If Only – Compassionate Hearts

If Only – Compassionate Hearts
The family were out and having their lunch in South Curves. They were having some happy conversations of what happened within their week when Maya noticed Sunshine looking out the window and not eating.
“Sunshine? Why are you not eating baby?” Maya asked. Ricky looked at Sunshine as well.
“Mommy, what is the man doing? Is that trash can?” Sunshine asked. The couple looked where Sunshine was pointing at and did see a beggar scrounging in the trash bin.
“Baby, he is a homeless man and trying to look for some food to eat in there.” Maya’s heart was pounding.
“But why mommy? That’s dirty right?” Sunshine asked.
Maya and Ricky looked at each other.
“Yes baby, it’s dirty but he has no money to buy food so he is checking if there are anything in there to eat.” Ricky answered.
Sunshine was still looking out the window, frowning, then she spoke.
“Yes baby?”
“Can we give him my food?”
Maya’s heart leaped, tears started to form in her eyes, in Ricky’s as well. The three older siblings were in awe. When Maya recovered,
“Yes baby, we can give him some food.”
Sky then suddenly spoke, “Mommy, give him this.”
Sky was giving her a chicken leg part, placed in a tissue.
Tears now freely flow in her eyes. Ricky cleared his throat as he caress his wife’s back and as he look up, tears threatening to fall from his eyes. Abby and Nikki were wiping their eyes, Luke was holding his own tears.
Maya then embraced the twins and peppered their faces with kisses.
“I love you babies. Please don’t ever change. I love you also ates and kuya.” She looked at the older siblings.
Ricky was talking with the waiter, ordering food. Once the food was served, they accompanied the twins out. They let them approach the old man.
Sunshine was holding the foods while Sky got the juice. They shyly called out the man and give the items. The old man looked at them and saw the couple. Tears glisten in his eyes. Ricky and Maya gave him an encouraging smile to take the foods offered by the twins.
He looked down at the twins and uttered, “Salamat mga apo. Pagpalain kayo nawa ng Poong Maykapal.” He looked at the couple as well, smiling.
“Let’s go Sky and Sunshine.” Ricky called the twins.
“Bye!” The twins said in unison and they ran back to their parents.
When they were settled back in their tables, Maya hugged the twins once more.
“We are so proud of you babies.”
Ricky hugged them as well as Luke, Nikki and Abby closed in as well.
A picture of one happy family, then Sean shriek. He doesn’t want to be left behind of course. Ricky took him from his high chair as they laugh at his outburst.
[a/n: It will never be a small thing. One small act will always have Big Impact. Bless the heart of those kids who at a young age does have compassion to the less privileged. God bless everyone.]
P.S. This story has been inspired by this kid

18 thoughts on “If Only – Compassionate Hearts

  1. I also had tears in my eyes reading. The Lim kids especially the twins definitely have their Mom’s kind heart that knows how to love and care unconditionally. Hay….. If only tuloy pa ang serye…….Buti na lang tuloy ang good vibes natin courtesy of writers like you, Thank you.

  2. Thank you thereaderwritergal sa isa mong magadang kwento on LIM Family. The kids are just amazing, ang babata pa marunong ng magshare ng blessing, they already know how to share love to the people in need. It touched my heart. Cheers!

  3. 😭😰 cry cry 😥😰😭 tears tears pa more…. moral lesson don’t be stingy if you have some to share…. God bless you more and more and thankee for this good deed short story I love it☺️👌👍

  4. The babies are indeed wonderful, sweet and adorable! Napaiyak naman ako dun! 😥 Ang hirap pa naman umiyak pag nasa trabajo. 😳 That’s two happy pills in a day! Wow Ms. Ejoy, maraming salamat ha! I hope and pray that wonderful ideas such as this will keep on free flowing in that amazing head of yours! 😊👍 God bless your heart always!

  5. this brought me to tears…indeed we need stories like this..congrats and thank you. through your stories, we continue to see richard, maya and their kids exemplify an ideal family…Hope to read more of your stories…God bless you always..

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