If Only – Father’s Day

If Only – Father’s Day
At exactly 5AM, Maya got up from bed and opened their door as she heard tiny knocks. When she opened, Sky was there with his toy airplane. He walked straight to the bed and lie down on his dad. Ricky was startled and looked for his wife.
“Nagising sweetheart.” She moved towards his side. “Happy Father’s day sweetheart. Tulog ka na uli.” She kissed him on the forehead. But when she was about to move away, he pulled her back.
“Where are you going?”
“Eh, gising na rin naman ako, so i-ready ko na ung breakfast.”
“No, maaga pa. Stay.”
“Ah okay. Usog ka na lang.” Ricky moved to the center of the bed as he place Sky on his chest and Maya lies on his side. Ricky placed his arm around her, the other around Sky, as they drifted off to sleep.
Breakfast time
The kids made their dad sit on his place and put on a handmade crown with a banner on the background that says: Hail to our King.
Maya was all smiles as she knows her husband is not keen on this kind of attention. Then Nikki gave a small box.
“What’s this?”
“Just open it dad.” Abby urges.
When he opened the gift, he was left in awe. It was a silver watch that has a hologram of their family pic. He was so touched, that when he look up at his wife, she was mirroring him with tears freely falling on their eyes.
“We love you sweetheart. Happy Father’s day!” She went to him and kissed him on the lips, wipes his tears and placed her forehead on his.
“Happy dahdi’s day dahdi!” Because that is how Sky hears father’s.
“Awww, so sweet. Family hug!” Nikki interjected. And pictures of course.
“Thank you guys, thank you sweetheart. Hindi ba to mahal?”
“Dad, mas mahal ka po namin.” Luke responded. The look on Ricky was too much as he hug his son. Maya was looking on and crying too, as well as Nikki and Abby of course. He gathered them all in his arms.
“I love you guys!”
“O sige na, baka di na matapos ang iyakan natin. Kain na tayo para makapag-ready na for mass.” Maya said as she wipes her face streaked with tears. Ricky helped her and gave her one last kiss before they settle on their seats to have their breakfast.
After the mass, the family went out to celebrate daddy’s day of course.
They got home late at night.
“Thank you guys. You made me so happy.”
“Awww, we love you dad and welcome.” Nikki kissed and hug her dad as Luke and Abby follow suit.
The twins were already asleep in the stroller with baby Sean and Doris has taken them.
“Good night dad, good night mom.” They kiss their parents and head to their rooms.
“Coffee sweetheart?”
“I won’t say no to that sweetheart.”
They settled in their coffee place. Ricky though moved his chair beside hers, placed his arms around her waist and lean his head on her shoulder.
“Sweetheart? Okay ka lang? Ang clingy.” And she chuckled and he hugged her tighter.
“Okay ka lang sweetheart?” She’s worried now. And he chuckled.
“Of course. You can say I was just overwhelmed with today. I wasn’t expecting that.”
She moved to face him with his arms still around her.
“Sweetheart, it is simply because you deserve it. We love you so much and we just want to show our simple appreciation through this. At masaya ako na nagawa namin.” She smiled but added, “Di bagay na ma-drama ka sweetheart. Tinatalo mo ko eh.”
And they shared a wonderful laughter. After which they enjoyed the solitude of the night in each other’s arms.
-kahit late na to: Happy Father’s Day Ser Chief! You made me respect you even more.
[a/n: cool! Nabuo at natapos within the day.hahaha]

14 thoughts on “If Only – Father’s Day

  1. Great Father’s Day update thank you Miss Ejoy……you truly could show the emote of this awesome family ❤️

  2. Thank you much sa update… Really appreciate all your short stories can we ask for more… LOL God Bless You Always… love love love… hail to our king of kilig Ser Chief

  3. Better late than never! Post it anytime, anyday and we’ll be just too happy to read it! Thank you for the overdose of happy pills!! 😜👍 hehe Happy to hear that you finished in a day. Iba na talaga pag inspired!! Too much Sky pills?! 😳🤔😜👍😊👌

  4. Hello Ms EJOYMAC,Super thank you sa story mo ang husay m tlga at plging my ngiti ang aming mga labi habang bnbsa ito kya more p please,take care always🌻🌻🌻

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