If Only – Someone’s in Trouble

If Only – Someone’s in Trouble
Mommy has gone mad, really mad.
Ricky was trying his best not to get in the way with his wife’s current state. They arrived home early from work and was not happy with what they’ve witnessed.
Doris left the twins in the living room to check on Sean upon their arrival from school.
“Sky, Sunshine, stay here okay? I’ll look on Sean.”
“Okay ate Doris.” Sunshine’s response. “Otei!” Sky’s reply.
The twins were playing quietly while Doris attend to Sean. Then an inevitable happened.
“Sky!” Maya shouted. Ricky took Sunshine who was already crying. Doris ran out carrying Sean. Sabel also ran towards the living room. Maya was all red. Sky now in all tears, scared of his mom.
“Why did you do that Sky? Have I not told you both no fighting?” Maya sternly said. She was furious but still trying to control her anger.
Head bow, Sky was now hiccupping due to too much crying and couldn’t speak clearly.
“Doris, ipasok mo na muna si Sean sa kwarto. Sabel, pasuyo si Sunshine.” Ricky told the two.
And the two heed at once.
Ricky approached his wife and touched her arm.
“Sweetheart?” He called her tentatively. Maya looked at him with brows furrowed, lips in one line. He’s definitely seeing himself in his wife. Their difference though, tears are brimming in her eyes. He whispered in her ears.
“Calm down sweetheart.” And kissed her on the temple. “Just talk to him. He’s already scared.” He’s going to let her handle the situation. He left her and went into the room where the two kids are.
She heaved a sigh, looked up to stop the tears from falling and to calm herself. She sat down and called on Sky.
“Come here Sky.” The little boy was not moving from where he’s standing and was just crying. “Come here Sky, mommy will just talk to you.”
Sky moved towards his mom but head still down. This made Maya’s heart ache more. She really can’t stay mad at their kids especially since they really are good kids. Though there will be normal times like this. When Sky is already beside her, she hugged the little boy who clung onto her and cried.
“Sho-yi mom-my.” Sky said in between hiccups tugging more on her heart. She hugged the little boy who clung tighter and kissed him. They were in that position for a quite a long time until Sky calm down.
“Mommy, showi.” Maya caressed his back.
“I know you are sorry baby but still daddy and I are not happy with what you did to your sister.” Maya paused letting her words sink in to Sky then continued. “I understand that you would have arguments but I will not tolerate you or your sister hitting each other, understood?”
Sky nodded his head. Maya looked at him, she doesn’t like their kids just nodding or shaking their heads. She want to hear them say out loud their answers.
“Yes mommy.” Sky answered in contrite.
“You say sorry to your sister. And as a punishment, you are not allowed to play your toys today and tomorrow. Understood Sky?”
“Yes mommy.” He answered as he nods as well.
“Now let’s go to your sister and you say sorry.”
The mother and son went to the room where Ricky and the kids are.
Ricky looked up when the door opened. He looked at his wife inquiring with his eyes. She smiled at her husband. Sky then walked towards Sunshine.
“I’m sorry Sunshine. I will not do it again.”
“I forgive you.” Sunshine’s response.
“Hug and kiss your sister Sky.” Sky did as told.
Ricky went to his wife, hugged and kissed her.
“Okay ka lang mommy?”
Before Maya could answer, Sky quipped.
“You did something bad to mommy too dahdi?”
The couple covered their laugh with a cough.
“No Sky, daddy is just making sure mommy is okay.”
“Why dahdi?”
They wouldn’t want the kid to feel guiltier but would want them to realize how heartbreaking it as well for them whenever they scold them. He leveled to Sky and explained.
“Because mommy is hurting whenever she scolds you two. She hates doing it but she has to. She wants not only you and Sunshine, but also kuya Luke, ate Nikki, ate Abby and Sean to be good kids. If you are fighting, you are not only hurting each other, you are hurting us too. And it’s not a great feeling baby.”
Sky looked at them both.
“Sorry mommy, sorry dahdi.” And tears fall once again from his eyes. Ricky hugged the little boy and kissed him.
“It’s okay baby, I know you are very sorry with what you did and won’t do it again.” Sky nodded his head then remembered his mom.
“Yes dahdi.”
Sunshine went to her dad, “Sorry daddy.” Looked up at her mom, “Sorry mommy.”
Maya kneeled down and hug the little girl. Ricky then covered them all in his arms.
“No more fighting okay kids?”
“Yes daddy!” “Yes dahdi!” The twins answered in unison. And Sean made his presence known.
“Of course we are not forgetting you baby Sean.” Ricky stood up and took Sean in his arms.
“Sige na sweetheart, ilabas mo na si Sean. Ayusin ko lang tong kambal.”
“Okay.” Ricky kissed her before he left the room.
“Let’s clean up now you two.” She smiled at the twins who obediently went with her in the bathroom.
Of course, the day would not end that bad.
Have a great week everyone!

18 thoughts on “If Only – Someone’s in Trouble

  1. great new happening sa Lim household….eto yung mga panahon na….nabibigyan ng tamang reaction ang mga magulang sa bawat mali ng anak…how you can do this is beyond my imagination….pano mo nagagwa ito? galing mo talaga….hands up ako! its really heart warming reading and imagining how hard it is for a parent to be mad at something an innocent child can do…at pano maitama nila Maya at Sir Chief and maling nagawa ng mga wlang malay? mahirap kaya gawin un hehe….pero yung pagkakasulat mo? galing…i can relate…really and truly….thank you and more more?? God bless!!!

      1. so its simply because GOD has given u the talent…the ideas….and so…thank you for sharing kasi GOD will give u more ideas hahahhaha!!!!

  2. How I wish that ABS will still consider of having a Book 2 for BCWMH to showcase the life of the Lim Family and how they are able to cope up with the problems and issues of bringing up kids from Luke who is now a grown young man, to Nikki who is now ready to have a love life, Abby as a teen-ager and of course the twins plus maybe 1 more baby. There are still a whole lot of scenarios and scripts they could play with to present Filipino family values and traditions and not to forget of course the kilig moments of Mr. and Mrs. Lim as a married couple spiced up with some issues and problems here and there. Just disappointed that instead, they decided to re-air the original show. Just saying my sentiments……

  3. tama ka Ms Timmi….exactly the sentiments of the adiks….lahat naman disappointed….sana me makaisip na magka book 2…sana maipagpatuloy ang mga kiligs ng adiks…sana mabigyan tau ng chance to watch again the values, issues and problems of a family…a filipino family and how a loving and considerate and sweet couple could cope with it…puro naman tau sana pero d naman tayo pinapakinggan ng ABS….no wonder i am not a fan of the station….i only watch ABS because of Ms Jodi…i hate it when the kontrabidas outwits the bida or the murderers can get away with their crimes or basta harsh scenes….what i look for in a palabas is yung mawawala ang stress ko and not to give me palpitations dahil sa kaba…mabilis kasi ako maka relate or maka react to a scene so i’d rather read FFs and do internet than watch tv….

    oh well….ABS doesn’t care a hoot about us….so why bother watch their other drama plays or whatever they have? di wag nalng din…..

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