“What is the purpose of earning a lot of money?”


In today’s world of millennials, the very thought of a complete, happy family is very sublime. At a point that parents tend to overwork and forget the very purpose of working. Why Mano Po is a very spot-on movie that everyone should go out and see.

The head of the family, Wilson Wong, is the typical father who only wish to provide to his family but forgetting what is his purpose for doing so. He has forgotten to touch the love side. He has forgotten that he also exists to love and be loved. Be respected as he deems want to and more so exist as the head of the family that the rest of the family would run up to.

In his failure, Debbie, his wife, should have been the strength that would uphold the family. But she too succumbed into failure. She failed to hold onto her vows. At the time she felt neglected, she forgot that she has kids who looks up to her since their dad was out of reach. She failed in the aspect of respect and love for her family.

Wilson Wong Jr, first child and only son, who should have been helping his parents needed the help more. He has excluded himself in the circle of his family due to self-pity that he failed to see he has little sisters who look up to him for comfort and guide. And at his self-pitying moment, he forgotten that very purpose of his existence.

Being the apple of the eye of their father, Caroline forgotten that she exist as well for her own happiness. She thought giving in to her father’s dream of her being a cellist would be beneficial for them all. At the time she was enforcing herself to enjoy and give all, she failed to learn.

In the complexity of their lives, these people had forgotten they are a family. A family that exists for one another. A family that should be each other’s strength. A family who fills in love when emptiness is felt. A family.


When Wilson’s aunt asked him, “what is your purpose of earning a lot of money?”

He stopped, paused and pondered. Only then he realized the need to reevaluate. Reevaluate the life he has created. His family. Are they still happy? Satisfied? Are they still a family? There was a big hole that needs filling. And all throughout this journey, the family get healed, strengthened; learned and understood the life of a family. That no amount of money would ever be enough to replace the happiness of a family. That a family’s love and support is and will always be the very essence of our existence.


So, what is your purpose of earning a lot of money? 🙂


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