If Only – I Share Your Fear

If Only – I Share Your Fear

[a/n: the story flow through for reasons that I do not know and that I was able to finish this in one sitting. Sorry in advance if you’d feel it a bit heavy, I really have no idea why the story came in. 😅]

Maya was looking on Ricky who was playing with baby Sean.
“Sweetheart, nagseselos na ko ah.”
“Huh?” Ricky looked at her wondering. She was frowning.
“You’re serious sweetheart?” He asked, gauging her.
“Oo! Nakakainis kasi bat parang sa’yo lang gustong makipaglaro ni Sean.”
His eyes bulged out in surprise and then he laughed out loud making his wife all furious.
“Ricky! Hindi ako nagbibiro.”
Ricky bit his lip when he realized that his wife was indeed serious.
“But sweetheart…bakit ka naman magselos? Ako nga di naman nagseselos pag ikaw lang nilalambing ng kambal.”
“Eh nilalambing ka din naman nila ah.”
Now Ricky is alarmed as to why his wife is acting this way.
“Are you pregnant?”
“Ano Ricky? Anong pinagsasasabi mo. Nagseselos lang ako, buntis agad? Di ba pwedeng nag-e-emo lang ako?”
“Mom? Dad? Ummm, everything okay?” Nikki tentatively asked. She came out of their room when she heard loud voices.
“Yes Niks. Can you get Sean for a while?” Ricky asked as he motion for Nikki to get Sean from his hold.
“Sure dad.”
“And you my wife, will need to come with me.” He ushered his wife towards their room.

He guided his wife on the bed and he positioned himself at her back. He started massaging her before he asked,
“Any problem sweetheart you’d want to share to me?”
Then her body was shaking as she started to cry and her hands covered her face. He was surprised at first and immediately engulfed her in a tight hug. He kissed her temple as he uttered some soothing words to calm her. They were already lying on the bed by the time that she calmed down.
“Are you ready to talk sweetheart?” He was caressing her back.
“Sorry sweetheart.”
He did not interrupt and patiently waited for her to continue.
“Na-delay ako.” She started. “Natakot ako kasi maliit pa si Sean. Di pa nga siya nagbi-birthday tapos buntis na uli ako.” She heaved a sigh before she continued. “Pero false alarm.”
She looked up at him. He stopped caressing her back as he smile at her and encouraged her to continue.
“Were you disappointed?”
She sat up, he did too. They were facing each other and they hold each other’s hands.
“Natakot ako sweetheart kasi parang pakiramdam ko malayo ang loob ni Sean sa akin tapos kung sakaling magkaka-baby uli baka mas lalong lumayo. I was relieved when it was a false alarm. Pero nanghinayang din ako. Naiinitindihan mo ba ko sweetheart? Kasi ako naguguluhan.”
He held her face and looked in her eyes.
“I understand perfectly well what you felt. Ganyan ung pakiramdam ko when we learned that we were having baby Sean. Will I be second best again? We both know how close the twins, especially Sky is to you. How attached they are to you. I stood back and let you have their attention. Then Sean came. Siguro ramdam ng baby na may kahati siya sa’yo kaya sa akin siya mas malapit. We have that special bond.” He tries to lighten the mood. She was pouting. He kissed her on the forehead.
“Sweetheart, I am hurt that you did not tell me of this.” She bowed her head, he placed his hand on her chin and made her look at him. “My problem is your problem as your problem is mine. We share everything sweetheart. If you felt that this was too simple, it is not. Because it bothered you. No secrets tayo di ba?”
“Sorry sweetheart. Naguluhan lang talaga ako. Natakot. Nanghinayang?”
He chuckled, “Hindi ka sure?”
“Eh sweetheart, kung sakali baka mas tumindi pa pagiging seloso ni Sky.”
“Ayun, worried sa baby boy nya.”
She slapped him, “Nakakainis ka. Eh, alam mo naman ibig kong sabihin.”
“I know. Kung dumating yan, tanggapin natin. A baby is a blessing. We’ll face whatever we need to face but together. We will be here to support one another and we’ll be each other’s strength. And do you think walang susuporta sa atin? Our kuya and ates will surely be there to support us one hundred and one percent.”
She sighed, “Sorry sweetheart, inaaway kita kanina. Siguro may guilt sa sarili ko na may tinatago ako sa’yo. Sorry talaga sweetheart.”
He engulfed her and kissed her on the temple.
“Never ever think that you cannot share to me things that bothers you may it be small in your opinion. I should be your number one confidante. Kahit pa bubble gum na dumikit sa bag mo yan, you tell me. Okay?”
“Okay sweetheart. Babawi na lang ako sa’yo.”
He grinned at her and wiggled his eyebrows.
“Babawi ka?”
She was laughing, “Bakit parang hindi ko gusto yan.”
“Magugustuhan natin parehas sweetheart, sure ako. Pwede nating siguraduhin yang baby kung gusto mo.”
“Tigilan mo ko Ricky! Hahaha. Labas na tayo, sigurado nag-aalala ung mga anak natin. At maaga pa!”
They both laughed.
“Okay ka na sweetheart?”
“Oo sweetheart. Napakaswerte ko talaga kasi I have the Best Husband in the whole universe!”
“Wow! Hindi lang in town. Hahaha”
He gave her a sweet kiss before they head out where the older kids were indeed waiting for them.
“Mom? Dad? Okay na po kayo?” Luke asked.
“Okay na Luke, Nikki, Abby. Thank you for looking after your siblings. Nag-moment lang mommy nyo.” She slapped him.
“Ang lakas mo talaga mang-asar Ricky! Nakakainis ka.” But she was smiling.
“I’m glad everything’s okay now.”
“I’m sorry Niks.”
“Oh no, no mom. No need to apologize po. I understand naman that you and dad will have arguments. Arguments, disagreements, it will always be there pero I know we will not let it ruin us.”
“Awwww, thank you ate.” Maya hugged her.
Ricky joined them and kissed Nikki on top of her head.
“Thanks ate for handling this well.”
“No problem dad.”
“Daya! Sali kami.” Abby protested. She and Luke joined in.
Then the twins came out of the room and barged into their circle. And the family had one hearty laugh.

As they always say, All’s Well That Ends Well.
No matter what, Family Love will always be your strength. Never ever doubt.


14 thoughts on “If Only – I Share Your Fear

  1. There must be an open communication between husband and wife no matter how small or big the issue is. Dapat lang talaga pag-usapan ang mga bagay bagay lalo na’t nakakaepekto sa emotion natin. Very nice story, thereaderwritergal.

  2. Thank you! While reading i feel for them….prang tutoong tutoo haha…pra ngang silent listener but physically present hehehe weird no? another nice family happening….tama si ricky…there should be no secrets between them…good or bad? It should be shared bet husband n wife…that way lalong mabubuo ang bond and closeness…nice nice…God bless

  3. Lord knows how I miss this family so much thats why reading BCWMH stories everyday helps me get thru anything in life thank you for continuing to write for us 😍😍😍

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