If Only – The Nickname

If Only – The Nickname
[A/n: dahil sa haba ng naging byahe ko kahapon, nabuo to. 😊]

Sunshine received a beautiful doll from her parents which she named, Simone.

Sky, with his way with words, calls it Monmon, much to the annoyance of her sister. She is Shineshine and her doll is Monmon. The family could only laugh among themselves so as not to aggriviate the twins.
The naughty, alaskador but pikon Sky and the kind but short-tempered too, Sunshine. Yep, twins.
“Baby, are you going to sleep with Monmon, I mean Simone?” Maya asked, horrified when she realized what she called the doll.
“Yes mommy.” Sunshine seem to have not noticed the slip. “Can she have blankie too?” She sweetly asked. How can mommy say no?
“Of course baby.”
“Ok, goodnight baby.” Maya kissed her.
“How about Simone mommy?”
“Oh. Goodnight Simone.” Maya kissed the doll as well.
“Goodnight buddy.” Ricky on Sky.
“Goodnight Dahdi.”
“Say goodnight to your sister too and Simone.”
“Good night Shineshine. Good night Monmon.”
The couple bit on their lips to stop themselves from laughing.
Sunshine pouted but responded.
“Goodnight Ishkay.”
Ricky just shook his head as he and Maya exchange places. But when they were side-by-side, he commented.
“Mana sa akin sweetheart?” He whispered and grinned after.
“Sobra!” She whispered back and they shared one good laugh.
Just another wonderful night. 😊

10 thoughts on “If Only – The Nickname

  1. Thank you thereaderwritergal for this amusing short story. Actually hindi ako sa ‘Monmon’ natatawa eh, kung hindi dun sa magasawa. Sa ‘pinagmanahan’ matter. Cheers, advance happy New Year. I wish you Ejoy and your family good health and happiness all life through.

  2. uyyyy me nabuo ka dahil sa haba ng biyahe?? ikaw na….ilang oras ba biyaheng yan? abot ba ng 8 hrs? (manila to baguio) same ng biyahe nmin pag nagba bus kami (at pag trapik abot pa ng 10 hrs) pero pagsariling sasakyan…kayang kaya ng hubby ko ang 5 hrs to Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya….still, nakakatuwa naman na ang bilis mo makaisip ng idea for a short story….ano yan isipin mo lang si Ishkay at Shineshine eh a bulb suddenly lights up? ganung tipo?? hehe…Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…may 2017 brings you more more ideas pra maging happy mga adiks hehe…God bless you and your family always!!!!

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