Si Sungit at Si Kulit

Si Sungit at Si Kulit
 Chapter 1
Two well-known actors who have never been together in any shows will be used to endorse a product of a brand in the country.
-first day-
Direk: Okay everyone, let’s settle down. Now can we have the talents here in front?
The talents went in front as instructed.
Direk: Okay, now introduce yourselves to each other.
The man was stoic, the woman was very bubbly so she introduced herself first.
“Hi! I’m Jodi Sarmiento. I’m 30 years old, single mom. I love to read and surf the net.” She offered her hand. He took it.
“Hello.” She was shocked to hear his very manly voice.
“I’m Richard Yee. Father of two.”
“Ang tipid naman magsalita nito. Magkakasundo kaya kami nito? Is he married? Mukhang strikto.” She was saying on her mind.
Direk: Now that we’re done with the introduction. We will now be doing some workshop para maiwasan ang ilangan nyo.
She was enjoying the workshop but you can’t tell if he is. He doesn’t even smile.
Direk: Okay, that’s it for today. We will reconvene tomorrow morning so we could start the shooting. Are we good?
There was a chorus of ‘Yes direk’ from everyone.
He hastily left and she was contemplating if they would have a good rapport.
“Ano ba yan, first endorsement namin together tapos ganun. Sana naman magkasundo kami.”
“Kinakausap mo na naman sarili mo bes.”
“Ay Emman! Ano ka ba Emman, bakit mo ko ginulat?” Emman, her handler and best friend.
“Eh pano po tayo na lang andito. Let’s go.”
“Ay sorry.”
The two friends went out to head home.

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