Write It Up: The Achy Breaky Hearts POV

Write It Up: The Achy Breaky Hearts POV

The first scene of Chinggay murdering the picture of Frank, her ex, has a strong connotation that she, hasn’t gotten over him. The plague of pressure to get married crowded much her line of thinking that when a man comes in, she was too elated to balance her heart and mind. And when she came across Frank, after seven years, it added more confusion. Why? Because there is still love but pride and heartache is stopping her in recognizing this.

The big common denominator here is, Frank and Chinggay are each other’s past.
And as what Frank had declared on, he is the past and will be the Future.
For many, third’s time a charm; but for Frank and Chinggay, it’s their destiny.
Frank is Chinggay’s first man, so literally, he ARRIVED First. At the start and of course at the end.

This is Frank and Chinggay’s story, crystal clear. The people surrounding them are the supporting factors completing the movie.
And that’s the ENDGAME.


10 thoughts on “Write It Up: The Achy Breaky Hearts POV

  1. Sana nga may sequel at super bitin ang ending. Team Chinoy for the win pa rin ako. Hehehe….Parang mababaw lang ang reasoning ni Frank na kaya sumuko siya dahil alam niyang mahal ni Chinggay si Ryan. Di ba niya naisip that they had been together as a couple for a long time and after what he had done, takot ang nananaig kay Chinggay pero yong pagmamahal andoon pa rin yon- hindi basta nawawala….carried away lang…hehehe….sorry sa hindi pa nakanood.

    1. Actually, malalim ung ginawa nyang un
      He was clever to mess her up more.
      That was the end break.
      So if you would listen well with every dialogue of Chinggay, it follows Frank’s 😊

  2. I very much like your take on this. Your analysis made it clearer for me. I got lost when she chose Ryan and Frank let go and chose to leave. And by the end of the movie, both of them are after her and she brushed them off and left. I get it but not. Your ENDGAME is much better than the open-ended ending of the movie. Thank you.

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