If Only – Chubby Cheeks

If Only – Chubby Cheeks
“Chubby cheeks, chubby cheeks, chubby chubby cheeks. Chubby cheeks, chubby cheeks, chubby chubby cheeks…” Sunshine was taunting her twin brother who was now frowning, and their mom was about to reprimand her when Sky suddenly sang…
“Gwapo me, gwapo me, gwapo gwapo me. Gwapo me, gwapo me, gwapo gwapo me… yeah!”
Maya burst out laughing as Sunshine was now the one frowning. Sky was singing with his shoulders moving up and down with the beat.
“Hay Sky, sana lagi kang in good mood.” Maya embraced Sunshine to appease her. “Sunshine, it is not good to tease your brother okay?” Sunshine obediently nods her head. “Now Sky, I don’t want you teasing your sister as well, okay?”
“Yesh mommy.” He cheekily grinned.
Maya embraced the twins and kissed them both.
Just another fine day passing by. J
[A/n: I hope you’d get the song :)]

10 thoughts on “If Only – Chubby Cheeks

  1. Thank you thereaderwritergal for another nakakatuwang episode sa buhay ng mga Lim tsikiting. Dahil sila ang lagi nasa bahay, silang dalawa ang laging naglalaro at laging nagkukulitan. What happens kaya if isa sa kambal will be away from the other? Mamiss nila kaya ang isa’t isa even for a while lang? Cheers!

  2. nakakatuwa talaga ang kambal…mine are both boys kaya not as makulit as the Lim twins…love to watch them again…kaso ewan kong mapapanood pa natin sila…i guess…dto nalng tau mangarap hehe! Thanks and God bless!

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