If Only – The Cake

If Only – The Cake
[a/n: dahil birthday ni Tita Bro Jessa. :D]
“Mommy…mommmy” Sky calls on his mom who was sitting on the sofa watching tv while he and Sunshine play.
“Yes kuya Sky?”
“Mommy?” Sky was now hugging his mom and peppering her face with kisses.
Maya was stifling a laugh.
“What is it Sky?”
“Mommy, I want cake.” He answered.
“And why do you want a cake?” Maya knows why but would want to hear her son’s alibi.
“Ummm, I want eat mommy.”
“Well, we have lots food in the kitchen. We can ask ate Sabel to cook something for you.”
“Mommy, I only want cake.” He answered.
“Okay Sky, why do you really want a cake?”
The cute little boy grinned at his mom.
“I want blow candles mommy.”
Maya couldn’t help but laughed out loud.
“Kuya Sky! Ang daming paeklat. But no. We will not buy a cake, there’s a cupcake there in the ref and we’ll just put candle on it for you to blow.” Maya stated.
“But mommy, pleashhhh…” He was giving his mom a cute puppy dog eyes and a cute pout.
“Hai naku ang batang to, nagmana sa tatay nya.” She tells herself.
“Okay kuya Sky, but this is not good. Just because you want something you’ll always get it, understand?”
“Yes mommy. Thank you mommy.” He peppered with kisses once again his mom who is now dialing her husband’s number.
“You’re welcome kuya Sky.”
“Hi sweetheart! Miss me?”
“hahaha, sweetheart? Pauwi ka na ba?”
“Ummm, in a few yes. Why? Sobrang miss mo na ko?”
“Tigilan mo muna ako Ricardo. Tong anak mo nagpapabili ng cake.”
Now it is his turn to laugh out loud.
“What do pray tell is mr. grumpy’s reason for a cake?”
“Gustong mag-blow ng candle.”
“hahaha, and he has given you his puppy dog eyes and cute pout that’s why you weren’t able to say no?” He knows her well.
“Nagmana nga kasi sa’yo.” She stated as the subject was currently doing the very thing. “At inulit pa.”
“hahaha, okay sweetheart, dadaan ako ng bakeshop. What flavor would I buy?”
“Kuya Sky, daddy is asking what flavor you want.”
“Kakaiba talaga yang anak mo sweetheart. Quite a choice.” He remarked as he laughed. “I’ll head out now, see you later sweetheart. I love you.”
“I love you too sweetheart.”
“Ikaw mister, last na po yan ha, okay?” She was tickling the cute boy who is now laughing merrily.
After Dinner
“Wow! Cake. What’s the occasion?” Nikki asked.
“Mine!” Sky answered.
“hahaha, kuya Sky. Ate is just asking.” Maya was placing the candles on the cake. “Naku ate, tong kapatid nyo trip mag-blow ng candles at ayaw sa cupcake. Cake ang ni-request.”
“Awwww! Sana you told me mom para ako na lang bumili.” Nikki replied.
“It’s okay Niks, I was on my way home when your mom called.”
“Sige mom, dad, next time ako naman taya.” Luke butt in.
“Ako din, gusto ko.” Abby interjected.
“Naku! Ma-spoil talaga tong mga to sa mga ate at kuya.”
“Mom, ang cute nga ng request eh.” Nikki.
“Oo nga kaso syempre hindi naman pwede na kung anong gusto ibigay agad natin.”
“Mommy, hayaan mo na. Minsan lang naman humiling yang kambal at hindi naman natin hahayaan na ma-spoil ng todo. We cannot stop everyone from giving in. These two just happened to be the cutest kids with Sean in town. At nagmana lahat sa akin.” Ricky’s response.
“Wow sweetheart! Grabe ka ha! Sinolo mo. Hahaha. Oo na po, ikaw na atty Lim. Tinalo mo na ko.”
“hahaha, ang cute nyo mom and dad. Sana ako…”
“Sige na Niks, mag-blow pa ng candles si Sky.” Luke interjected.
And the family had a bout of laughter as Ricky lit the candles and Sky waited patiently.
“…happy birthday to you.” And Sky did one big blow to the lighted candles and his family clapped, big smiles on all their faces.
No matter how big or small, the smile on a child’s face is more satisfying than those big fat bonuses.
          I’m just kidding, I need the money, maraming inaanak..hahaha

26 thoughts on “If Only – The Cake

  1. Good evening Ms Ejoy,thank you at plgi m kmi pnssya at you always put a smile in my face sa mga story m ,I never get tired reading all over again and again ,keep it up at I’m always here to read all your story all the time,take care always ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thank you thereaderwritergal sa isa pang magandang kwento. But that’s true no, we should not bow to these children’s all of a sudden wishes and sometimes we have to go out of our way para maibigay lang sa kanila ang kanilang gusto. Lalo na po sa mga lola’t lolo na may mga cute na apo….at isa na ako dun. Ha ha ha. Cheers!

  3. I saw on Vaughn Hautea’s Instagram a photo of him with Jodi at hindi Jodi ang sinulat niya kundi Maya Dela Rosa with hashtag “#soon”. May ibig sabihin kaya eto para sa ating mga Adiks? Baka naman, pamaskong handog ng ABS para sa atin na hanggang ngayon hindi pa naka move on sa BCWMH. I am crossing my fingers….
    Thanks for this update btw. Excited lang… lol

  4. Yan tayo eh! Hindi talaga obvious Tita Ejoy!! I can’t blame you though. This little boy is the cutest! He can get away with anything by just showing his smile and cute little pout and everyone is under his spell! Thank you for this very adorable story!!

  5. katuwa naman ang sky….sobrang malambing kasi kaya ang uunahan mga ate at kuya na pagbigyan next time hehe….at si Atty Lim sinolo talaga ang mga anak na sa kanya lang nagmana? nakakatuwa sila…wish wish wish we will get a glimpse of them again in the tv….sana lang!!!

    thank u again and again….GOD bless!

  6. Thank you for the forever updates, thru your blog our hearts are filled with the love, joy, family bonding, trials and tribulations from dela Rosa and Lim family. Now I’m craving a ube cake ha ha

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