If Only – Dahdi and Ishkay’s Day

If Only – Dahdi and Ishkay’s Day
“Doris, pakipalitan ng pang-alis si Sky.” Ricky asked as he arrived home after lunch.
“Sige po Sir Richard.”
“Pakiayusan na rin ng mga pamalit.”
“Ok po sir.”
“Daddy, where is Sky going?” Sunshine asked her dad.
“Princess, daddy and Sky will go on bonding time.”
“I’m not joining?” She sadly asked.
“Tomorrow baby, it will be you and me time. Okay?”
“Okay daddy.” Sunshine replied happily.
“Thank you baby. You look after Sean okay?”
“Yes daddy.”
“I love you princess.”
“I love you too daddy.”
“Kiss daddy.” And his princess did as told as Sky came out all dressed up.
“Dahdi, where we going?”
“We’ll have our haircut together buddy. Then we’ll go someplace you’d like.”
“Wow Dahdi. But how bout Sean? He doesn’t need hair cut?” He cutely asked.
“We cannot bring Sean buddy because your siblings will not be happy. They would want to be there when Sean gets his first haircut. This is daddy and Sky’s day, okay?”
“Otei Dahdi.”
-in the barber shop-
Ricky was getting his hair cut done as Sky sat in front him. The little boy was watching some videos for entertainment when it rang.
“Dahdi, mommy.” Showing his dad the phone.
“You answer buddy.”
“Hello sweetheart?”
“Hi mommy!”
“Awww, hello Sky. What are you doing baby?”
“I’m watching on dahdi’s phone mommy. And dahdi is having his hair cut.”
Ricky and Maya chuckled.
“Sky, please give the phone to daddy.”
Sky obediently gave the phone to his dad.
“Yes sweetheart?”
“Grabe ka sweetheart. Kagabi mo lang naisip, ginawa mo na talaga agad.”
“Ganun talaga sweetheart.”
“After dyan, saan mo balak dalhin si Sky?”
“I might bring him sa newly opened play area here. Then eat wherever he chooses.”
“Ah, o sige sweetheart enjoy kayo dyan.”
“We will. See you. I love you.”
“I love you too sweetheart. Kisses to Sky.”
“Hey buddy, say bye to mommy.” Ricky placed the phone near Sky.
“Bye mommy. Love you.”
“I love you too baby. Mwah!”
After the father and son had their haircut done, they went to the play area. Ricky checked if his son would like to play and he is more than happy to.
Sky seem to have all the energy in the world that Ricky had to halt him already.
“Let’s go eat now buddy.”
“Otei Dahdi. I’m hungry now.”
Ricky chuckled as he changed his clothes. While doing so, he heard some women talking about him and Sky.
G1: grabe, ang gwapo namang mag-ama
G2: oo nga mare,may asawa kaya?
Then his phone rang.
“Hi sweetheart, pauwi ka na?”
G1: ay meron, sayang. Swerte ni ate
G2: oo nga, tara na nga
He chuckled to himself when his wife answered, “Oo sweetheart. Kayo ano ng ginagawa nyo?”
“Just done here and we’re heading somewhere to eat. But since you’re already free, we’ll pick you up.”
“Wag na sweetheart, may shuttle…”
While Maya talks on the other line, Ricky was already telling Sky that they will be picking up his mom.
“Sweetheart, don’t argue you won’t win. It’s two against one.”
“Ang daya mo, ginamit mo Sky.” She was pouting with kilig of course.
“Don’t worry mommy, mga gwapo susundo sayo.”
“Hahaha, sige na sweetheart. Ingat sa pagmamaneho. I love you. And I love you kay Sky.”
“I love you too sweetheart. Ei Sky, mommy said I love you.”
“I love you too mommy.” The little boy’s answer melting mommy’s heart.
Ricky parked on the sidewalk, opened Sky’s window at the back as Maya came out of the airport.
“Hi mommy!” Sky called out and waved from the window.
“Hello baby. Hi sweetheart.” She stopped and looked at the father and son and commented, “Ang gugwapo nga ng mga sundo ko.”
Ricky winked at her before kissing her on the lips.
“Sky, mommy said we’re both handsome.”
“Of course dahdi.”
“hahaha, nagmana talaga.” Ricky laughed along with her as he assisted her in getting inside the car.
-inside the car-
“Where would you want to eat Sky?” Ricky asked.
“Dahdi, I want cake please.”
Ricky looked at his wife who raised an eyebrow at him saying why asked her.
“Okay, buddy, whatever you want today.” Ricky answered and he drove to their favorite coffee shop.
-at the café-
Maya took a seat as Ricky placed their orders. From their seat, she could see some women ogling her oblivious husband, much to her luck. However, it’s annoying her a bit.
“Here Sky, your favorite ube cake and chocolate drink.”
“Yehey! Thank you Dahdi.”
“You’re welcome buddy. And here’s for mommy and daddy.”
He placed down the items on the table then noticed his wife’s attention were elsewhere. He followed where his wife was looking but not getting why.
“Sweetheart? May problema? Do you know them?”
“Wala naman sweetheart. It’s a girl thing.”
Ricky just raised his eyebrows not understanding but made one comment that he could regret.
“The barber must have done something that women couldn’t help but take a second look at me.”
“Anong ibig mong sabihin Ricardo?”
Now Ricky’s eyes rounded.
“Ummm, ano.” He cleared his throat. Maya was raising one eyebrow at him.
Then Sky interrupted them.
“Mommy? Can we buy also for Sunshine, Sean, kuya Luke, ate Nikki and ate Abby?”
Maya smiled down at Sky and answered, “Of course baby. You’re so sweet.”
“I’ll go buy…”
“Ako na Ricardo.”
Ricky could only swallow an imaginary lump from his throat.
“Dahdi, why is mommy calling you Ricardo?” The curios kid asked his now worried dad.
“Don’t mind that buddy, mommy is just teasing daddy.” He smiled as he wipes his son’s messy face.
When they got home, their older kids were to bombard them with questions when they felt some tension that they just gave their parents space. Maya went straight to their room after kissing all their kids, Ricky followed quietly and close their door.
Maya was pacing in their room and Ricky quietly sat down, not knowing what to do. Then Maya spoke,
“Sweetheart, wag ka na lang kaya magpagupit o lumabas ng bahay?” She was like half-asking, half-musing surprising her very worried husband. Maya noticed this.
“Okay ka lang sweetheart?”
Ricky expelled a long, loud breath. Maya sat down beside her husband and chuckled.
“Kinabahan ka ba sweetheart?hahaha. Naku sweetheart, alam ko namang wala akong ikakabahala sa mga ganyan, ung mga nasa paligid mo lang talaga. Kaya kanina pa ko nagiisip…”

She couldn’t finish what she wanted to tell as she shrieked when Ricky all of a sudden maneuvered them lying on the bed with him on top.
 “You really had me worried, but thank you for your faith in me. I love you, more than you’ll ever know.”
“I love you too, more than you.will.ever.know.” Punctuating each word with a kiss.
They smiled at one another, eyes dancing with mirth as Ricky moves down and their lips collide.
Good night. 😁

13 thoughts on “If Only – Dahdi and Ishkay’s Day

  1. Good morning Ms Ejoymac,thank you sa new story m at tlga nman nkktuwa si Sky at Daddy Bango at plgi pang my kilig n nkkbta sa pkrmdam,thank you for everything n gngwa m for us,take care always ❤️❤️❤️

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