If Only – Never Again

If Only – Never Again
[a/n: for a Dear friend having a moment. 😁😚]
It’s a Sunday and Ricky just woke up. The twins scrambled to wake him up.
“Ewww, daddy, you’re so yucky.” Sunshine blurted out.
“hihihi, Dahdi yucky.” Sky seconded making their mom laughed out loud.
Ricky gathered the twins in his arms and tickled them with his barely there mustache. The twins were shrieking with glee.
“Enough Dahdi, enough…hahaha” Sky protested.
“Mommy, help. Hahaha” Sunshine reaching on her mom who was merrily watching them.
“Sweetheart, tama na yan. Mag-shave ka na kasi. Tignan mo, ayaw din ng mga anak mo.” She commented before she laughed.
“Oh, so you too.” Ricky carefully put down the twins.
“Ricky ha. Nandyan ung mga bata.”
“What?” He innocently asked, as he furtively advanced towards her.
“Ricky!” She shrieked when she noticed her husband almost near her.
She tried to dodge her husband but failed as there wasn’t much room in their room. Ricky hugged her from behind when he captured her and tickled her the same way he did with the twins. The twins laughed along as they watched their parents.
“Help me, Sky, Sunshine.” She is gasping as Ricky continues with the torture. The twins, most specifically Sky, went to their parents and tries to moved his dad away.
“Dahdi, enough.” He was pushing his dad away from his mom with his cute small hands.
“Okay buddy, sorry.” He said as he kissed him on the top of his head.
He kissed Sunshine as well on her cheeks. “Sorry princess, sorry sweetheart. I’ll go take a bath now and clean up.”
Maya herded the twins in the living room to wait for their dad as she helped with the breakfast preparation.
When Ricky came out of the room, it was Sunshine again who first reacted.
“Wow! Daddy is handsome again.”
“Like me.” Sky’s comment making their parents laugh.
“Grabe mommy, ang pangit ko ba talaga? Napagtulungan ako masyado ng kambal.”
“hahaha. Yan sweetheart, next time alam mo na. Kaya wag mo na uulitin.”
“Yeah, I won’t. I felt like the most hideous person here on earth.”
“Grabe lang sweetheart, kung pangit ka, ano pa ung iba?”
“Now you’re boosting my ego. But, thank you and I love you.” And kissed her on the lips.
“I love you more.”
“Hmmm, not possible coz I love you most.”
“hmmm…” Maya was not able to comment when Nikki butted in,
“Too early in the morning, and we’ve got loads of ants already. So cheesy mom and dad.”
“And as always, panira ka ng moment Nikki.” Luke’s comment.
“Love you too kuya.” Nikki’s reply as she got used to her brother’s teasing.
“O tama na yan. Tara kain na at para makapag-ayos na kayo for mass.” Maya had their kids sit on their chair and they start their meal.
Another wonderful start for the day of this family. 🙂

13 thoughts on “If Only – Never Again

  1. Thank you Ms. Ejoy’s dear friend for having a moment! Adiks are on the receiving end of this wonderful Never Again moment! More inspiring moments please! Thank you Ms. Ejoy!

      1. now lang ako magcomment at pag isahin ko na ang Never Again, Simple Moments, Sky’s Pram and Simple Prayer…love it so much whenever i make silip here in WordPress at meron pa ring nagbibigay ng time to write about the Lim Household! We know we cant demand for updates from the stories we read, we can only ask…but then we are aware too that everyone’s busy esp those who are studying to be a doctor or those who are lawyers or those working, etc etc

        You Ejoy keeps us (the adiktus) alive and kicking…madami pa naman kami and i know there are those who are silent readers….minsan nga lang sisilip lang sila if there are updates to their favorite kinaaabangang stories….but it doesn’t mean nawala na kami….sometimes i do that too….pero, the love for Maya-SC is still strong in my bones….sana lang….hindi kami kalimutan ng mga writers and authors ng BCWMH…sana lang marealized nila…we are still here waiting!

        for the meantime? binubuhay namin ang pagmamahal namin sa pagbabasa ng mga past stories…those we love, those we have read already….nagkakasya nalang kami sa pag uulit! YUN! again thank you Ejoy for these wonderful “everyday family bonding/happening” in the Lim household…GOD bless!

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