If Only – Fruits of Love

If Only – Just

“Mommy, I smell bad?”
“No. You smell good.”
“Yehey! I’ll not take a bath.”
“What? Who said you will not?”
“But mommy you said I smell good.”
“Yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss taking a bath mister.”
Sky looked at his mom and knows he has no way out, then..
“Mommy, sleepy.”
Since they were on their bed, he lie down and close his eyes. But of course mommy won’t let him have his way.
“Who said you’re taking a nap.”
And she tickled Sky making him squirm with laughter. The scene Ricky witnessed.
“What’s happening?”
“Naku daddy, mana sa’yo.”
“Oh-kay. What did he do now?”
Knowing full well that the little boy has done another naughtiness.
“Ayaw maligo sweetheart. Mabango naman na daw siya.”
“At sa akin nagmana? Takot maligo?”
“Yes, sweetheart.” She said with poker face.
Ricky was too fast that she was not able to move away and he started to tickle her. Sky was surprised but laughed afterwards.
“Sky, help mommy.” Maya said in between laughter. Sky looked at his dad who continued the torture. Sky grinned and helped his dad making Ricky laughed and Maya pout.
The door opened with Nikki and Sunshine.
“Oh my gee! Sunshine, let’s help mom.”
“Okay!” Sunshine answered giddily.
And it’s now 3 vs 2, girls winning.
Nikki helped her mom get up as they tickle together Ricky.
Sky was trying to tickle Sunshine but she playfully act on pinching his cheeks. So he was sulking, not finding it funny.
This made their parents and ate Nikki stop on the tickle war as they started laughing.
“Oh my gee guys! You really are the cutest.”
Ricky moved by the headboard as he positioned Maya in front of him and hug her from the back. He kissed her on the top of her head.
“Napagod ako dun ah. Sumali pa si Nikki.”
“Of course daddykins. We girls need to stick together.”
Maya laughed as Ricky shook his head but smiled.
“Why were you tickling mom nga pala dad?”
“Mana daw sa akin si Sky na takot maligo.”
“Hahaha. And why po ayaw maligo ni Sky?”
“Mabango naman na daw siya.” Her mom answered.
“Ohemgee ka talaga Sky!!! Hahaha. Sige mom, ako na po bahala kay Sky. Papaliguan ko na.”
“Thank you ate.”
“No problem mom. Sunshine, let’s go.”
“Kiss mommy first Shine.”
“Me too.” Ricky seconded.
Sunshine did as ask before she went with ate Nikki and Sky.
As they went out of the room, the couple hears Nikki bribing Sky with cupcakes.
Maya leaned back further on her husband.
“Nakakatuwa talaga mga anak natin sweetheart.”
“Mana sa’yo sweetheart.”
Maya looked back at her husband and smiled.
“I love you sweetheart.”
Ricky smiled, he understands that when you just feel like moment. It’s what he always feel since Maya came into his life.
He kissed her first before replying,
“I love you too, more than you’ll ever know.”
Just a glimpse of their happy lives.
[a/n: still thinking of a title 😁, good night!]

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