If Only – By the Beach

If Only – By the Beach

As requested by their kids, the family celebrated the wedding anniversary of their parents by the beach. And Mr. Grumpy was one excited kid. He was up early, asleep while on the road and full of energy when they arrived in their destination.

“Mommmmmyyy!!! Beach!” He was grinning like he has received the best gift for Christmas. His parents and siblings were rejoicing nonetheless with him.
“Sweetheart, ayusin mo na yang kambal at di ka titigilan ni Sky. Kami na bahala dito. Luke, Nikki, Abby, tulungan nyo na muna kami dito.” Ricky’s sweet instructions but their kids were sweeter.
“No dad, kami na po bahala dito. Samahan nyo na lang po si mommy.” Luke told his dad.
“Yes dad. Don’t worry here, we’ll be in-charge.” Nikki seconded.
“Opo dad. It’s yours and mom’s time to relax.” Abby added.
The couple looked at each other and smile.
“Sige group hug muna.” Maya requested and everyone happily acceded.
The couple fixed the three babies for the beach or probably the sand, whichever they choose of course. And the older kids were left to help Sabel, Joma, Doris and Gerry. Manang Fe and Mang Anastacio were yet to arrive.
Maya placed a beach mat for her and Ricky to sit as they watch the twins play in the sand. Sean sitting on Ricky’s lap but already shrieking as though telling his dad he wants to play with his siblings too.
“Ricky!” Maya was surprised when Ricky put down Sean and let him crawl on the sand to go to his siblings.
“Hayaan mo na mommy, malapit lang naman yan.” He stood up though to check on in case baby Sean tries to eat some sand along the way. And Maya could only shake her head.
Maya got busy taking photos and videos of the four. Ricky was already sitting with the kids as they create a sand castle. Sunshine was busy placing shells so it would be beautiful just like a princess’s castle. And Sky was all too serious in making the castle tall with his dad’s help of course. And Sean was one busy baby kicking the sand around him placed by his dad.
“Mom, dad, kakain na po.” Abby called on, “Andyan na rin po sina Manang Fe.”
“Sige ate Abby. Hugasan lang namin tong mga kapatid mo.”
“Mommy, hold on Sean.”
“Bakit Ricky?” He didn’t answer. He stood up and carried two shrieking kids towards the water.
After a few seconds of surprise, Maya laughed as she took a kicking Sean and walked towards the water. Abby took charge in taking pics and videos.
“Grabe mom ung babies natin. Tuwang-tuwa sa dagat.” Luke commented as he laughed.
“Yeah kuya and di sila scared.”
“Oo ate at kuya. Kung nakita nyo lang kanina ung ginawa ni daddy, mukhang di na aahon.” Abby shared.
“Oo nga eh. Sky, Sunshine, we have to take  nap first okay?”
“No mommy, swim.” Sky answered.
“Why we need to nap mommy?” Sunshine asked.
“Because it’s very hot now. We will play again later in the afternoon, okay?”
“Okay mommy.” Sunshine was easily pacified but not the grumpy boy.
“I don’t yike mommy. I want play there. Dahdi said swim later after eat.”
Ricky’s eyes rounded and his wife looked at him.
“I had to say it, he doesn’t want to leave the water.” He defended himself. Maya could only shake her head and sigh.
“Kuya Sky, if mommy said later, later okay?” She said in a stern voice.
Sky’s lips were wobbling as tears fall from his eyes but nods his head. And another battle within mommy.
“Okay, you may swim and play for a bit then take a nap. Are we clear?”
“Yesh mommy.” Sky answered.
“The favorite wins again.” Ricky whispered, teasing his wife.
“Umayos ka Ricky ikaw may kasalanan nyan, pinangakuan mo.”
“Of course sweetheart, my fault. I love you.” And kissed her on the lips. Giving her a teasing smile. She tries to hide a smile but couldn’t. [a/n: well who could? 😂]

17 thoughts on “If Only – By the Beach

  1. Wow, thank you thereaderwritergal, for this wonderful short ff. medyo namiss ko ito, kasi medyo may gap since the last one right ka-adiks? Anyway obvious na may favoritism ano? Si ‘mommy’ talaga at sisisihin yung ama. Next one napo, sana don’t be so tagal naman, pwede? Nakakamiss eh. Cheers!

  2. hehehe who’s fave nga ba?? Daddy’s o mommy’s eh parehong me kasalanan hahahaha…but they are really soo cute just imagining them playing….making sandcastles, swimming and all makes up for my missing the Lim Household…thank you once again!! sweet talaga ng pamilyang Lim hehe….God bless!!!

  3. Bakit ba ang gaan gaan sa dibdib ng mga If Only stories mo Ms. Ejoy? Very addicting. And heart warming, sweet, adorable, etc, etc., etc. And they make me cry 😭 too!! Kakamiss pero maraming salamat pa rin sa aking happy pill!

  4. Ang sarap ng feeling just reading the story especially this one and imagining them on the beach where they had that episode where Nikki found out about their relationship ❤️❤️❤️

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