If Only – Playtime

If Only – Playtime
Maya arrived home early to the beautiful laughter of her babies.
“Hi Mrs. Chief.” Sabel greeted.
“Hello Sabel. Kanina pa sila gising?”
“Medyo po at kanina pa po tawanan ng tawanan. Nandun po si Doris.”
“Sige puntahan ko sila, magbihis lang ako ng mabilis.”
After changing her clothes, she proceeded to the babies’ room, opening the door slightly and watched the kids.
Sean was imitating every actions Sky was doing making the twins laugh. Sky laid down on his tummy and acted like he was swimming. Sean looked at him and did his best to copy his brother in his cute way, making the twins laugh. When Sky sat and stomp his heel, Sean copied that had him falling his back and making the twins roll down with laughing. Laughter that were music to her ears.
“Ay, Mrs. Chief, nandyan na po pala kayo.” Doris noticed her by the door. Sky, Sunshine and Sean looked at her direction.
 “Mommy!!!” The twins scrambled up to run towards her. She hugged them both and kiss them. Then she noticed Sean crawling fast towards her.
“Come on Sean, come to mommy.” She encourages him as he was all smiles crawling. When he got near, Maya pulled him up in her arms and peppered his face with kisses and squeezed him lightly making him giggle and his siblings laugh. Sky of course wouldn’t want to be left behind and joins the hugging, Sunshine too.
“hahaha, ang sweet naman. Ganito ba sila lagi Doris?”
“Hindi po Mrs. Chief. Pero di naman po nag-aaway. Kanya-kanyang laro po sila. Eh ngayon, napansin ni Sky na ginagaya nga siya ni Sean, kaya ayun inulit-ulit na.” Doris narrated as she laughs after.
“Hay, buti na lang nakuhaan ko ng video. Sigurado matutuwa si Ricky lalo na ang kuya at mga ate.”
[a/n: of course mommy is always ready, you’d think she’ll miss capturing it? :D]
Before dinner, they watched it all together. Their laughter heard in every corner of the house. Luke transferred the file on the laptop and they were watching on the big screen.  The couple sitting together with Sean on Ricky’s lap and Sunshine on his side, sitting close to her ate Abby. Sky on Maya’s side, sitting close with his ate Nikki while Luke settled on a bean bag. Doris, Sabel and Joma also on their comfortable places.
“Sana I’d be able to witness this too. They are really so cute!” Nikki exclaimed.
“Oo nga ate, nakakatuwa si Sean sa paggaya kay Sky. Tsaka nakakahawa ung tawa nila.” Abby seconded.
“Tama. Sana matyempuhan natin sa weekend.” Luke commented.
“Pwede naman kayong di pumasok at bantayan ung mga kapatid nyo.” Ricky stated. The three had an incredulous look.
“Niloloko lang kayo ng daddy nyo. Ikaw talaga sweetheart.” She playfully slapped his arm. Then Ricky laughed, Sean imitated him making everyone laughed.
“O, hindi nyo na kailangan mag-antay ng weekend. Ginawa na ni Sean.” Ricky said in between laughs, then he peppered Sean’s face with kisses and blew raspberry on his neck making him giggle.
“Why you do that dahdi?” Sky was already standing in front of him and frowning. Maya was looking and covering a smile on her face. She knows kuya Sky is getting a bit jealous of the attention Sean is getting. Now, she would like to see how her husband would deal with it. The three older kids with Sunshine were already helping set the table for their dinner.
Ricky looked at his wife who just raised an eyebrow at him. He gave Sean one last big kiss before passing him to Maya. He carried Sky onto his lap.
“When you were a baby, I did that to you too Sky. With your kuya Luke, ate Nikki, ate Abby and Sunshine.”
“Really dahdi?”
“But why you do it?”
“Because… I … want to… hear… all… your… beautiful… laughter.” He said in between blowing raspberry on Sky’s tummy eliciting shriek from him. Maya laughed as well as she watched.
“Mom, dad, let’s eat na po.” Nikki called on them.
“Sige ate Nikki, sunod na kami.” She responded and she turned on her husband, “Sweetheart, tama na yan, kakain na tayo.”
Ricky blew one last raspberry before standing up and carrying Sky with him and assisting his wife as well with Sean.
They headed to the dining area where they shared a sumptuous dinner, stories and laughter. A one fun-filled dinner shared by the lovable family.
[a/n: Happy Weekend guys!]

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