Chapter 4 – Si Sungit at Si Kulit

Chapter 4 – Si Sungit at Si Kulit
The director was very happy that his actors were just enjoying the shoot. He was actually worrying if he would be able to produce a good product out of this. When he first learned who were selected he had different qualms and doubts. But now, he knows something wonderful will come out after this.
Direk: Okay everyone, since we were able to finish ahead of time, I am treating everyone out for dinner. Walang mawawala ha?
A thunderous clap and yeses were heard.
“Partner, pupunta ka?” She asked.
“Uhmm, I think I have no choice. Nakakahiya din kay direk.”
“Tama. So, see you there?”
-at the venue-
Everyone were having a great time except for him.
Jodi heard some hushed conversations from some staff.
Girl1: Gwapo sana noh, kaso ang sungit.
Girl2: Oo nga, parang ang hirap timplahin.
Girl3: Buti nakakatagal sa kanya ung assistant nya.
Jodi to herself: “May assistant sya? Parang wala akong nakikita.”
Girl2: Meron siyang assistant?
Girl1: Oo, ano ka ba. Pero sabagay baka di mo nga mapansin. Saglitan lang din kasi napunta un. Parang may dadalhin lang then pag nagstart na ung shooting naalis na.
Girl2: Ah.
Girl3: Anyways, mukhang wala rin tayong mapapala. Ang sungit kasi.
Girl1: Bakit? Nasungitan ka na ba?
Girl3: Hindi naman. Pero ganun ang vibe ko sa kanya. Basta, kain na lang tayo.
Girl2: Tama!
Girl1: Let’s go.
Jodi to herself, “So marami rin pala nakakapansin sa kanya. Hmmm, nasaan na nga ba siya?”
She roamed her eyes to locate him and found him sitting alone. She walked towards his direction.
“Hi! Bakit di ka nakiki-mingle?”
“Am good here. Don’t worry about me.”
“Grabe ka naman. Para sa ating lahat to, dapat makihalubilo ka rin. Napapagkamalan ka tuloy masungit at suplado.”
“It’s really not my thing.”
“Naku, nagsusungit ka na. Okay, sorry naistorbo kita.” She was about to leave when he hold her wrist.
“Wait, I’m really sorry. Nahihiya lang talaga ako.”
“Eh kaya nga kita nilapitan diba?”
“Okay, I’m sorry. <sighs>”
She sat down.
“May phobia ka ba sa crowd?”
He laughed, a genuine one.
“Wala naman. Siguro nalipasan lang ng panahon.”
“Grabe ka naman. Hindi ka naman ganun katanda. Mas may edad nga ata sa’yo si direk.”
He chuckled.
“Thank you.”
“Thank you? What for?” She asked.
“For putting up with them. I know I’m a bit hard-person..”
She interrupted him “You are not a hard person. Bato ka pag ganun.” She joked and he laughed as she continue “Ang kailangan lang mahuli ung kiliti mo. By not pushing you. Applicable sa’yo ung ‘test the water first’.”
“I like you.” He said, she was surprised. “You are a good person. You don’t push anything to your advantage. And I’m thankful as well kasi iniintindi mo ako.”
She swallowed an imaginary lump. This has seem the longest words he uttered and it was all praises to her.
On herself “Why is my heart beating fast?”
“Jodi?” He called her.
“Uh, yeah?”
“You seem to have spaced out.”
“Ah, sorry, may bigla lang pumasok sa isip ko. May nasabi ka bang hindi ko narinig?”
“Yeah, ung tanong ko if I could have this dance?” His face was serious.
“Huh? Wala namang tugtog?”
Then he laughed out loud. Some of the staff were looking their way but they seem to have not noticed.
“I’m sorry, I was just teasing you.”
“Nakakainis ka. Nakakahiya tuloy.” She said as she slapped him lightly on the arm.
She pouted.
“Don’t do that.”
“Huh? Ang alin? Ito?”
And she pouted once more.
“If you don’t stop, I might kiss you.”
He stated seriously. She stopped, looked at him and find him being serious. She gulped, questioned herself..
“Is he serious? Why is my heart beating so fast?”
Then he touched her arm, he pulled at once and she was startled too. They looked at each other and gave out a nervous laugh.
“Is that what you call spark?” Richard thought to himself.
They were looking at each other, their eyes communicating. Their faces almost touching then..
He gave a silent groan, she sighed and looked down.
“Huy bes! Andito ka lang pala.” Then notices who she was with. “Oh my pink wall. I’m sorry, istorbo pala ako. Sige ,babay!”
“Emman!” But her bestfriend/PA has already left in haste with a teasing smile on his face.
They looked at each other and just gave each other a smile.
[a/n: next year na po ang kasunod 😅]

18 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Si Sungit at Si Kulit

  1. Wow !shocks talaga sa” I like you”lalo sa “I might kiss you”. Sisigaw na Sana ko ng BITIN! pero Mas maganda sabihing WAG NAMAN NEXT YEAR.! Hehehe…exciting na for sure ang kasunod e.. Please please please pde next week? 😃✌

  2. Hala! Mas affected at na-shock ako dun sa “next year” kesa sa lightning moves ni Sungit! 😳🤔 Pero maraming thank you pa rin Ms. Ejoy for the update! Sana joke lang yung “next year” at sana tuloy tuloy ang progress ng soon-to-be relationship ni Kulit at Sungit! 😉👌

  3. Uhmmm…..please tell me you’re joking🙏🏽🙏🏽. could you really let us “suffer” for more than 4 veryyyy lonnnngggg tormenting months??? Please reconsider.. I know may kindness ka ☹️☹️😰😥 ….thank you

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