If Only – San Nicolas Adventure

If Only – San Nicolas Adventure
“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” A very excited Sky was waking up his mom who was sleeping soundly beside his dad. 
“Sky, why are you up so early?”
“Mommy I want go down in Chibigan with yoyo taytay.”
Maya was surprised when she felt Ricky shaking. Only to find him wide awake now as well and laughing.
“Sweetheart, napakabulol ng baby mo.”
She playfully glared at him.
“Anak mo rin po yan mister Lim!”
And they were interrupted when Sky shouted.
“Don’t shout Sky, your siblings are still asleep. We need to wash up first before bringing you down, okay?”
“Otei mommy.”
“Kiss mommy first.”
And he grinned at the task given to him.
Then the door opened revealing the rest of the kids.
“Hay Sky, andito ka lang pala. Ang aga mo gumising.”
Luke complained good-naturedly.
“Oo nga mom. He’s so excited every day. Minsan ang hirap sabayan.”
“Hahaha. Ganun talaga mga ate at Kuya, first time at masyado lang talaga siyang nag-eenjoy kasi wala nito sa atin.”
“We’re not complaining mom ah, medyo uber lang talaga si Sky compared to Sunshine here.”
Sunshine then went to the bed and lied down in between their parents.
“Naku, mukhang antok pa to. Paano ba to eh si Sky gusto ng pumunta sa Chibugan.”
“Don’t worry mom, we’ll take care of him. Tatlo naman po kami nila ate at Kuya.”
“Opo, mommy. Kami na muna po bahala Kay Sky mukhang inaantok pa rin po kayo.”
“Thanks guys.”
Ricky answered and closed his arm around Sunshine and Maya. Maya had no choice but to lie down back.
“Salamat mga ate and Kuya. Sky, Kuya Luke, ate Nikki and ate Abby will join you in Chibugan, okay?”
“Otei mommy.” He was all smiles as he was really excited to go down.
On their first day, the couple were observing the twins if they would enjoy the new environment. Sunshine immediately adopted compared to his twin who was so grumpy all day. 
“I don’t yike hir mommy. I want home.”
The couple couple could only look at each other as they don’t know what else to do to appease Mr. Grumpy. His siblings were already out of tricks to entertain him too. Until tay Arturo step in.
“Halika apo. Sama ka kay lolo tatay. Samahan mo ko sa Chibugan.”
“Pasensya na po tay. Hindi po namin alam bakit ganyan si Sky.”
“Wala un Richard, bata yan. Naninibago lang talaga. Sige na, ako na bahala dito.”
After that day, the Chibugan had been Sky’s favorite place since his lolo tatay allows him to deliver some orders to the customers. And because he loves when he gets appreciated, he enjoyed it well there. Much to the delight of everyone because they thought they would need to cut their trip short.
-at the Chibugan-
“Sky, pakibigay mo tong tissue sa kanila oh.”
“Otei yoyo.” He grinned at the given task.
“Grabe Mang Arturo, kagaganda at kagagwapo ng mga apo nyo. Ang babait at kagagalang.”
“Ay, salamat ka Ibing. May pagkukuhaan sa mga magulang. Maganda rin pagpapalaki nila Maya at Richard sa mga batang to. At sadyang likas na mababait din.”
The three kids were helping as well in serving foods. Nay Tere was guiding them. Kute was smiling then captured her mother’s eyes who smiled back at her. Understanding passed between them.
A little while later, Ricky with Sunshine and Maya with baby Sean entered Chibugan. Sunshine immediately went down and go lolo tatay.
“Wow! Ang sarap naman. Pakiss nga apo.” Sunshine kissed her lolo tatay readily.
“Dahdi up!” 
“Tired Sky?”
“Milk dahdi. Bottle.”
“Naku daddy, inaantok yan kaya gusto ng milk sa bote. Sige, ipagtimpla ko lang.” Maya told her husband, as Ricky carried up Sky.
“No mom, I’ll do it na po.”
“Naku, thank you ate. Pakisuyo na lang din ng water si Sean. Kaya aakyat sana ako, nakalimutan ko.”
“No prob mom.” Nikki sweetly told her mom.
“I’ll join you ate.”
“Thanks Abby.”
While Sky feeds from his bottle alongside Sean,
“Ricky, gusto mo umorder?”
“Okay lang. Pero papayag ba sina nanay at tatay?”
“Tignan natin. Tay?”
“Ay ano un anak?”
“Oorder po sana kami ni Ricky.”
“Maya, niloloko mo ba ako?”
“Tay, hindi po. Seryoso po.”
“O bakit anong meron?”
“Teresita, tong mga anak mo oorder daw.”
“Oorder lang naman pala eh, anong masama dun?”
“Magbabayad yan Tere.”
It was Nay Teresita’s turn now to get angry.
“Maya, Ricky walang problemang umorder pero ayokong magbabayad kayo kundi magagalit talaga ako.”
“Nay, si Maya lang po un.”
“Joke lang sweetheart.”
“Lino, kunin mo na order nina Maya at pati nitong mga bata.”
“Talaga po lola nanay?”
“Oo naman Luke. Aba’y tong mga apo ko masyadong mahiyain. Pag may gusto kayo magsasabi lang kayo sa amin ng lolo tatay nyo o sa tatits nyo, okay?”
“Opo lola nanay.” The trio answered in chorus.
As their food was being served, Maya laid down Sean on his stroller.
“Sweetheart, akyat mo na muna si Sky para makakain ka ng maayos.”
Sky has already fallen asleep on Ricky’s arms after finishing his milk.
“It’s okay sweetheart, subuan mo na lang ako.” And he grinned at her.
“Ewan ko sa’yo sweetheart.”
“Naku Maya, aarte ka pa. Gusto mo rin naman.”
“Oh bakit?” Nanay Teresita playfully teases Maya who is now bright red.
The rest of the family laughed at them.
“Oo nga po my, sundin mo na lang po si lola Nanay.”
“Luke ha.”
“hahaha. Joke lang po my.”
And they all laughed once more.
Maya of course ended up feeding her sweetheart since he did not bring up Sky for that purpose.
[a/n: super late.. stuck ang utak ko..]

22 thoughts on “If Only – San Nicolas Adventure

  1. Ms. Ejoy, even how late, it’s always, always worth the wait!! Adiks need their shot of positivity, good vibes, and that goofy smile to be back on their faces. You’re one of those people who give us those shots through your stories. Thank you and looking forward to the next one!! Belated Happy Easter and have a great week to you and to the rest of the kapanaligs!!

  2. Well, you are such a joy [pun intended 😉 ], and your stories bring us so much joy. So yes, you should be appreciated with the other smart and witty writers like you. I am very fortunate to be part of the whole JoChard community. It is such a blessing!

  3. Akala ko, kaya nawiwili si Sky sa Chibugan dahil libre chibug siya doon. Hahahaha…..Thanks for this cute and funny story. And yes, Ms. Writer, you are greatly appreciated by all Adiks dahil sa mga heartwarming and wholesome stories mo.

  4. I agree sa mga sis, can’t thank you enough sa saya na dulot ng patuloy mong pagsusulat ng R&M and their family’s fanfics. Hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin naka move on sa pagka adik sa show and sa pagbabasa ng fanfic about them. my one and only past time. Pag walang access sa internet, inuulit at ginagasgas ang tape sa panonood ng rewind at hindi nababawasan ang kilig, tawa, ngiti, kiliti.iyak at iba pa. Pinu-pause at binabalikan ko nga yung pag tumbling tumbling ni Iskay at nakakatuwang shake shake ni Sunshine hahaha lalong lalo na noong mga episodes na gamay na nila ang pagiging Lim twins. Salamat at dahil dito sa fanfics, extended ang saya.


  6. Thank u po for another good vibes story of Lim and Dela Rosa family… More San Nicolas Vacation story pa po.. These are stories na sana naidagdag ng mga writer ng show dati kc marami pa pwede to show the values of family relationship… God bless u po…

  7. Thank you thereaderwritergal sa short story. Talagang nakakamiss na ang mga adventures ng Lim family sa San Nicolas lalo na si Grumpyboy and I also like his bulol language, ha ha ha. Happy writing, take care and God bless!

  8. Your blog is almost like a religion for me 🙏😇 so thankful of your writing abilities and creative, highly imaginative thoughts. I don’t think your brain was stuck.. It was just napping….. I know stuck…..’coz when it happens to me it’s just blank 😁😁 again thank you it’s been a joy 💐💃

  9. Ejoy…ako din late…same tayo…late nagbasa…am hir in the province kasi at weak connection…eto kailangan ko pa magising ng disoras ng gabi pra makapag net hayy buhay….thank you kasi ur stories brings out the joy and makes me want to remember those days of watching BCWMH…God bless!

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