If Only – Date Time with the Kids

If Only – Date Time with the Kids
As the couple felt like their kids are growing so fast, they have agreed on dating them while they are still living with them. When they shared this with their older kids. They were ecstatic and planned out the scheduling. Of course, the youngest will go first. Baby Sean not included, for now.
“Oh my gee mom and dad, I’m so excited for my date time with you.” Nikki exclaimed.
“Me too!” Abby seconded.
“Ako rin syempre.” Luke interjected.
“Really Luke?” Ricky asked surprised.
“Yes po dad. Hindi na po ba ako kasali?”
“No! No! No! It’s not that. I’m just surprised of course. I was doubting if you would be keen on this idea. I’m glad of course that you are.”
“Syempre po dad. Nakakatuwa po na naisip nyo to ni mom.” Luke answered smiling.
“May worry ka pa sweetheart?” Maya asked.
“Wala na. Thanks for coming up with this idea sweetheart.” Ricky kissed her then on the lips.
“Saan nyo po ipapasyal ung kambal mom, dad?” Abby asked.
“Ummm, wala pa kami maisip eh. Baka sa kidzania. Tignan namin ng dad nyo or tanungin namin yung dalawa.” Maya answered.
The following day.
 “Where we going mommy?” Sky asked.
“Daddy and I will date you and Sunshine in some place you want. So, where do you want to go?”
“Jabi!” Sky answered jubilantly making the rest of the family laughed.
“hahaha. Okay, we will eat there kuya Sky. But first, we need to go somewhere.” Ricky explained.
“I don’t know dahdi.” And Mr. Grumpy is now frowning.
“How about you Sunshine, where do you want to go?”
“Ummm, I don’t know daddy.”
Ricky looked helplessly at his wife.
“Sky, Sunshine, you want to go to kidzania? Here, see this.” Maya showed the place to the twins.
“I want mommy! I want!” Sky’s response.
“Me too mommy.” Sunshine answered.
The couple sighed.
“Okay. Let’s go then. Luke, Nikki, kayo na muna bahala kay Sean ha.”
“No problem dad, mom.” Luke answered.
“Enjoy Sky and Sunshine!” Nikki cheered on.
The twins grinned as their answer.
“Bye mom, dad, Sky and Sunshine.” Abby kissed them all as she bade them goodbye. Luke and Nikki followed suit.
The twins were overjoyed upon entering the premise.
“Eeeeehhhh! Mommy look!” Sky was so exuberant, while Sunshine was all smiles.
Ricky and Maya accompanied them in all areas, took pictures and videos as what their kuya and ates requested. And as requested by Mr. Grumpy, they ate in Jabi.
“Sky, what will you order?” Maya asked.
“Mommy, I want burger, sghetti, chicken!” Maya’s eyes rounded, Ricky chuckled.
“You’re really hungry ha baby.” He nodded his head and grinned cheekily.
“Okay, how about you Sunshine?”
“Mommy, spaghetti and chicken.” She responded.
“Okay, mommy ako na mag-order. What would you have?” Ricky asked.
“Same with Shine na lang sweetheart. Tapos add ka na lang fries. Thanks sweetheart.”
The couple looked at each other when the twins dig in their foods happily.
“Mommy, dahdi, thank you!” Sky blurted with his face covered with spaghetti sauce.
Maya laughed as she cleaned up his face, and tears glistening in her eyes.
“You’re welcome kuya Sky.”
“I love you mommy, daddy.” Sunshine then said.
“Awww, I love you too ate Sunshine.” Maya kissed both the twins as Ricky did after her.
“I love you too Sunshine, Sky.” Ricky said afterwards.
When they got home, of course their older siblings were so excited to hear stories of their day out and Sky was just too happy to oblige to regale them with stories. Their dad showed the pictures and some videos he were able to capture. Nikki and Abby gushing on every detail, pictures and videos. Luke was all smiles. And of course, baby Sean wouldn’t want to be forgotten as he demanded his dad to carry him. Ricky was all happy to do so.
Another wonderful day ending with so much love.
[a/n: now what have I gotten myself into. 3 more :D]

16 thoughts on “If Only – Date Time with the Kids

  1. Owww my ideal family especially an integrated one 😆🙏😘 the Love The love they share is awesome it’s palpable

  2. Yay! Thank you! For those of us who cannot relate as we have not seen the movie (taking forever!), this (If Only) is such a joy and of course, my happy pill. Thank you Ms. Ejoy! Looking forward to the Date Time with the other kids!!

  3. katuwa naman….nice pampagising…pampagood vibes…pampagana sa buong mag hapon hahahha…more pls? nakakatuwa mga ideas mo…san mo ba pinagpupulot? pero salamuch kasi u make us happy!! God bless!

  4. Thank you thereaderwritergal sa ideas mo and just as this one. You’re just so awesome na nakakaisip ng mga ideas na very ideal sa isang family na full of love within. I am also looking forward sa date ng magasawa to Abby, Nikki and Luke. You’ll do it separately no? Sana something like what Nikki and RL had outside nung prom party…remember? RL to Nikki and Luke with Maya. Cheers!

  5. Family comes first..its always a happy feeling to have someone like you giving time and sharing stories for maya and richard with kids..missing the tandem with their family is lessen with ur stories. I hope you still share your time with us and write more kilig updates with them. Thanks!!!

  6. Hello Ms EJOYMAC,thank you for making us all happy all the time sa mga gngwa mong short story about TheLimsFamily at tlga nman d nauubos ang pgpplgya m sa aming lhat at sana nga ibalik na nilang muli ang BCWMH na mnhal ng Buong Buong Mundo,thank you again and take care always 🌻🌻🌻

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