If Only – Twins’ Birthday Celebration 2

If Only – Twins’ Birthday Celebration 2
[a/n: dedicated to tita Marlene: It was so great meeting you po and thank you po for the treats, so here’s my treat back 🙂 ]
The Lim and dela Rosa family attended the morning mass before they start the preparations for the party later.
By lunch, their place was surrounded with people who volunteered to help. It was like a fiesta.
Maya is in the room settling the kids to take their afternoon nap but without the struggle with Mr. grumpy.
“Sky, sleep now.”
“But mommy, I don’t want sleep.” As he emphasize with shaking his head.
“Look Sky, your sister is already asleep and Sean is sleeping now as well.”
“Mommy, I can’t sleep.” Maya was biting her lips to hide a smile as she knows Sky was just too excited for the party later. But she has to ensure he sleeps or he won’t enjoy the party because of crankiness.
“Sky, you need to sleep okay? You will not enjoy the party later because you’d feel sleepy.”
He sighed and pouted. Looks at his mom.
Maya kissed him on both his cheeks and holds his face, “Kuya Sky, you really need to sleep so you will have the energy to play in all the activities your kuya and ates prepared for later. Because if you do not sleep, I will not allow you.”
Sky then yawned, she had no choice but to look elsewhere so she could hide her smile.
“Mommy, sleepy.”
“Okay, baby. Have a good nap. We’ll just wake you up to prepare.” Maya kissed her on the cheeks as he close his eyes.
When she got out of the room, she located where her husband was. She found him in the dining area having a cup of coffee.
“They are all asleep?”
“Hai naku sweetheart, si Sky kinailangan ko pa takutin para lang matulog.” He chuckled before responding.
“Why? He doesn’t want to sleep?”
“Oo, kasi excited. Ang sabi ko hindi ko siya papasalihin sa games ng mga kuya at ate nya pag hindi siya natulog. Ayun, humikab at pinikit agad ung mga mata.” Now he laughed out loud. She reprimanded him of course.
“Sweetheart! Hinaan mo nga. Baka magising ung mga bata.” As she smiles.
“Sorry sweetheart. Grabe talaga si Sky, manang-mana sa’yo.”
Maya pinched his cheeks.
“Hindi nakakatuwa sweetheart!”  But both were laughing.
“Excuse me lang po sa mga langgam dito sa kusina, dadaan lang po ako.” Kute suddenly appeared making them both jumped in surprise.
“Grabe ka kute! Nakakagulat ka!”
She grinned at her, “Sorry po, istorbo lang.” Ricky chuckled.
“Nakakainis ka kute.”
“hahaha. Peace bunso! Ang pikon mo talaga.” Maya put her tongue out in response making kute and Ricky laughed even more. Maya joined afterwards.
Late in the afternoon…
Maya was waking up the twins. Nikki and Abby were also there to help her dress up Sky and Sunshine. And as for Ricky being there, he’s to take pictures.
It took a bit of time before she was able to wake up Sky and a good thing he woke up with no tantrums or grumpiness. He was excited.
“Mommy, it’s time?” He asked. They all chuckled at his exuberance.
They prepared the twins fast as both are eager to go down. Richard was now holding Sean who was wearing jumper jeans shorts like the twins.
They have invited all the kids available within their area. And everyone were too happy to be present.
Foods were served first and afterwards games were played.
Luke and Nikki supervised the games with Kute’s assistance. Of course, the twins participated in all the games. Maya was taking pictures while Ricky was capturing everything on a video.
They had calamansi relay, water relay, the boat is sinking, pabitin, pukpok palayok (Piñata) and many more.
The couple were too happy to see how their kids were interacting with the kids in the province. They happened to hear some conversation though of the kids invited.
B1: Ang hirap naman kasama ung kambal, ingles ng ingles
B2: Oo nga eh, hindi ko alam pano ipapaliwanag ung dapat gawin
B3: Eh masaya naman sila kasama ah. Tsaka hindi naman maaarte. Tinutulungan naman tayo nung mga kapatid nila magpaliwanag.
B1: Sabagay.
B3: Crush nyo lang kasi si Sunshine eh
B2: Hindi ah! Bata pa tayo dapat hindi natin iniisip ung mga ganyan
“O, mga bata anong ginagawa nyo dyan? Sali pa kayo. Madami pang games.” Kute called their attention, as the couple looked at each other.
“Okay po.” The three answered in unison as they scampered to join the rest of the kids.
“Sweetheart, narinig mo yun?”
“Yes. Hindi naman ako bingi eh.” [a/n: I’m imagining him saying this. BeCarefulFeels..okay back to regular programming..] Ricky chuckled as Maya playfully pinches him on the side.
“Pero sweetheart, kailangan na natin turuan magsalita ng tagalog ung dalawa.”
“Okay lang yan sweetheart, ang cute nga di ba. Nasa bukid tapos nagsasalita ng English.”
“Hay naku, ang kulit mo Ricky.” As she turned her back from him. And he places his arm on her waist.
“Okay, okay, I concede. Seryoso na po. We’ll train them the soonest.”
“Thank you sweetheart!” And kissed him on the cheek and he kissed her back.
“Mommy! Mommy!”
“Yes Sky?”
“I want play.”
“You’re playing already.”
“I don’t know how.” The couple looked at each other trying to understand what Sky was referring to.
They moved where Luke, Nikki and Abby were.
“Nikki, anong game ung nilalaro nyo at hindi daw alam ni Sky.”
“Ah, mom, ung pahabaan po ng happy birthday.”
“Ah, okay.” She looked down at Sky, “Sky, it’s easy to play that. You’ll just say happy birthday but you need to make sure to say -day of birthday longer. You watch the other kids first.”
“Otei mommy.”
Three kids were done already and it’s Sunshine’s turn. Of course the family were all cheers. Their timid princess were too cute for her own good. And three little boys were looking at her.
“Daddy, okay lang yan. Bata pa yang mga yan.”
Maya enclosed her arms on his left arm to appease her husband who was trying to give a death glare to the kids who were smitten with their baby princess. The kids were unaware though.
“Yehey! Ang galing naman ng baby sister namin. Naka-5 seconds.” Luke announced. “Sky, your turn.” He called out on Sky. Sky went to his brother who assisted him in getting up on the stool.
“Ready Sky?” Nikki asked. He nods his head.
“Okay, go!”
“Happy birthday to me…” “1”
“Happy birthday to me…” “1”
“Happy birthday to me…” “1”
And boisterous laughter ensued from the family and guests present.
“OMG Sky!!! Hahaha. You’re so cute talaga! Hahaha.. oh-my-gee, I can’t stop laughing. My tummy is aching now.” Nikki commented.
Abby and Luke cannot manage to speak as they were having a hard time to recover. Maya was covering her face on Ricky’s shoulder as she laughs as well. Ricky’s eyes were close to nothing due to hard laughing. Nay Tere, Tay Arturo, Kute and Cho couldn’t stop laughing as well.
When they all have recovered, it was Maya who spoke first.
“You enjoyed it kuya Sky?”
“Mommy, why you all laughing?”
“Because like what ate Nikki said, you were so cute there. So, you enjoyed playing?”
He nods his head and smiled. Maya breathes out a sigh of relief.
They played the pabitin but didn’t follow the tradition where the celebrant gets to pick first. They let the twins scramble with the rest of the kids. And both happily jumped with the rest not knowing they have to pick some of the items. Their ates and kuya coached them and when they got an item both shrieked making their family laugh.
For the pukpok palayok, the grandparents tried to dissuade the twins from joining but the couple insisted they experience everything. So lolo tatay made sure the twins were safe.
When all the games were played, they asked everyone to settle down as they prepare the giveaways.
Doris and Sabel were assisting Maya in changing the twins’ clothes.
“Sky, Sunshine, are you both enjoying.”
“Yesh mommy! So fun!!!” Sky answered exuberantly.
“It’s so fun mommy.” Sunshine answered with giggles.
“How about you Sean, are you enjoying?” Ricky asked their baby whom he was cradling and gave out a blabber as an answer with some kick.
“hahaha, mukhang enjoy din si Sean.” Maya commented.
They asked the kids to line up. The boys to line up with Sky and the girls with Sunshine. Luke assists Sky as Nikki assists Sunshine in handing the giveaways.
Kute asked everyone..
“Nag-enjoy po ba kayong lahat?”
“Opo!” The kids said in chorus and added, “Salamat po!”
“Salamat din sa pagpunta. O, kain pa kayo. Marami pang pagkain. Alam ko pagod kayo.”
Of course, must we forget the most anticipated part of Sky? The cake candle blowing.
“Okay kids, dito kayo lahat tapos kantahan natin ng happy birthday song sina Sky at Sunshine. Okay?” Kute leading the kids now.
Sky was all smiles when he saw the cake. It was a two faced-cake. One side of Ben 10 and one side of Princess Belle. Sunshine’s favorite princess of the month. Of course, two candles for the twins.
“Okay, ready sing.” Kute leads the singing as well with Nikki and Abby. Sky and Sunshine were in a stool and their parents were holding each of them. Nay Tere was holding Sean since Luke was taking video.
“…happy birthday Sky and Sunshine…”
“Blow the candle now Sky and Sunshine.” Maya instructed.
Sky was all too eager to do so as he huff and puff before blowing his candle, while Sunshine was all prim and proper as always. The happy parents clap as they successfully blow out the candle. Slice of cakes were served to the guests.
Later that night, where everyone were already settled for the night, the couple were still having their you and me time to discuss the events for the day. They were by the window. [a/n: same position nung bakasyon ng baby kambal]
“Sweetheart, ang saya ng party nung kambal noh? At nakakatuwa kasi ung mga ate at kuya ang aligaga sa pag-aayos ng mga games.”
“Ang mommy ba hindi?” He asked and she hits him.
“Nakakainis ka.” And they laughed together.
“But you’re right sweetheart. This is one great experience for me and the kids too for sure. Ito ung sinasabing unusual experience pero something to look forward to happen again.” And kissed her on the temple.
They savored the coffee their drinking and looked on the horizon beyond them.
“I think it will be a good idea to start our plan to have our own home here.” Ricky said out of the blue. Maya looked at him if he was serious, but of course when was he not? 😀
“Eeeeeeeee!” Maya made a controlled shriek since the household were already asleep. “Seryoso sweetheart?” Ricky nodded his head. Maya embraced him as she grinned with too much delight.
“We’ll go over the plan when we get back to Manila and find a good area here. Syempre malapit lang dito kina nanay.”
“Kahit anong plano mo sweetheart, okay ako.”
He chuckled before responding, “You’re just too happy but I’m glad. Anything to make you happy. I love you sweetheart.”
“I love you more!” And they sealed it with a kiss.
Indeed an eventful day to remember.

18 thoughts on “If Only – Twins’ Birthday Celebration 2

  1. This made my day! That “Happy Birthday to me” video ni Iskay! 😁 Sabi ko na nga ba… Makakasama yun dito.😂 (Ehem. May favoritism si Ms. Writer pagdating sa kambal. 😅✌) Thanks for this Ate Ejoy!

      1. Natatawa ako kapag naaalala ko yung video. 😂
        Oo nga po. Walang ebidensya. Sa lahat po ng chapters sa story na ito, wala. Wala talagang ebidensya. 😂

  2. Super thank you Miss E, you really know how to warm the hearts of your readers 😘😘🙏 with such a vivid description, I could really imagine the scenarios you’re telling in this blog. I love it and again thank you and God bless.


  4. Yeah, I also remembered the bday episode of the twins. Sunshine was so prim and proper while Sky was so full of exuberance and excitement. Never cease to put a smile on my face.

  5. Tweet or Write daw?! Obviously, you can do both! And more!! I can imagine the kids playing on the street. I can imagine how festive the atmosphere during the party. And when Ricky said that they start to plan on having a house in San Nicolas, I almost yelled here. Galing mo! So much to look forward to, to your If Only stories Ms. Ejoy! Thank you! I am having so much fun reading the blogs and the tweets. Such fun to be part of the JoChard community.

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