If Only – Twins’ Birthday Celebration

If Only – Twins’ Birthday Celebration
It will be the last weekend the couple would be traveling to and fro San Nicolas. They have also decided to celebrate the twins’ birthday party there. The grandparents were ecstatic and made sure everything were ready.
“Mommy, I have cake?” Sky asked. They were lounging in the room for a siesta as they have just finished their lunch. The rest were busy for the party preparations.
“Yes kuya Sky. So you will blow your candle after we sing for you and Sunshine.”
“Why Shineshine too?” Maya covered her mouth to hide her smile as Ricky was laughing behind her. He was lying at her back as she was sitting in front of him with the twins both sitting as well looking at her.
Maya playfully hit her husband.
“Tawa ka ng tawa dyan. Tulungan mo kaya ako magpaliwanag.” But he didn’t budge and instead covered his face on her back and placed his left arm around her. She could only sigh. She looked back at the twins who were patiently waiting for her explanation.
“You can do it better sweetheart.” He raised his head then went back to hiding. She could only shake her head.
“Skyyy, you and Sunshine are twins. Meaning, you were born on the same day. So you will celebrate birthdays at the same time. Okay?”
Sky inclined his head. “We will have one cake only mommy? And, and, one candle?” Now his brows are furrowed.
“Sky, what did we talk about sharing?”
“But mommy, I want blow alone.” Now his lips were wobbling. Ricky now got up from his position, took Sky and placed him on his lap.
“Buddy, we need to learn how to share okay? Sunshine is your sister. You need to learn how to share with all your siblings. Okay?” Sky nods his head as he wipes his eyes, Maya now has Sunshine on her lap. “Now for the candle blowing, you and Sunshine will have your own candles. Is that okay? Sky, Sunshine?”
“Yes daddy.” Sunshine answered at once.
“Otei dahdi.”
“Okay, give daddy a kiss.” Sky gave him a sloppy one as he beckons Sunshine to do the same. Sunshine got from her mom’s lap and gave him a kiss as well.
“Ang daya, how about mommy?” As she protruded her lips and Ricky kissed her.
“Hindi ikaw! Ung kambal.” And the twins laughed at them.
“What? Kiss mommy too.” She playfully demand. Sky and Sunshine scrambled to kiss her.
Sky peppered her with kisses on the face making mommy laugh. Sunshine went to her dad who peppered her with kisses. Then the door opened, revealing the ates and kuya with Sean.
“Naku, so daya.” Nikki’s greetings then smiled.
Maya hugged Sky as she responds to Nikki, “Enough Sky, nagseselos na si ate Nikki.”
Sean who was in Luke’s arm was now reaching for his dad. Luke carefully passed on Sean as Sunshine move to give way to her brother.
“Thank you ate Sunshine.” Maya told the very kind Sunshine who in turn just smiled at her.
“So why are you guys here? Hindi na ba need ang tulong ninyo sa labas?”
“Pinapasok na po kami nila lolo Tatay at lola Nanay. Magpahinga na daw po kami. Kaya kinuha na lang po namin si Sean para makatulong sila ate Doris.”
“Thank you kuya Luke, ate Nikki at ate Abby. Group hug tayo.”
And the family did a group hug and some group shots as well.
A wonderful celebration to look forward to.
[a/n: Happy weekend everyone! Happy Mother’s day to all moms out there. And may we have one peaceful election – fingers-crossed]

19 thoughts on “If Only – Twins’ Birthday Celebration

  1. Good vibes always to Lim’s family….☺️😍 Happy Mom’s Day to all mothers💐🌷🌹🌺 thanks too to you Ms Ejoy and have a great weekend👌👍

  2. Gift for mothers day nato Ejoy….thnx! nakakatuwa ang mag asawa pgdating sa pg explain k Ishkay….si Sunshine nman as always…mabait…tahimik…mapagbigay…natutuwa ako sa kanya! little maya na little abby….si sky is always nsa center of attention hahaha! love this…pampabuhay wyl waiting for their new project…thnx and God bless!

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