If Only – Simple Moments

If Only – Simple Moments
Sky, Sunshine and Sean were on the floor playing while their parents sat side by side on the couch watching. Sky suddenly stood up and went to the kitchen leaving his parents in wonder.
When he came back, he went straight to his parents and positioned himself in between them, making his parents smile at one another as they move apart. Once settled, Doris came with his milk.
“Kaya naman pala naghanap ng pwesto.” Maya commented.
“Tentyu ate Doris.” Sky spoke with the bottle on his mouth.
“You’re welcome Sky.” Then Doris went to Sunshine.
“Sunshine, you like milk?”
“Yes please, ate Doris.” The little girl sweetly answered. “Sean, you want milk?” She asked.
“mi mi mi.”
“Okay Sean.”
“Salamat Doris.” Maya responded.
“Wala pong anuman Mrs Chief. Ipagtimpla ko lang po ung dalawa.”
When Doris left, Sean crawled towards his parents, more specifically to his dad.
“Mga seloso mga baby boys namin ah.” Ricky commented as he pulled up Sean.
“Kuya Sky, how about your sister?”
Sky moved to sit on his mom’s lap and motion for his sister to sit on his vacated place.
The couple chuckled as Sunshine moved to sit in between their parents.
Just one happy moment passing through. 🙂

13 thoughts on “If Only – Simple Moments

  1. Thank you Ms. Ejoy for passing through with a happy moment and my happy pill. Really a morale booster! Hope you have a great week, happy passing through, more happy simple moments, more happy pills for me!

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