If Only – Off to San Nicolas

“Are we ready guys?” Ricky asks.

“Ready!” Everyone chorused.

Then a cute shriek erupted from Mr. Grumpy.


“Hahaha..excited baby?”

“Yesh mommy. I ride plane yike you.”

Everyone laughed at Sky’s giddiness and felt it quite contagious.

“Wow! Me too, I’m excited. This will be the first ride of the twins then baby Sean. And will be their first vacation in San Nicolas. Ooohhh! This is gonna be so fun fun fun!”

“Minsan ung kaartehan mo Niks agreeable.”

And they all laughed once again.

Then they heard their flight being called.

Maya then said,

“San Nicolas.. Here. We. Come!”

[A/N: have a blessed Sunday everyone!]



10 thoughts on “If Only – Off to San Nicolas

  1. Thank you Ms. Ejoy! Even just the trip to the airport by the Lim family is such a joy to read. I can’t help but have that all to familiar goofy smile on my face!! Lalo na at ang ating heartthrob na si Sky ang front and center! I so miss them. Salamat ulit!

  2. to the nth level din ang excitement ni Mr. Grumpy hehe, and then ang cute siguro kung during the plane ride kukulitin ni Iskay ang mga flight attendance, in a cute way naman. πŸ˜„

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