If Only – Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

If Only – Happy Mother’s Day Mommy
Sky was pouting, frowning and arms crossed. His feet were dangling as he sits on a chair. He looks cute but his mood, not.
“Okay, who pissed off Mr. Grumpy?” Ricky asked. No one’s answering from the three older siblings.
“O bakit anong nangyari dito?” Maya was out of the babies’ room with Sean in her arms and Sunshine in tow.
“Look at Sky sweetheart.”
Only then she noticed Mr. Grumpy.
“Anong nangyari sweetheart?”
“That’s what I was trying to figure out. I have asked these three but no one has answered yet.”
“Luke? Nikki? Abby? Anong nangyari?” Ricky took Sean who was trying to get his attention. Maya carefully passed him as she looked at the three older kids.
“Ummm, mom kasi po nagalit po siya dahil pinaalis namin sa kitchen.” Luke answered, trying to gauge if their mom is angry.
“Eh bakit ba kayo nasa kitchen?”
“May ginagawa po kasi kaming tatlo.”
“Tapos?” Maya probes as she would want to get to the bottom of what had happened.
Luke clears his throat before speaking up.
“Medyo makulit na po kasi kaya pinaalis muna namin sa kusina. Nanggugulo po kasi.”
“Eh ano ba ung ginagawa nyo?”
The three scrambled to go to the kitchen.
“Sky, Sunshine.” Nikki called the twins.
Sky jumped from his seat and ran towards the kitchen, Sunshine followed him leaving the couple bewildered.
Then their five kids emerged from the kitchen. Luke carrying their baked cake, Abby and Nikki holding a tarp and with the twins holding a stem of sunflower.
Ricky shook his head smiling and looked at his wife whose tears are now freely falling from her eyes.
“Happy Mother’s day mommy!!!” They said in chorus.
Maya looked at her husband.
“Alam mo to sweertheart?”
“No. This is all theirs. Good job kids. Napa-arte nyo talaga si Sky ha. Great job kuya Sky.”
“hahaha, no dad. That was real po. Nagalit po talaga siya kasi pinaalis muna namin siya coz he keeps on poking the cake to taste the icing.” Nikki answered.
The kids take turns to kiss and hug their mom.
Maya breathes in and out before speaking, “Nakakainis kayo. Ang sweet-sweet nyo mga anak. Thank you!”
“You’re welcome mom. You only deserve the best.” Abby answered.
Dam of tears flowed once more on Maya’s eyes.
“Group hug guys.” Ricky suggested and they did. He kissed his wife’s temple after.
“Happy Mother’s day sweetheart! I love you.”
Maya sniffs, “I love you too!” And hugged him with Sean in between, who thought they were playing with him as he squirm in glee, the family laughing at him.
They settled in the dining area to have their breakfast.
A little later Joma went in and called on Ricky.
“Sir, may naghahanap po sa inyo.”
“Sino daw kuya Joma?” Maya asked.
“Puntahan ko na lang sweetheart.” Ricky got up from his sit and went out with Joma.
Since Maya’s back was to the door, she didn’t notice her husband getting in with a large beautiful bouquet of sunflower. Luke and Nikki just smiled among themselves.
“Ay!” Maya was startled when Ricky kissed her on the cheek. But she didn’t see him as she was face-to-face with the bouquet.
She looked up at her husband who was smiling at her.
“Happy mother’s day sweetheart!”
She stood up and hit him on the arm.
“Nakakainis kayo. “
“Why?” Ricky was surprised with her reaction.
“Eh, ang sweet-sweet nyo. Pinapaiyak nyo ko.” And they all laughed. Ricky heaved a sigh.
“Akala ko ayaw mo sa gift ko.”
“Hindi ah. Ang galing nyo lang gumawa ng gimik, touched lang ako sobra! Thank you mga anak. Thank you sweetheart!” And she gave him a kiss on the lips.
“Mommy me! Kish!” Sky of course wouldn’t want to be forgotten. He puckers his lips making everyone laugh. Mommy kissed him first and the rest of the kids.
“Thank you uli mga anak, sweetheart. Feeling ko nanalo ako sa FAMAS!” She jested earning another bout of laughter from her family.
“Sweetheart, pang-OSCARS ka.” Ricky quipped. And Maya playfully pinched him on his side with the kids laughing and loving the scene before them.
Aren’t they the family to miss of?
[a/n: sorry, super late. J]

16 thoughts on “If Only – Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

  1. Always worth the wait Ms. Ejoy! Always! Thank you for starting the week with a JoChard drug dose. The adiks can survive the whole work week! Thank you!

  2. Thank you thereaderwritergal sa short ff. It is never late, basta sulat mo. Hwag kang magsawa to make us happy with all the kilig and the kaguluhan ng mga anak nila that makes the loving couple happy or worry or angry or sad at times. Cheers!

  3. tama ka jan ejoy….they are the family whom everyone, esp the adiks missed so so much! wishful thinking nalang tayo that it will happen again pero imposible na kasi d naman tayo mahal ng Abs-cbn eh *sniff* pero buti nalang merong gaya mo ejoy na bumubuhay sa LIM family sa ating mga diwa (awww ang lalim nun hehe)….thank you soo sooo much! God bless for making us (adiks) happy always!

  4. Hay nakakamiss na talaga cla sana after ng movie part two na ng bcwmh. Gsto ko nana makita c baby sean and ofcourse c sky…malaki na cya npanuod ko cya sa pepito grabe tabachingching pa din.

  5. So missed this lim family😀☺️ short and late it doesn’t matter you’re still best 👍👌 thanks much😊 and appreciated all the time and efforts 🌻🌻🌻

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