If Only – Daddy Finger

If Only – Daddy Finger
“Daddy finger…daddy finger….”
Sky was singing in the backseat and his parents were so amused. Maya informed her husband that she will fetch the twins since she’ll be out early. Ricky then checked on his schedule and found out he could also leave the office early. Ricky fetched her in Time Airways and together they went to the twins’ school.
“Mommy!” Sky shrieked upon seeing them.
“Daddy!” Sunshine’s joint shriek.
Ricky and Maya were too happy as well.
“Hello Sky. Hello Sunshine.” Maya’s greetings to the twin as she kiss them too. Ricky waited for his turn.
“Are you both very happy that mommy and daddy fetched you?” Maya asked.
“Yesh!” Sky answered giddily.
“Yes mommy.” Sunshine’s answer.
They walked towards the parking with the twins in between them holding hands as they hold on each side their free hands. Sky was half-jumping, half-walking.
“Mommy, sobrang saya ng anak mo.” Ricky remarked.
“Hahaha.. Sobra daddy.” Maya look down on the twins smiling.
Now in the car, Sky’s happiness emanating as he sings too.
“Daddy finger, daddy finger…”
“Mommy, naiintindihan mo ba kinakanta ni Sky?”
Maya laughed before answering, “Sweetheart, kaya ako natatawa kasi nahihirapan akong intindihin.”
And together they laughed.
“Sky, Sunshine, you want to eat?”
“Yes daddy.” Sunshine answered.
“Yesh Dahdi! Jabi!!!” Sky’s response.
The couple laughed as they head to the twins’ favorite fast food chain.
While eating, Maya asked Sky what was he singing.
“Family finger mommy.”
“But why I’m just hearing daddy finger? Can you sing again?”
And Sky did so as asked, after which Maya was all laughs making her husband wonder.
Ricky and Maya were laughing as they got in their home. Maya has shared to him the lyrics of Sky of the Finger Family song when they got home since she doesn’t want the twins to hear them talk about it in the car.
“Where did he heard of that?” Ricky said in between laughs.
“Naku sweetheart hindi ko rin alam pero ang kulit ng anak mo. Galing mag-imbento.” And she started another bout of laughter.
Want to know what his lyrics were? πŸ˜€
“Daddy finger, daddy finger… Tree poopoo…strawberry… poopoo pineapple”

[A/n: song was from a cute kid of a family vlog I follow. 😊]


24 thoughts on “If Only – Daddy Finger

      1. ….i know the song…my 5 yrs old apo sings it and one time i saw her watching it in youtube….kulet talaga ni Ishkay palitan ba naman ang lyrics ng mga pagkain? hehe!

  1. Hello Ms Ejoy,thank you again dito sa story m tlgang pnpsaya m kmi ng husto at tlga nman nkktuwa ang song ni Sky at panay isip ni Maya kung anong kanta ang knknta ni Sky,more and more at dito lang kmi always to read all your story,take care always ❀️❀️❀️

  2. Napakunot ako duon pero since it’s Sky, I just imagined him singing. Cute talaga kahit mag compose pa sya ng sarili niyang kanta! πŸ˜œπŸ‘ Thank you Ms. Ejoy! Love ’em and miss ’em!! 😊

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