“But there’s cake. I want blow candle dahdi.”
“Sweetheart, hayaan mo na. Hindi ka rin mananalo diyan sa anak mo.” Maya tells her husband.
“Oh, I have candles here.” Nikki exclaimed and went to retrieve one.
When Nikki was putting the candle on top of the cake, mr. Grumpy was all smiles and clapping. Their parents were smiling as well.
“Okay Sky, you may blow now.”
“You shing ate.”
Maya and Ricky burst out laughing. Nikki bit her lip. Luke then came with Sunshine and Abby.
“Anong meron?”
“Kuya, si Sky wants to blow the candle kasi may cake.”
“hahaha. Ayos ah. Okay, sinong kakanta?” Luke’s reply.
“I’ll sing.” Abby volunteered.
“Ay, ang babait ng mga ate at kuya. I love you mga anak.”
“We love you too mommy.” Abby, Nikki and Luke simultaneously answered.
“How about you princess? You want to blow the candle too?”
“No, daddy.” And Sunshine sweetly giggled. Ricky carried her instead with Maya holding baby Sean.
“Look Sean, kuya Sky will blow the candle for you.”
Sky grinned at his mom. Nikki and Abby sing the ‘happy birthday to you’ song as Sky waited patiently for the song to be finished. After the song, Sky with all his might, blows the candle. He huff and puff to blow the candle, his chubby cheeks forming well.
“Ah, mom!!!”
“Oh bakit Nikki?”
“Ung cute chubby cheeks ni Sky lumalabas. I want to pinch it. Huhuhu..”
“hahaha. Akala ko kung ano ng nangyari. Hawakan mo na lang ate, himasin. Mahihirapan tayo pag umiyak yan.”
She pouted, “Okay.”
Ricky shook his head and smile then kissed Sunshine. He looked at Sean as well and kissed the gurgling baby.
“Mommy, puno na po ng saliva ang baby. Laro ng laro.”
“Ay! Naku! Mukhang ginaya ang kuya. Gusto rin ata mag-blow ng candle.”
And the family laughed.
“Hay! I so love our family. Kahit dito lang ako sa bahay forever.”
“I like that Manang Nikki.”
“Daddy! I was just joking.” She pouted.
Ricky raised his eyebrow at her. Maya was just watching them as she wipes baby Sean’s face.
“Eh..basta daddy.” Ricky just chuckled.
“Andito naman pala ang may okasyon. May miting po ba kayo na hindi naman alam?” Kute jested. Nanay Teresita and Tatay Arturo following her.
“Ay, nay, tay, kute, pasensya na po. Ito po kasing si Sky may commercial break.”
“Oh bakit? Anong ginawa ng apo ko?”
“Nay, he requested to blow a candle kasi daw may cake.” After a few second, the three laughed out loud.
“Hay naku, tong apo ko talaga matalino. Halika ka nga Sky. Kargahin ka ni lolo tatay.” As Sky sees lolo tatay’s motion to carry him, he jumped towards him. Good thing tay Arturo still has good reflex.
“Sobrang energetic lang.” And everyone shared another good laugh.
“Okay lang po kayo tay?”
“Oo Richard, okay lang. Nagulat lang.”
“Sky, don’t jump like that again okay?” Maya reminding his son.
“Otay mommy.”
Then they all went out in the lanai where the rest of the guests are.
[a/n: pasensya na po at masyadong off ang utak ko. Having a hard time to create stories, medyo maraming work or na-over sa inspirasyon..hahaha]

28 thoughts on “If Only – Baby Sean’s Christening Day

  1. Naalala ko yun Happy Buhdi to me Iskay. Hahaha! I could imagine naman yun baby pic ni taTang (the one in monkey costume) as Baby Sean.

    Gawin mong ninang/ninong lahat ng adiks sis!

    Thankee sis!

  2. My imagination was on overtime… Very delightful family… Thank you so much for your awesome stories 😘😘

  3. For those who miss Iskay, he had a cameo role on Wednesday’s episode of Dolce Amore as an orphan. Hehehe… he’s still a cutie and very healthy. Sarap kurutin ang cheeks niya talaga.

      1. pwedeng mag request pretty please to post ng photo here? miss so much si Iskay. no way na maka nood ng tv or maki update sa pangyayari sa mundo ng teleserye or showbiz 😩

      2. oh my, ang cutie patotie nya pa rin, sarap kurut kurutin, I was imagining him on the lap of his Mommy Maya or Daddy Ricky

  4. Thank you Ms. Ejoy! It’s like a ritual to me now to read If Only stories.. (Di ako nagpaparinig ha… Hehe) adik lang as i have been on the bcwmh marathon. Kakamiss lang kasi. your If Only stories are such a joy because they are the ‘continuation’ of our beloved family life kaya Thank You!!

  5. What a happy family in deed😀 Thanks much sa update! I love all your short stories pampa good vibes👌👍 keep it up and God 🙏 Bless you always❤️❤️❤️

  6. kahit kelan, pampa GV ang hirit ni Mr. Grumpy hahaha, ms. joy another request, baka kung pwedeng magpa update dito sa blog mo ng pangyayari sa possible project ng JoChard or anything that matter to our fave loveteam, wala lang kasi akong any source 😢😢😢 thankie in advance

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