If Only – Sunshine’s Date with Daddy

If OnlySunshine’s Date with Daddy 

Ricky got on his car and called home.
“Hello Doris,  nakaayos na ba si Sunshine? “
“Ay opo sir. Excited po ang alaga ko at nung pagkatawag nyo kanina gusto agad magbihis. “
He chuckled,  “Pakibigay ung phone kay Sunshine. “
“Hi daddy! “
“Hello princess.  Are you ready to go princess? “
“Yes daddy.  Ate Doris helped me get dress and fix my things. Where are you now daddy? ” Ricky chuckled at their little Maya’s talkativeness.
“Am near baby. Okay put the phone down. I’ll see you in a bit. “
“Okay daddy.  I love you. “
“I love you too baby. “
When Ricky arrived, it was Sky who was by the door, and frowning.
“Dahdi,  why only Shineshine change clothes? “
“No kiss buddy? “
Sky kissed him but his frown remains.
Ricky sat down with Sky on his lap.
“Buddy,  remember yesterday it was only you and me? “
“And mommy. ” He added making his dad hid a smile.
“Yes and mommy.  So this time,  it is daddy and Sunshine’s date time,  you understand buddy? “
He frowned but replied, “So next is ate Abby,  ate Nikki and kuya Luke? “
“Yes buddy. So, we’re good?”
“Yes dahdi. But how long will I wait for me again? “
Now Ricky did laugh.
“hahaha, oh buddy. Mana ka talaga kay daddy, very smart boy. Be patient and be a good boy, okay? Look after Sean like what Sunshine did when it was you and me out.”
“Oh-tei dahdi. “
He cutely answered as Sunshine comes out of the room.
“Ready princess? “
“Yes daddy. “
“All right,  let’s go. “
Ricky’s on the phone,  of course with his sweetheart.
“Sweetheart, dyan talaga naisip mo?”
“Well, this is the only place I could think of for girls. “
“Natatawa lang ako sweetheart kasi di ko maisip na ang CEO ng LAS nasa nail salon.”
“Don’t you find me sweet? “
“Nakakainis ka Ricky,  ang korni mo. “
“Kinikilig ka lang kamo. “
“Hai naku,  sige na sweetheart bonding time nyo ni Sunshine. Pakausap muna pala. “
“Princess,  mommy wants to talk to you. “
Sunshine was all prim and proper as she’s getting her nail tattoo, a.k.a. stickers.
“Hi baby,  are you having fun? “
“Yes mommy.  I’m having cute nails. “
“Wow baby,  I can’t wait to see it later. Have a good time okay? “
“Yes mommy. I love you.”
“Awww, I love you too baby. Mwah!”
Sunshine giggled at that making her dad smile.
A little while later.
“How are you liking this baby? “
“I love it daddy. Thank you!  And my nails are so pretty. I want to show it to mommy,  ate Nikki, ate Abby, and kuya Luke.”
“How about your twin? “
“He will not like this daddy. He doesn’t like girl things. “
“hahaha,  okay.  So,  where do you want to eat then? “
“Daddy, I want yummy fries.”
And off they went to the nearest burger and fries resto.
Of course daddy was so hands on with his beautiful princess creating a beautiful sight to behold, that they captured the attention of most of the customers. Lots were gushing on them but as always, Ricky was oblivious on this.
Ricky was then busy wiping Sunshine’s face when someone covered his eyes, surprising him a bit. He recovered quickly when he got a sniff of the intruders perfume and with Sunshine’s giggles.
“Hi sweetheart! “
“Ang daya, di ka man lang nanghula. “
“Sweetheart, your perfume gave way. And also our little darling here was far too excited if you were just somebody else. “
“Ok na sweetheart, talo na ko. “
“hahaha, thank you. I love you! ” And he portruded his lips like how Sky does it.
“hahaha, ginaya mo pa si Sky. ” She kissed him of course,  then Sunshine.  “Hello baby, did you have a good time with daddy? “
“Yes mommy. Look at my nails mommy, so beautiful. Daddy said we can go back there. Will you join mommy? “
“Of course baby. Next time we’ll go there with ate Nikki and ate Abby.”
“Yehey! ” The cute little girl rejoicing making her parents smile.
Another day of fulfillment by daddy Chief.  😊
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
[a/n: had to finish this one baka paanakin ako ni doc kahit malabo. 😂]

21 thoughts on “If Only – Sunshine’s Date with Daddy

  1. Thank you Ms. Ejoy! Awww! I like very much! I am just in awe of your If Only stories. You got the essence of this family spot-on! Miss them terribly. Salamat na marami! Happy V day adiks!

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