If Only – The Weekend

If Only – The Weekend
“Am bored.” Nikki lamented.
Luke looked up at her, he was on his cellphone feeling the same way.
“Oo nga ate. Nalaro na natin halos lahat nina Sky and Sunshine.”
They were in the sala. Sky was lying down on the sofa having his milk time (a/n: baby pa eh :D), while Sunshine was eating some cupcakes.
“Ano bang gusto nyong gawin?” Luke asked.
“Un na nga kuya eh, I can’t think of anything na.” She dramatically exclaimed.
Then came their parents from their room.
“O, bakit ganyan mga itsura nyo?” Maya asked.
“Eh mom, bored po kasi kami.”
“Even the twins?” Ricky butted in.
“Yes po dad, na-bored na kaya nanghingi na lang ng food.” Abby answered.
Ricky and Maya chuckled.
“Hay naku sweetheart, kawawa naman tong mga anak natin.” Maya teased.
“Mommmmm!!! Please, please, please! Pretty please! Think of something we could do.” Nikki whined.
“hahaha.. nakakatuwa kayo. Okay sige, gusto nyo mag-videoke tayo?”
Luke, Nikki and Abby looked at each other and smile emerged from their faces.
“Yeah, I think they want it mommy.” Ricky commented.
Ricky, Luke and Joma worked on setting up the videoke system while Maya with Sabel, Nikki and Abby prepared the snacks. Doris was the one left to look after the twins and Sean. The lanai area won for the place where they will set up the videoke.
“Mommy, what’s that?” Sky asked his mom as they all settled in the lanai.
“Sky, we are all going to sing and have some friendly competitions. Whoever gets a high score, wins.”
“Mommy, can I sing?” He added.
“Of course baby. All of us will sing.” Maya informed Sky. “So, guys, game na?” Maya addressed the rest.
“Game na!” They chorused.
Doris and Sabel did a duet, Joma opted not to sing as he has sore throat.
Abby sang Chinito; Nikki sang Mahal Kita Pero and Luke did Adrienne.
“Ate Nikki, may mensahe ba ung song mo?” Maya teased her daughter.
“hahaha, joke lang Nikki.”
“Mommy, I want to sing too.” Sunshine butted in.
“Mommy, me too!” Sky seconded.
“Okay, you two will sing. Sky, wait for your turn. Sunshine first, okay?”
“What will you sing Shine?” Nikki asked. She went to Nikki and whispered her song choice.
“Naku, mahiyain si Shine, nagmana sa akin.” Maya commented then Ricky looked at her with an incredulous look.
“Sa’yo talaga sweetheart? Mahiyain?” Ricky added.
“Ikaw talaga! Nakakaasar ka.” Maya playfully pinched him on the side. He took her hand and kissed it then intertwined afterwards.
Then the song Let it Go from Frozen was played for Sunshine.
Everyone clapped their hands as Sunshine sings. She was a bit shy but as the song progresses so was her actions. And the proud daddy was of course taking a video of it.
“Wow! You’re so great baby!” Ricky commented on Shine and gave her a kiss. Sunshine was grinning.
“Kiss mommy baby.” Maya called on Sunshine. And Maya peppered her with kiss and hugged her tight.
“Okay, it’s Sky’s turn. What will you sing kuya Sky?” Ricky asked.
“Ummm, kuya Yuke what’s that?” Sky turned to his brother.
“Ah, alam ko na yan.” Luke inputted the song and gave the mic to Sky. He was about to move away when Sky pulled him.
“Yehey!” Maya cheered on. “Daddy, mahiyain pala si Sky.” She whispered.
“Mana sa’yo?” Ricky teased her which earned him a glare. He just chuckled, kissed her on the temple and drag her nearer him as they watch Sky sing with kuya Luke. Sky has chosen, One Call Away.
Luke was Sky’s backup, encouraging him to sing until the song finishes.
“Ohmygee kuya!” Nikki commented.
“Ang sweet ko?” Luke replied.
“No!” Nikki said earning laughs from the group. “I was going to say, ohmygee kuya, Sky sings well but what happened to you?”
And another round of boisterous laughter ensued.
“Whatever Niks.” Luke answered which made Nikki double over. Maya covered her face on Ricky’s shoulder as she was shaking with too much laughter.
When Maya recovered.
“You’re so good kuya Sky. Next time, teach kuya Luke how to sing ha.”
“Mommy!” Luke protested.
“hahaha, joke lang kuya. I love you.”
Luke pouted then smiled afterwards and shook his head.
“I love you too mommy.”
“I yabyu mommy!” Sky said.
Maya hugged him tight with gigil. Ricky watched with love.
“Mom, dad, dapat kayo rin po.” Abby interjected.
“You want us to sing too?”
“Oo nga po dad. Minsan lang naman po to.” Luke seconded.
“Yes daddykins, as what mom told Sky earlier, we will all sing.” Nikki supplied.
“You guys are sure you want to hear your mom sing?” Ricky asked with his eyes smiling with mirth.
“Ang sama mo sweetheart.” Maya pouted.
“Of course, it is just a joke sweetheart. Okay, we’ll sing.”
And everyone cheered.
Any guesses on the song?
But of course, the national anthem it is; Please Be Careful with My Heart.
As they were singing, both were reminiscing the first time they sang it together. Ricky gathered her in his arms as though it’s their wedding day. Doris and Sabel couldn’t help but swoon over them, Joma laughing at them two. Nikki and Abby were hugging each other, Luke takes the video, while Sky and Sunshine were clapping as they watch their parents sing.
When the song ended, everyone clapped their hands.
“Awww, mom, dad. You’re so sweet talaga!” Nikki couldn’t help herself and went to hug and kiss their parents. Abby and Luke follow suit. Of course, Sky and Sunshine wouldn’t want to be left behind of course. And we cannot forget baby Sean as well.
Joma volunteered to take their family pic.
Everyone strike a pose, everything captured on cam and most of all in their hearts.
[a/n: Happy Monday everyone. How was your Sunday :D]

15 thoughts on “If Only – The Weekend

  1. Ms. Ejoy, thank you for my happy pill for the week! How was our Sunday, huh? Hmmmm, let me count the ways… 😜😜😜 👍👍👍👌👌👌 Until now, with hangover of happiness, joy, giddiness etc etc etc due to the events of this past week capped with the events this past weekend. And it just keeps going with my happy pill today! Adiks are still on cloud nine! Thank you! Though, i saw a lot of pics with JoChard having their own moments that i did not see when i watched GGV last night. Ang daming cut. Sayang. Oh well, am still a happy camper. 😜👍😊👌

  2. another If Only na pampabuenas…pampa good vibes…thank you! kelan kaya ulit natin sila makikitang magkakasama? kakamiss hayyy! salamat…more pls God bless!

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