If Only – The Twins’ Goes Trick-or-Treating

If Only – The Twins’ Goes Trick-or-Treating  
“Mommy, are we going change now?” Sky asked his mom for the nth time and Mommy Maya patiently answers,
“Not yet kuya Sky. It’s still early. You have to take your naps first, okay?”
“Otei mommy.” Sky excitedly went up his bed to sleep. Sunshine already napping. Maya could shake her head. She heads out of the room once Sky was sound asleep.
“The kids already napping?” Ricky asked Maya.
“Oo sweetheart and as usual ung anak mo, nangulit pa muna bago natulog.”
“Only my son if he is being makulit.” Ricky laughed at his wife who just grinned at him. As she’s being cute, Ricky kissed her square on the mouth.
“I love you.”
Maya slapped him, “Nakakainis ka.”
“Kinikilig ka lang sweetheart.”
“Ewan ko sa’yo.” But she was smiling nonetheless.
Later that afternoon.
“Mommy, let’s goooooo.” A very excited Sky was pulling his mom to go out of their home.
“hahaha, naku kuya Sky napaka-excited mo. You have to wait kuya, we’re still fixing your sister. Go to daddy.” She asks her son who is one cute count Dracula. She and Nikki were busy fixing Sunshine who is wearing a cute Spiderella costume.
Once done, they went out to the living room to find Ricky pacifying a now very grumpy Sky.
“Sweetheart, anong nangyari dyan?”
“Naku sweetheart, bakit kasi ang tagal nyo pa? Tinopak na. Kanina pa ko kinukulit lumabas.”
“Come on Sky let’s go now.” Maya cajoles Sky.
“I don’t yike anymore.” Brows furrowed, lips pouted, he answered.
“You don’t like to have lots of candies and chocolates? You’ll see other kids too in their costume. There will be lots of games also.”
Sky looked at his mom and left, leaving his parents wondering.
“Let’s go mommy.” He came back with his pumpkin candy bucket.
“Oh Sky, why are you such a cutie.” Nikki commented as they all laughed and head out of the house.
The twins had a fun filled day, as they enjoyed going house to house with the other kids for the trick or treat or more so because of the candies. The games they have actively participated in. And the family were more than proud that the twins won the best in costume award.
“Kuya Sky, enough of the candies now. You still have tomorrow.” Maya told her son.
“So yummy mommy.” Sky answered in between chewing.
“I know sweetie but it’s not good to have too much. Mommy will keep this now, okay?”
“Otei mommy.”
“Finish this water then go to ate Doris and brush your teeth.”
“Why what?”
“Why brush teeth?”
Maya gave him a look that says she’s serious to which Sky just answered with a grin and run off to go to ate Doris.
“Ang kulit ng anak mo sweetheart.” Ricky commented.
“Manang-mana po sayo sweetheart.”
“hahaha. Oo na po. Kamukha ko din kaya favorite mo.”
“Hindi sweetheart ha. Wala akong favorite.”
Ricky was just smiling at her. She rolled her eyes at him but couldn’t stop herself from smiling back. Ricky just hugged her and kissed her on the temple.
“I love you.” He said as he looked down on her.
“I love you too sweetheart.”
And they shared one passionate kiss to cap off the night.

17 thoughts on “If Only – The Twins’ Goes Trick-or-Treating

  1. You’re so awesome the readerwritergal, thank you! Nakakatuwa ang ginawa mong mga dialogues nila at yung simpleng gestures ng magasawa na sinulat mo at iniimagine ko……..haaay kinikilig na me. Cheers!

  2. Ang sarap ng feeling after reading “feel good ” lang talaga 👍👍👍….and only Ser Choef and Maya could give us that MAGIC FEELING ……thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Ang cute naman ng paborito mong pamangkin Ms. Ejoy! Nakaka gigil na nakaka miss pa!! Thank you very much for my happy pill. And I totally agree with Ms. Marian, adorable dialogues and simple “I love yous” from the couple and they’re enough to make us have the ‘kilig’ again and miss them all the more! You are indeed heaven-sent Ms. Ejoy with your If Only stories! Can’t wait for the next one! Belated Happy 🎃 Halloween!!!

  4. Tama! Ganyan din hubby ko…good traits or good looks? Anak nia….pag me gnawang d ok? ANAK MO! Hahahahahha…..normal and natural hehe! Thank you and more more happiness from u! God bless!

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