If Only – Oh Sky

If Only – Oh Sky


[a/n: the idea just popped playfully in my head with Scarlet Snow Belo’s appearance.. :D]


Maya has brought the twins and Sean to their pedia.


“Mommy, cute! Baby cute!” Sky told his mom in his excited voice.

“What Sky?”

“Mommy, there!” Sky said as he pointed with his mouth the baby girl he was referring to.

There was indeed a cute girl who was playing by herself.

“Mommy, I want to play.” Sky told his mom.

Since it’s not their time yet, she allowed the twins. Doris followed them since she was holding Sean. She was surprised when Sky headed the baby girl’s way.

“Aba at charmer ang anak ko. Mana sa daddy.”

As she speaks to herself while looking towards the twins. The baby girl has already warmed up to Sky and was already playing with him and Sunshine. Sky then hold the baby girl’s hand. Maya was even surprised when Sky kissed the baby on the head and grinned after. The baby’s yaya laughed and so Doris did. Doris looked at Maya too gauging her reaction so she smiled, like it was normal for kids. But her mind was in turmoil that she did not notice her husband has arrived. She was only alarmed when Sean kept on jumping from her hold and she felt a kiss on her cheek.

“Ay sweetheart!”

“Mukhang malalim iniisip mo sweetheart. Hindi mo naramdaman pagdating ko.” Ricky told her as he took Sean.

“Sorry sweetheart, tinitignan ko kasi ung kambal. Ayun o nakikipaglaro.”

Ricky looked where the twins were.

“That’s good. At least they know how to mingle with other kids.” Then he looked at his wife. He noticed that her brows were furrowed. He looked back where the twins were and realization dawn on him. And he laughed at himself making Sean laughed as well. The baby thought he was playing with him. It was a good thing since Maya looked at him to check why he laughed.

After a while, their number was called. Richard motioned for Doris to come with the twins. Doris pointed Ricky to the twins who doesn’t want to move. When the twins saw their dad, they scrambled to go back. But before doing so, Sky kissed the baby girl one more time and said goodbye. He even sent a flying kiss.

Ricky was hiding a smile since he knows the situation was not sitting well on his wife.

When they got home, Ricky asked Doris to take Sean so he could take his nap with the twins.

Luke, Nikki and Abby have arrived home. When they greeted their mom, they looked at their dad, silently asking at her lackluster mood. He just shrugged his shoulders.

“Mom, are you okay?” Nikki asked.

“Ah, oo Nikki. Napagod lang siguro ako. Gusto nyo ba ng merienda? Magpapagawa ako kay Sabel.”

“No mom, it’s okay po. Busog pa naman po kami. We’ll just change our clothes po muna.” Nikki answered.

“Ah, sige.” She acquiesced.

Ricky then chuckled once their kids were out of earshot.

“Bakit natawa ka sweetheart?”

He hugged her and kiss her on the temple.

“Because you look so cute in your forlorn state.”

She gave him an annoyed look.

“Anong ibig mong sabihin sweetheart?”

“Can you please make me a cup of coffee first, please?” Ricky sweetly requested. She fixed two cups of coffee and Ricky brought it in the lanai. Maya following him.

Maya sat across him and was waiting for him to speak.

“Your coffee is really the best, sweetheart.”

“Ricardo.” She mentioned his full name and he knows she’s pissed off.

“Okay.  Nakakatuwa ka kasi sweetheart.”

“At bakit?”

“Kasi kanina ka pa naiinis. And it was all because your baby boy was so fond of a baby girl.” He gave her a look that says, ‘yes, do try to contradict what I’ve said. It’s not an everyday thing that I am correct’.

“Nakakainis ka sweetheart.” Was all she could retort back and he laughed out loud.

“Sige lang Ricky, pag si Sunshine naman…” She was not able to continue what she was saying because he interrupted her.

“Don’t go there sweetheart, may Abby pa. But I won’t dwell on those. Kaya sweetheart, let it go. Natuwa lang siguro talaga si Sky dun sa bata.”

She lets out a sigh. Ricky moved his chair beside hers [a/n: that His&Hers statement really!] and hugged her.

“I’m really sorry sweetheart, but I just find this amusing.”

“Hindi nakakatuwa sweetheart. Ang babaw ko.” And she pouted. Ricky kissed her.

“It’s so cute but you have to halt it. Kids’ infatuation don’t prolong. Tomorrow they’d find another kid to have a crush on. It’s normal.”

She heaved a sigh.

“Tama sweetheart, natuwa lang talaga siguro si Sky dun sa bata. She’s cute, yes. But not now. They are still babies. Thank you sweetheart!” And she kissed him on the lips.

“Anytime sweetheart.”

“Check ko na muna ung mga bata, baka gising na.”

“Okay.” He was left sitting as he sips on his coffee.

He stood up when he heard them coming out of the room. Then he halted when Sky spoke.

“Mommy, when we go back to doctor?”

“Next month baby. Why?”

“I want see baby girl.” And he bit on his lower lip and smiled his cute smile, and the rest of the older kids were there to witness his actions. Which had them laughing but not taking it seriously, of course. They were surprised though when their mom all of a sudden called out on their dad.


And he was biting his lower lip too but was grimacing.

“Oh Sky!” He mutters to himself.


[a/n: Yup, oh Sky! Hahaha.. If only…have a good day all!]





13 thoughts on “If Only – Oh Sky

  1. Oh Sky, talaga! If you only knew what you’re doing to your mommy’s emotional state and your daddy’s sanity because of your mommy, oh my goodness! Thank you for the playful things that pop into your head Ms. Ejoy! We love it! Please keep on having those playful thoughts!! Thank you!!!

  2. Hahaha.. Takot naman agad c maya! Sbi nila kung ano nakikita sa parents yun makukuha ng anak. Sobranh sweet at love ni daddy ricky kay maya so akala ni sky pde na din nya gawin yun . Hehehe.

  3. Thank you Miss Ejoy, anytime there’s a funny po up in your mind you could always put it writing we will surely enjoy it.. Sky dahan dahan lang you’re making your mommy nervous, may kalma Lang din

  4. katuwa nman mga ideas that pop up on your head…ur very talented kc u were able to make a story and cute dialogue out of it…amaxing talga! hands up ako sa galing mo….

    the way Maya reacted is sooo Maya-ish…yan kc talaga ang alam nating character ni Maya dela Rosa…kaya nga dati si Kute ang nagtatawa sa ugali ni Maya now its Ricky hehe…but we all find it cute lalo if we will think n imagine Maya’s facial expressions? haha….hilarious! thank you! more more ideas pa pls? God bless!

  5. Hello Ms Ejoymac,thank sa another good story m at tlga nman alam n alam m kung kung pno kmi ppsyhin at super galing ng mga isinusulat m plgi at more p please at tlga nman nkktuwa si Sky,take care always🌻🌻🌻

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