If Only – Photo Album

If Only – Photo Album

Sky was lying on his tummy on the floor browsing on an album when his mom heard him…

“I don’t yike this. This. This. This.”
He’s frowning. He got up and took another one.
“I don’t like. No. No. No.”
“Mommy, anong problema ng anak mo?”
“Hindi ko alam daddy. Saglit puntahan ko na at baka mag-baby tiger mode.”
Ricky laughed at her remark.
“Sky, what’s the problem baby?”
“Mommy, why we are not here? You don’t like us in here?”
“What is it baby? Show it to mommy.”
Sky got up and brought the album to his mom.
Maya stifled a laugh when she saw that it was hers and Ricky’s first new year celebration as husband and wife.
“Kuya Sky, you and ate Sunshine were here too.” She calmly told the annoyed little boy.
“But where mommy? I don’t see us.”
“You see this picture.” Pointing on the pic where everyone was looking at her. Sky nodded his head.
“You and Sunshine were already there in mommy’s tummy. So that means, you and Sunshine were also in the pictures.”
“I want to see me and Sunshine in pictures mommy.”
“Here Sky.” Showing a different album. “You and Sunshine have lots of pictures, with ate Nikki, ate Abby, kuya Luke, kuya Cho, daddy, mommy, tatits, lolo, lola, lolo tatay, lola nanay…”
“Wow! So many mommy.”
“Yes baby, because both of you are so cute that everybody wants to have pictures with you two.”
“Mommy, how bout Sean”?
She took a newer album.
“Here look kuya Sky. You have pictures with Sean when he’s still so small.”
“Mommy, wow!”
“Why, baby Sean is so cute?”
“I’m so handsome.” And he grinned.
Maya’s eyes widened and she burst out laughing.
She touched his cheeks and peppered him with kisses.
“Naku Sky, kanino ka ba nagmana?” As she laugh some more.
“Ang sarap ng tawa sweetheart ah.” Ricky arrived with Sunshine in his arms.
“Hay naku sweetheart, tong anak mo kasi. Kanino ba to nagmana?”
“What did he do now?”
And she relayed what transpired and Ricky laughed out loud.
“I don’t know where he’s getting those playful remarks, but he’s a pro.”
“Sinabi mo pa sweetheart.” And they laughed together.
“Yes kuya Sky?”
“I’m hungry.”
The couple looked at each other.
“Lagi kasing busog.” They said in unison as they laughed while standing up to bring the twins in the dining area and served them some delicious food.
Of course, healthy foods make you strong and smart. Witty-smart. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

11 thoughts on “If Only – Photo Album

  1. I can just imagine how kulit the twins are now especially Sky. Sayang hindi pa naisip ng ABS magkaroon ng Book 2; still hoping though…

  2. Kakaloka talaga ‘tong batang ‘to! Thanks to you Ms. Ejoy, we still get to enjoy and witness the daily lives of the Lim family. Nakaka miss, nakakatuwa, nakakakilig, at nakakasaya ng araw. Thank you Ms. Ejoy!!

  3. as usual, its like watching the show while reading…thank you hahaha pero ang hirap imaginin ni ishkay na malaki na…hes still d same cute pouting baby boy hehe….thank you and God bless1

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