If Only – Simple Prayer

If Only – Simple Prayer
The family were about to have dinner, when Sky called his mom.
“Mommy, I lead prayer.”
“Okay baby.” Maya encouraged her son. Ricky and the rest of the kids were smiling at Sky for encouragement. Then the cute little boy sang,
“Put your hands together, together, together
Put your hands together we will pray.” And uttered,
“I close my eyes, I bow my head and I pray
Thank you Lord for this food we are about to eat
Forfounting through Christ our Lord
Happy Eating!” He ended with a smile.
“Wow kuya Sky, very good.” Maya applauded and kissed Sky.
“Are you going to lead our prayer now Sky?” Ricky asked.
“Otei Dahdi.” He proudly answered.
“Good job buddy. How about you princess?”
“I don’t like daddy.”
“Okay princess.” He smiled at his baby girl.
“Let’s eat now. My babies are growing really fast.”
“Mommy, wag na pong mag-senti. We will forever be your babies.” Luke commented making Maya shed a tear. He stood up and hugged his mom, Nikki and Abby followed suit.
“I love you mom.” Nikki said.
“I love you too mommy.” Abby seconded.
Ricky looked on, a contented smile on his face before he stood up and joined the group hug.
Sky went down from his chair and demanded,
“Me too Dahdi join, me too.” Ricky chuckled and carried him up. Luke took Sunshine while Nikki picked up Sean on his high chair and they had their group hug once more.
A perfect beautiful family scene. 🙂
[a/n: napadalaw lang..may high traffic daw dito eh :D]

14 thoughts on “If Only – Simple Prayer

  1. Thank you Ms. Ejoy! Kakatuwa naman ang inspiration sa ‘yo free-flowing kahit traffic good vibes pa rin! Tuloy-tuloy lang ang dalaw madam sa happy adiks! 😊

  2. If only…if only….if only….. Hay……kelan kaya? Buti na lang andito ka pa rin thereaderwritergal para maibsan ang aming pagka miss sa Lim Family. Thankieee talaga.

  3. i don’t mind a little of this and a little of that…at least my fav writers are around at nag paramdam sa mga adiks na naghihintay ng kasunod whatever it is…thank you much guys

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