If Only – Engineer Lim

If Only – Engineer Lim
Ricky came out of the babies’ room, leaving his wife to tend after Sean and Sunshine. Sky was in the sala playing on his own, or so he thought.
Sky was facing the sliding door by the lanai, brows furrowed with pouted mouth. Ricky knew little mr. grumpy is annoyed at something.  He sat beside his son to get his attention.
“Hey buddy, what’s the matter?”
The little boy got up and hugged him, his head by his neck. Brows still furrowed. He hugged Sky back and positioned properly in front of the door.
“What’s the matter Sky?” He asked again.
“Dahdi, it’s raining.” He simply answered making his dad wonder more.
“Do we have a problem with the rain buddy?”
“I want play oushide.” And he pouted more.
“Well, what do you want to do outside. Maybe we can do it inside.”
“Dahdi, I want swim.”
Ricky chuckled and said, “Okay buddy. I think daddy can do something about it. You go to mommy and ask her to change your clothes for swimming.”
“Really dahdi?” He asked in glee.
“Yes Sky. Go now. Daddy will need to do something.”
Sky ran towards their room, shouting mommy along the way. Ricky could only shake his head as he heads in the laundry area.
“Sweetheart?” Maya called Ricky. She was looking for her husband as she was surprised when Sky asked her to change his clothes. She looked at the cute little boy by her side who were all smiles.
“Hi sweetheart.” Ricky came out of their room. “Hey, buddy you all good?”
“Yes dahdi.”
“Okay, let’s go.”
Maya who was still clueless followed her husband and son.
“Sweetheart, ano bang meron at pinapalitan mo ng pang-swimming yang anak mo?”
“Gusto daw mag-swimming eh. So, here.”
They arrived in their bathroom where Ricky filled up a washtub. The little boy seems not to mind as he was too excited to get inside.
“Dahdi, I can swim now?”
“Yes buddy, go.”
Maya chuckled at her husband, “Ikaw na talaga Engineer Lim.”
Ricky wiggled his eyebrows at his wife, “Nainlab ka na naman Mrs. Lim.”
“Ewan ko sayo.” She playfully slapped him as she placed her hand afterwards around Ricky who in turn kissed her on the forehead.
“I love you.” Ricky told her.
“I love you too.” Maya replied.
They looked at each other, drawing near to kiss when they got splashed on by the shrieking kiddo. 😀
The couple laughed and hugged before attending on their kid.
[a/n: Just a short one. My brain’s overworked]

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