If Only – The Sleepover

If Only – The Sleepover

“Ate, I want sleep with you and ate Abby.”
“Really baby?” Nikki asked and Sunshine nodded her head. “That’s great!”
“Why you sleep with them Shineshine?” Sky then asked.
“I just want.” Sunshine’s reply.
“Otei, I’ll sleep with kuya Yuke.” He declared.
Luke could only chuckle.
Later that night, Maya and Ricky were wondering why the twins got their baby pillows and heading out of their room.
“Mom, dad, they want to sleep with us po. Sunshine will be sleeping with me and ate Nikki while Sky will be with kuya Luke.”
“Oh. That’s new.” Maya said as she laugh. Ricky was smiling.
Maya was then in the girls’ room kissing them goodnight.
“Good night to my beautiful princesses. I love you all.” Maya said as she kiss them one by one. Sunshine hugged her tight.
“I love you mommy.” She said and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek.
On the other room,
“Good night Luke, good night Sky.” He kissed the little boy on his cute chubby cheeks and kiss Luke on the forehead. The latter gave him a smile.
“Dahdi, where’s mommy?”
“She’s still in your sisters’ room. Be patient okay?”
“Otei.” He said as he hug his airplane pillow. Ricky and Luke looked at each other, both eyes smiling.
It had been a routine now as the twins seem to have gotten used in sleeping with their siblings. On one occasion though.
“Sweetheart, naiinip na baby boy mo.” Ricky told her before kissing her and heading to the girls’ room.
When she got inside, Sky stood up, calling her and was motioning her to carry him.
“Mommy, mommy, mommy.”
“Why kuya Sky? You missed mommy?” But then she sensed that this was something else.
“What’s the problem baby?”
Sky clung onto her when she hugged him. She looked at Luke who just shrugged, having no idea at all.
She then called on Ricky.
The door opened after a moment.
“Yes sweetheart?”
“Mukhang may gustong tumabi sa atin.”
He could only chuckle, get in and carry Sky.
“Check ko lang si Sunshine baka gising pa.”
When she got in, their princesses were already fast asleep. She close the door quietly.
“Mukhang the two little boys ang katabi natin tonight.”
“No problem sweetheart. At least kasama tayo sa sleepover routine.”
And they both shared a good laugh.
Sky who was already on the verge of being asleep got startled.
“Oh, sorry baby. Sleep now.” Ricky told him as he caress his back. Sky moved his head further on his neck and closed his eyes.
“Yabyu Dahdi.” He whispered making his dad’s heart swell more with love. Maya gave her a knowing smile.
“I love you sweetheart.” She said.
“And I love you more.” He replied before swooping in to kiss her and led her into their room.
[A/n: Should be a good night greetings, anyways, Good morning everyone! 😁]

25 thoughts on “If Only – The Sleepover

  1. It’s your heart that’s swelling more with love for this cute little boy, Tita Ejoy. Aminin! Kasi hindi obvious Tita E! Hehe πŸ˜œπŸ‘Thank you for my start-of-the-week happy pill!!

  2. Hello Ms Ejoymac,thank you again at another one of the best fanfic story ever again at ALWAYS put a smile on my face everytime bnbsa k ito,MORE at more p more please 😍😍😍

  3. this update is oozing with sweetness….sweetness overload talaga….sana lang ang next project nila ay ganito…ung tinatackle ang mga family matters….family problems and more on family sweetness and closeness. Siguro wla na taung mahihiling pa…baka makapag send tayo ng iloveyou sa mga producers, directors and scriptwriters ng d oras nian hahahahaha…..GOD bless and thank you again.

  4. Puwede po magrequest, thereaderwriter….tutal malapit na ang pasko baka puwede ng magtackle ng stories about Christmas stuffs-like family kris kringle, kids caroling, Christmas school activities especially ng kambal, putting up the Christmas tree and other house decors, at marami pang iba. Thanks in advance…..

  5. Thanks for another feel good and typical Lim family happenings. πŸ‘ I could visualize everything as I was reading πŸ“– it. You’re such a good writer. Please don’t stop creating/writing. πŸ“ God bless.πŸ˜€ 🌻🌻

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