If Only – The Surprise

If Only – The Surprise
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“Sky, Sunshine, mommy and daddy have a surprise for the both of you.”
“What’s it mommy?” Sky asked excitedly, Maya and Ricky chuckled.
“You have to wait later kuya Sky. So both of you, be good in school okay?”
“Yes mommy.” Sunshine answered.
“Otei mommy.” Sky’s response.
“Let’s go.” Ricky gathered the twins’ bags and they head out to the twins’ school before going to their respective offices.
“Ate Doris, where’s mommy and daddy?” Sky asked once they got home.
“Still office Sky. Come on, change clothes muna kayo.”
Sunshine and Sky followed her in the room where ate Sabel is looking after Sean.
“Hi Sean!” Sky greeted their baby brother. Sean was all too happy to greet his siblings.
“Hello baby Sean. I love you.” Sunshine greeted him and kissed him on the cheek.
“a-chi” Sean suddenly blurted. Doris and Sabel were surprised. Sky and Sunshine both look astounded.
“Ang sweet naman. Tinawag si ate Sunshine.” Sabel commented.
Sky and Sunshine clapped their hands and Sean giggled. This was the scene that the couple arrived to.
“Wow! How sweet.”
“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” Sky’s exuberant greeting.
“Naku, hindi ko alam kung masaya ang baby ko talaga na makita ako o dahil sa sorpresa.”
“Mukhang parehas sweetheart. Hello princess.” Ricky greeted Sunshine whom he picked up and kissed.
“Hi daddy.” Sunshine’s greeting as she kissed him too.
“Me dadhi.” Sky demanded as he puckered his lips. The couple laughed as Ricky passed Sunshine to Maya and picked up the cute little demanding boy.
Ricky peppered his face with kisses making him squirm with glee.
“O daddy, tama na yan. Alam ko excited na sa surprise tong kambal.”
“Who wants to see their surprise?”
“Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Meeeee!” Sky’s response, growling in the last with Sunshine shrieking. The couple laughed at the twins as they head out. Ricky picked up Sean with Doris and Sabel in tow.
When they arrived in the living room, there were two big boxes wrapped.
“Wow Mommy!!! So big!” Sky’s reaction.
“What is it mommy?” Sunshine asked.
“Open it Sky, Sunshine.”
The twins scrambled to rip the gift wrapper as Ricky passed Sean to Doris as he and Maya assists the twins.
“Wow!!!!!!!” Sky exclaimed.
“Eeeeeeeeee!!!” Sunshine’s.
And their parents were more than happy with the twins’ reactions. They have given the twins power wheels. A Disney Frozen for Sunshine and a red Porsche 911 GT3 for Sky.
“Thank you mommy! Thank you dahdi!” Sky hugged his parents who kissed him both.
“Thank you mommy and daddy!” Sunshine’s turn to thank their parents.
“You are both welcome kids.” Maya’s answer to the twins.
“I love you kids.” Ricky’s response.
“Love you dahdi.” Sky hugged him once again and kiss him on the cheeks.
“How about mommy?” Maya pouted at Sky who happily gave her a kiss and hug.
“Sunshine, give mommy a hug.” Maya opened her arms for the cute little girl who giddily gave her a hug and kiss. Now, it’s daddy’s turn to complain.
“Don’t forget daddy princess.” And Sunshine did as told.
“Want to try it, Sky? Sunshine?” He asked.
“Yes daddy.” Sunshine answered as Sky nodded his head vigorously.
The family went outside to try on the twins’ new toys where the older siblings caught them.
“Kuya Yuke, look at my car, so handsome like me.” The family laughed at Sky.
“Yes it is Sky.” Luke’s response.
Another wonderful and enjoyable moment shared by the family.

13 thoughts on “If Only – The Surprise

  1. Thank you Ms. Ejoy! Now, even Sean is participating in the coversation. Like Kuya Sky, he wouldn’t want to be left out. Like BCWMH, If Only is another ‘feel good’ story that I look forward to reading. And that’s the honest truth! 😊👍

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