If Only – A Beautiful Christmas

If Only – A Beautiful Christmas
“Sir Richard, Mrs. Chief, maraming maraming salamat po talaga. Grabeng bonus po ito talaga.” Sabel said in tears.
Maya smiled as tears flow from her eyes as well.
“Oo nga po Mrs. Chief, Sir Richard. I didn’t expecting this.” Doris said.
“Huy! Okay na eh, anong expecting ka dyan?”
“Ah, mali ba?”
“hahaha.. hali nga kayong dalawa.” Maya motioned for a group hug. DorBel happily did so.
“Sir, salamat po ng marami talaga.”
“It’s nothing Joma. Pasasalamat namin yan sa inyo for sticking with us during our trial. Mahirap ng makahanap ng mga katulad ninyo.”
The couple have gifted them a trip to Boracay for their Christmas vacation.
“Bff, kailangan na nating maghanap ng pang-Bora. Dapat kabog!”
“Naku bff tama ka dyan pero need kong ipa-approve kay Gerry my dear lahat.”
“Ay oo nga pala, may gwardya ka. 2-in-1 talaga.” Doris teased Sabel.
“Tara na nga.” Joma put his arms around the shoulder of the two as they head to the kitchen.
“Mom, bat parang ang saya nila ate Doris, ate Sabel and kuya Joma?” Nikki asked upon reaching the dining area where their parents were.
“You may want to call your siblings so we could tell you all in one.” Ricky instructed. As he said that, Sky went to him.
“Dahdi, carry.”
“Uhumm, bakit kaya naglalambing. At hindi sa mommy.” He commented as he settled the kid on his lap. Sky was facing him and cuddled.
“Naku, baka magselos ang mommy.”
“Kakaasar ka sweetheart.” Maya playfully slapped him.
Sunshine then went to her side.
“Yes baby?”
“I want milk, please.”
“Oh, sure baby. How about you Sky?”
“Yesh mommy please. Thank you.”
“Ang sweet naman ng mga baby namin. Mana talaga sa akin.” Maya looked at him, eyebrow raised. Then they laughed out loud. She went to the kitchen to fix the milks as requested.
The older siblings were seated already when she got back.
“What’s with Sky mom?” Nikki asked in wonder.
“Ako na favorite ni Sky Niks.” Ricky playfully answered, as he hugged and kiss Sky on the top of his head. Maya pouted and glared at him making everyone laughed.
“Ah mom, dad, ano po palang meron?” Luke asked. Maya and Ricky looked at each other. Ricky then handed out a paper to them three.
“You may look inside now.”
“Oh-em-gee!!! Ahhhhh!!! Another Japan trip!”
“Wow! One week. Mas matagal sa last trip natin.” Luke exclaimed.
“Until New Year sana kaya lang iba pa rin ung sasalubong tayo ng bagong taon sa bahay natin.”
“Eh mom, pano po ung celebration ng birthday ni Sean?” Abby asked.
“We’ll have it celebrated after New Year sa San Nicolas. Nakausap na namin sila lola nanay nyo.” Ricky answered.
“So, kaya may vacation trip sina ate Sabel mom?” Nikki asked.
“Oo Niks. Kaya tayo lang sa Japan. Mapapangako nyo bang tutulungan nyo kami ng daddy nyo sa pag-aalaga sa mga kapatid nyo?”
“No worries mom, dad. That is oh-so easy!”
Maya and Ricky laughed at Nikki. Luke shake his head with mirth.
“So I think, we need to do some shopping especially tong mga babies.”
“Ahhh! This is oh so gonna be so cute! Cutie winter clothes for them. I’m so excited.”
“Niks! Ano ba! Hinahinaan mo naman. Ang sakit sa tenga.”
“Hahaha, naku si ate baka malimutan bumili ng para sa kanya.”
Nikki grinned at her mom.
The family were set to fly out on the 23rdand come back on the 29th.  Everyone’s ecstatic for the date to come. It’s still a week before their flight but it seems everyone were already on vacation mode.
-Japan time-
“Picture, picture!” Nikki announced as they step into the Japan airport. The family did pose.
“Awww, so cutie na same sila dad, Sky and Sean. You’re so corny kuya. Ayaw mo same kina dad.”
“Whatever Niks.” Maya and Ricky chuckled.
When they got their luggage,
“Niks, dala mo ba buong closet mo? Tinalo mo pa ung mga baby natin, 3 maleta mo.”
“Kuya, don’t mind na!” Nikki was a bit embarrassed.
“Luke.” Maya mildly called him out.
“Sorry mom, sorry Niks.” Maya smiled as Ricky hid one.
Just like the last time, they went to the place where their dad found their mom when she got lost. Pictures taken like it was the most romantic place on earth just like their mom’s fave place in San Nicolas.
“Mom, ang cute nina Sky and Sunshine. And Sean is oh so adorable!” Nikki exclaimed as she browse on the pics.
They are now in the hotel and settling down.
Sky jumped onto the bed and slumped himself.
“Naku, mukhang knocked out si kuya Sky.” Ricky commented.
Maya moved over Sky.
“Sleepy baby?”
Sky could only nod and closed his eyes. She looked at Sunshine.
“Are you sleepy too Sunshine.”
“No mommy.”
“Okay, you want to eat?”
“Yes mommy. I want chips.”
Maya and Ricky looked at each other.
“Ummm, baby, you meant chocolate chip cookies?”
“Yes.” Sunshine answered, nodding her head as well. The couple released an inaudible sigh. No chips for now of course.
The kids were surprised as they did not expect that they will be celebrating Sean’s birthday in Disneyland.
“Wow mom! This is so exciting.” Abby was feeling giddy when she learned of the plan.
“Oo nga. Feeling bata ako.” Luke said grinning.
“I am oh-so-thrilled! This is gonna be exciting!” Niks reaction.
Maya and Ricky chuckled at their older kids’ reactions.
Of course the celebration has been one big hit with the twins, Sky and Sunshine. They enjoyed all the activities as their kuya and ates accompanied them in all the rides. Sky, of course was excited on the blowing of the candles.
“Mommy, eeehhhhh, I blow the candle now?” Sky asked giddily as he clap his hands in excitement.
The family laughed at him.
The rest of the trip was momentous as the family made sure to make the most out of everything. And this will surely have its own scrapbook.
Merry Christmas everyone!

14 thoughts on “If Only – A Beautiful Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Ms Ejoymac and to your Family🎉🎉🎉
    Thank you again so much for everything sa mga gngwa mong pgppsaya sa amin sa kabila ng natapos na ang BCWMH at nananatili sila sa aking Puso,take care always ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Ejoyyyy….maligayang pasko! Thank u for this story! Another reason to smile on this festive holiday! May your Christmas be as joyful as you wished it to be…may this new year brings new ideas….and new stories…God bless!

  3. Ms. Ejoy, even during holidays, i still get my happy pill! Thank you very much for your stories, updates, POVs, and your thoughtfulness. You are heaven sent for all the adiks. Wishing, hoping and praying that you will continue sharing with us your gift in writing for the years to come. A Blessed Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Stay safe!

  4. Thank you thereaderwritergal for this Christmas season story of the happy family. As we can see how these people were so bonded together and really enjoy their each other’s company anywhere they go. Sorry I missed this story earlier, anyway I really enjoyed all the stories you’ve been writing. God bless. Cheers.

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