If Only – Visit in the Office

If Only – Visit in the Office
“Sky, Sunshine, you want to visit daddy in the office?” Maya asked the twins. She is off work and they’ve just arrived from the twins’ school.
“Yesh mommy!” “Yes mommy!” Sky and Sunshine enthusiastically answered.
Maya smiled at the twins.
“Doris, pakipalitan na muna ng damit ung kambal. Ako na mag-aayos kay Sean.”
“Ay, sige po Mrs. Chief.”
“Ihanda ko na po Mrs. Chief yung dadalhin nyong pananghalian.”
“Naku salamat Sabel.”
“Wala po yun Mrs. Chief.”
The twins were so excited when they arrived.
“Excited to see daddy, Sky and Sunshine?” The twins were grinning and nods their head.
Maya chuckled. Doris and Joma carried their things.
“Hello po Ma’am Maya.” Minerva welcomed them. “Naku, ang lalaki na po ng kambal at ng bunso nyo.”
“Oo nga eh. Parang ang bilis nilang magsipaglaki.” Maya answered.
“Sige na po Ma’am Maya, pasok na po kayo. Wala naman pong ka-meeting si Sir.”
“Thank you Minerva. Sky, Sunshine go knock on daddy’s door.” She instructed the twins who willingly obliged.
They were giggling as they knock and call on their dad.
“Wow! Hahaha, what a nice surprise. Do I have meeting with you guys?” He leveled with the twins and opened his arms to accommodate the twins who scrambled towards him.
“Daddy!” “Dahdi!” The twins peppered his face with kisses making Ricky laugh. He gave them a final kiss before he stood up to kiss his wife and Sean.
“Hi sweetheart.” He greeted Maya.
“Hello.” Maya was all smiles and feeling so kilig.
“Kinikilig ka na naman sweetheart. Ang gwapo kasi ng mister mo.”
“Hahaha. Hay naku Mr. Lim, gutom lang yan, tara na.” He laughed out loud as he took baby Sean from his wife.
Doris was already inside preparing the foods.
“Bakit nga pala kayo napadaan sweetheart?”
“Wala lang. Pag-uwi kasi namin wala pa ung mga ate at kuya kaya naisip ko puntahan ka na lang namin.”
“Miss na miss mo naman ako masyado sweetheart.” Ricky continues to tease his wife.
Maya then placed a spoonful of rice to his mouth making him control his laugh. The twins then laughed. After he swallowed,
“And what’s funny?” He addressed the twins.
“Mommy feeding you dahdi.” Sky answered and laughed once more.
“Are you a baby daddy?” Sunshine asked as she laughs too.
“hahaha, mapang-asar na rin daddy ung kambal, mana sa’yo.” He could only shake his head with amusement but nevertheless loving this very moment.
“How about you baby Sean? Are you gonna laugh at daddy?”
Baby Sean just blabber his response and Ricky blow raspberries on his tummy making Sean laugh, the twins and Maya.
They enjoyed a wonderful meal with their babies, then Ricky requested a coffee from his wife to which she gladly obliged. The twins are munching on their doughnuts as their desert. Ricky was enjoying holding on Sean whom he was feeding some doughnuts too much to his wife’s horror.
He was startled.
“Bakit mo pinapakain nyan si Sean?”
“Ah…” He was lost for words.
“Hay naku sweetheart, pasaway ka talaga. Hindi na iinumin ni Sean ung gatas nya.”
“Sorry sweetheart. Naawa lang ako kasi nakatingin sa mga kapatid niya.”
“Sweetheart, magpapalusot ka pa. Eh hindi naman alam ni Sean kung ano yang doughnut.” She was wiping now baby Sean’s face that is now full of sugar. She was biting her lips to stop herself from laughing as she is seeing the contrite look of her husband. When she was unable to control it, she suddenly burst out laughing surprising her husband.
“Sweetheart, huminga ka na dyan. Hay naku, ikaw talaga napaka-spoiler mo.”
Ricky made a forced smile.
“Okay na sweetheart, napakain mo na eh, yun lang dapat mapa-ubos mo ung gatas sa kanya.”
“Sorry.” He said once more. She smiled and kissed him on the lips.
“Okay na. Wala na tayo magagawa, spoiler ka talaga.” She chuckled before kissing him once more. And he knows he’s absolved.
“Nakakarami ka na sweetheart ha. Kunwari galit ka gusto mo lang makanakaw ng halik.” He grinned at her as she was giving him a glare.
“Mommy.” Sky called Maya, interrupting them.
“Yes kuya Sky?” When she looked at him, “Hala, ang anong nangyari sayo? Hahaha. Napakaamos mo kuya Sky. Parang si baby Sean.” And Sky just grinned as answer. “Hay naku, nagmana pa sa daddy niya. You’re like daddy Sky?”
“Yesh, handsome.” And Ricky gave out a hearty laugh. Maya was surprised at first but laughed afterwards. It was her turn to shake her head with amusement.
Just another wonderful day from this family passing by.
[a/n: sorry, quite stuck ang utak ko and wala pa akong maisip na pupuntahan to bring Abby, if you have suggestions feel free to give them, would help a lot. Thankie! :D]

14 thoughts on “If Only – Visit in the Office

  1. Yay! Thank you!! Missing my happy pill already. After TABH, the stories of my favorite writers are the only thing I look forward to, you are very much one of them. So thank you! Can’t wait for the next update!

  2. Parang gusto ko pumalit na yaya Kay Doris para ma witness ko din sweetness ng pamilya lim.😜 Kung pwede lng mag rally sa harap ng ABS pra ipanawagan na ibalik ang bcwmh sasama ko.😁

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