If Only – Afternoon Nap

If Only – Afternoon Nap
Maya was lying down in their bed and about to take an afternoon nap when she heard the door opened, and movement felt on the bed. Maya did not open her eyes and just waited. She then felt arms around her and a kiss to her cheeks, head placed on her neck. She smiled.
“Why kuya Sky? You can’t sleep in your room?”
“I want here mommy.” He mumbled. Maya enclosed him in her arms and kissed him on top of his head.
She caressed his back until the cute little boy fell asleep and soon her.
This is the scene Ricky witnessed upon entering their room. He immediately changed his clothes and laid down enclosing them both in his arms. He kissed them both on their heads before he closes his eyes.
Just one great afternoon passing by.
[a/n: inspired by KC and Doc na laging tulog…hahaha]

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