If Only – Wonderful Moment

If Only – Wonderful Moment

Ricky and Maya were sitting close in the sofa as they watch. Ricky was caressing his wife’s arm who idly traces circular pattern on his chest. A sweet moment that was momentarily interrupted by Mr. Grumpy.
Sky barged into the entertainment room and unceremoniously plopped himself in between his parents. [A/n: don’t hate the cute baby. 😁]
Maya and Ricky looked at each other.
“What’s the matter Sky?”
Sky was frowning with arms cross looked at his mom.
“Mommy, Shineshine oways get Sean.”
Maya looked at Ricky checking if he understood Sky. When he looked surprised as she is, she asked again.
“Sky, what do you mean Sunshine always get Sean?” Maya sweetly asked their grumpy baby.
“Shinshine, oways get Sean.” Sky delivered slowly his answer, thinking he talked fast, unfortunately it wasn’t the case.
“Ummm..” Maya last for words and looked at her husband, Ricky is now frowning too.
“Are you and Sunshine fighting?”
Sky shook his head, “No mommy, but she oways get Sean.”
Sunshine now came in with Doris and Sean.
“Hi Sunshine. Hi Sean.” Maya then asked Doris to pass Sean to her. Sunshine went to her dad.
“Doris, nag-aaway ba tong kambal?”
“Ay hindi po Mrs. Chief.”
“Eh bakit nagmamaktol tong isa dito?”
“Ah, kasi po naaasar sya kasi pag si Sunshine tumatawag kay Sean, natawa po si Sean. Eh pero pag sya na, tinitignan lang siya ni Sean.”
Ricky stifled a laugh while Maya closed her mouth.
Maya then addressed her attention to Sean.
“Sean, are you teasing kuya Sky? Ha, baby. Are you teasing kuya?” And baby Sean laughed at his mom as though confirming it.
Sky was sitting patiently and looking on.
“Sean, kiss kuya Sky.” She held Sean near Sky who waits for the kiss. “How sweet my babies are. Kiss ate Sunshine too.”
“No!” Sky then protested.
“Kuya Sky, baby Sean was just playing with you and ate Sunshine. See, he already kissed you. It means he loves you too.”
“Really mommy?” Sky innocently asked. Of course mommy already knows what the issue is.
“Yes baby. If he laughs at Sunshine only that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like or love you. He is just playing like you when you were still a baby. When you were a baby, you would only respond when mommy calls your name. But if it’s daddy, you would snob him.”
Sky then looked at his dad.
“I’m sorry Dahdi.”
Ricky kissed Sunshine first before placing her on the sofa and as he took Sky and placed him on his lap. He gave him a resounding kiss as he squeezed him tight in an embrace making the cute boy laugh and protest at the same time.
“Enough Dahdi.”
“Sky, you don’t need to say sorry about it. You were still a baby at that time and you are unaware of what you do. Just like Sean, he is not aware that you feel left out. So you have to be more patient with your baby brother, okay?”
“Yes Dahdi.”
“You too ate Sunshine.”
“Yes daddy.”
Maya gave Sunshine a kiss and covered her with her other arm. Ricky moved so he could enveloped them all in his arms.
“Group hug.” Sunshine quipped making her parents laugh.
“Manang-mana kay ate Nikki.” Maya commented as she laughs.
“I love you mommy.”
“I love you too daddy.”
The couple suddenly forgot the kids until baby Sean protested.
“Hahaha, naku, nagmana kay kuya Sky, Mr. Grumpy din.”
Sky just grinned at his mom, and the couple laughed once more.
Just another wonderful day passing by.

17 thoughts on “If Only – Wonderful Moment

  1. Hello and Ejoy,thank you sa new story m at tlga nman tanggal lhat ng stress m at nkktwa at nkkmiss ng tlga ang Family Lims,hirap mgmove on mbti na lang plgi kang nandyan for us,thank you for everything at ipgpatuloy m lang pgppsya sa amin ❀️❀️❀️

  2. hmmmm….i love the new look…mas madali ko na hanapin ang mga gusto kong ulitin…nice and thank you once again for a wonderful everyday happening sa Lim Household…keep it coming please! God bless always!

  3. Thank you thereaderwritergal sa isang na namang happening sa pamilya Lim without the elder kids. I didn’t realize na half dozen na pala ang mga anak nila Maya and Ricky, wow! and these kids are growing fast. Syempre agaw eksena si Mr. Grumpy palagi. Nakakatuwa….cheers!

  4. Thank you Ms. Ejoy for my happy pill to start the week! Of course ang ating bida na si Mr. Grumpy eh napa-cute pa rin kahit galit, nagtatampo, o nakasimangot. He will always be so adorable whatever he’s doing specially to tita ejoy. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the updates of the daily events in the Lim household. We greatly appreciate it!

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