If Only – Sky’s Pram

If Only – Sky’s Pram
Sky was walking on an aisle of toys with his dad in tow, when a particular toy piqued his interest. He picked it up and showed to his dad.
“Dahdi, can we buy this?
Ricky chuckled before he answered,
“Yes buddy, we can. But we have to check this with mommy first okay?”
As if on cue, Maya came with Sunshine.
“Sweetheart, may nagustuhang bilhin si Sunshine. Tignan mo.” When she showed the item, Ricky laughed and showed the same item he was holding.
“Kambal nga sweetheart.” And they both laughed.
“We’re buying this buddy.”
“Yehey! Thank you mommy. Thank you Dahdi.”
 “Thank you mommy and daddy.” Sunshine seconded.
“You’re welcome kuya Sky. You’re welcome too ate Sunshine.” Maya responded and kissed the twins. Ricky did the same.
“Yes buddy?”
“Up.” The cute little boy was frowning and pouting in serious mode.
Ricky carried him and the little boy snuggled on his neck. Ricky looked at his wife.
“Baka inaantok na sweetheart. Sky, you want milk?”
“Yes mommy.” He answered as he circled his little arms around his dad’s neck. Ricky caressed his back.
“You want in the pram?”
“No…” The little boy answered in almost a wail.
“Ah, Sky no tantrums.”
“I don’t yike pram, I want Dahdi.” The little boy answered in between sobs.
“Okay na sweetheart. Baka napagod lang.”
“Sure ka sweetheart?”
“Yes sweetheart. Nothing my biceps can’t handle.” He answered grinning.
“Ewan ko sa’yo Ricardo.” She retorted but couldn’t help but smile and shake her head.
They were laughing as they head to the cashier to pay for the twins’ toys.
Happy Weekend everyone! 🙂

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