If Only – Every Day is Christmas Day

If Only – Every Day is Christmas Day
“Mom, meron na po bang naka-set na activity sina Sky at Sunshine sa school?” Nikki asked her mom while having their dinner.
“Ay buti pinaalala mo ate. Meron silang dance at papatulong nga pala ako sa’yo.”
“Ah really mom? Wow! So exciting. Pero why you would need help po?”
“Eh kasi contest siya. Mag-partner kapatid nyo.”
“Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh!” Abby and Nikki shrieked in unison. Luke looked upward. Sunshine was looking at her big sisters while Sky was frowning.
“Why they shouting mommy? So noisy.” Sky asked his mom. Ricky smiled as he shook his head as Maya chuckled.
“Kuya Sky, ate Nikki and ate Abby are just excited for your and Sunshine’s dance performance.” Maya explained.
“But why shout?” He said still frowning.
Ricky couldn’t help but laugh then with Maya and Luke.
“Naku Ricardo, bat ba nagmana sayo ang batang yan.” Maya said in jest.
“Hahaha, love na love mo kasi ako kaya nakuha lahat sa akin.” Ricky answered, Maya playfully glare at him.
“So mom, when do we start?”
“This weekend kung wala kayong gagawin.”
“Ah sure mom. I’ll just make sure to discuss everything sa meeting namin ng TPUS members sa Friday para po free ang Saturday ko.”
“I’ll make sure to finish all my assignments on Friday.” Abby seconded.
Nikki and Abby patiently taught the twins. Sky, the ever grumpy and naughty boy has been the true test of their patience. But nonetheless, they have enjoyed every bit of it.
Unfortunately, the older siblings wouldn’t be able to watch the twins perform as they all have school activities.
“Mom, please make sure to take a video.” Nikki asked her mom for the nth time. Maya hugged her as she is almost on the verge of crying due to frustration of not being able to watch live.
“Opo ate. Don’t worry.” She kissed her forehead. “Baka ma-late na kayo.”
She pouted and kissed her mom one more time. Maya chuckled.
The twins had wonderfully performed much to the delight of their parents and the judges as they were proclaimed as the winners.
“Naku mga ate, thank you! Ang gagaling nung kambal.” Maya told her daughters.
“Ahhhh, mommy!”
“Hahaha, ate Nikki nakakatuwa ka talaga. Don’t worry, maganda kuha ng daddy nyo. Actually sila ni kuya Joma.”
“What? Kuya Joma is there??? Mommy!”
“hahaha, naku ate. Sige na, mapapanood nyo later.”
“Sweetheart, let’s go.”
“Pauwi na po kayo mommy?” Abby asked.
“Ah, hindi pa. Punta kami sa mall. Gusto i-treat ng daddy nyo ung kambal.”
“Mom, sunod po kami dyan please?”
“Wala na ba kayong activity?”
“I’m done na po mom.” Nikki answered.
“Me too mom.” Abby replied.
“Okay, sige. Si Mang Lem papunta na dyan Abby, antayin nyo na lang Nikki. Tanungin mo pala kuya nyo kung sasama…”
“Yes my, sama po ako.” Luke interrupted before she was even finished. She could only chuckle.
“Okay, sige antayin na lang namin kayo.”
“Bye my. See you in a bit.”
“Tagal ng usapan nyo sweetheart.”
“Hay naku sweetheart, nakakatuwa ung mga ate lalo na si Nikki. Hindi pa rin maka-get over na hindi nila napanood sila kambal.”
“I took a video naman.”
“Yun nga sinabi ko eh pero syempre nga naman iba ung live mo mapanood.” He nodded his head.
“Susunod nga pala yung mga yun sa mall.”
“Wala silang gala?”
“Sweetheart, hindi na nga nakapanood, tingin mo papayag na di sumama yung mga yun?”
He raised his hands in mock surrender as he chuckle.
-At the mall-
Ricky was carrying Sean while the twins walk in front of them. Then they passed by a cotton candy stand. Sky stopped from walking.
“Mommy, what’s that?”
“That’s cotton candy baby.”
“Is that yummy mommy?” He looked at his mom. Maya looked at her husband who just shrugged his shoulders. Maya looked down and saw Sunshine eyeing as well the cotton candy.
“Okay, we will buy so you two could taste it.” Maya smiled at the twins who grinned back. Now Sean is bouncing on his father’s arms.
“Mommy, mukhang excited din si baby Sean.”
And they laughed as baby Sean bounce once more on his dad’s arms.
Maya took a picture of the twin with their cotton candy. She bought a small one for baby Sean.
Once the kids were done eating they headed to the toy store.
Ricky accompanied Sky in the boy’s section while Maya took Sean and went with Sunshine in the girl’s area. Ricky watched as Sky move from one toy to another. He doesn’t pick any but merely looked on. He stopped though at one area.
“You like that Sky?”
Sky looked up at him, eyes shining as he smile.
“Okay, pick which you like. Then we’ll go to mommy first before we pay.”
Maya was on the phone when they arrived.
“Who’s that sweetheart?”
“Si Nikki sweetheart, andito na sila.”
“Okay. Nakapili na si Sunshine?”
“Oo sweetheart, itong doll house. Si Sky meron na?”
“Yup. Basketball playset.”
“Wow! Eh nasan na?”
“Nagpakuha ako ng bagong stock. Yan, humingi ka na?”
“Oo sweetheart.” Then,
“Mom!” Nikki called.
“Hi ate Nikki!” Sky greeted her.
“Hello Sky! Ate heard you and Sunshine were so good in your performance.”
“Yesh!” Sky proudly said.
“hahaha. Sky, Sunshine, say thank you to ate Nikki, ate Abby and kuya Luke.”
“Thank you!” The twins said in unison.
“You’re welcome Sky and Sunshine.” Abby replied.
“What did you buy Sky?” Luke asked.
“Wow! We’ll play?”
“Yesh!” Sky answered exuberantly making his family laugh.
“How about you Sunshine? Did buy a toy too?”
“Yes ate. I asked mommy for this one.” She pointed on the doll house.
“Wow! We’ll play too ha?” She nodded her head as she bite her lip. Smile etched on her face.
Maya looked on at her husband. They were mirroring each other’s happiness and contentment. They’ve got wonderful kids and most of all they’ve got each other.
“I love you.” He mouthed.
“I love you too.” She said back.
With the love that surround them and contentment they feel, they consider every day as Christmas day.
Happy Holidays everyone! J

12 thoughts on “If Only – Every Day is Christmas Day

  1. Thanks for a wonderful Christmas present. I could picture the whole family.😀 Good vibes only. Have a joyful Christmas. 🎄 God bless. 🌻

  2. Thank you thereaderwritergal for this wonderful story for Christmas. Dun sa Story ipinakita mo how this family love and care for each other. The kambal would share their toys too…..that’s Christmas – sharing. May you have a blessed and merry Christmas Ejoy and happy new year too! Cheers!

  3. Thank you for continuing the Lim family’s story… we miss them so much and because of your stories you are quenching our thirst for them… please do continue writing… I love your stories… God bless and Merry Christmas in advance Ms. Writer…

  4. Thank you for all the wonderful blogs you’ve done about this reel family. Without you and your blogs we’ll truly miss them and you’ve kept them alive. So thank you so much. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season full of love, happiness and great health. Cheers!!!🎉🎉

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