If Only – Summer Plan

If Only – Summer Plan
“Yes Niks?”
“Ummm, do we have plans na po ba for the Holy week?”
“Wala pa. Why? May lakad kayo ng mga tropa mo?”
“Ah, none po dad. It’s family week, so no plans with them.”
“So you’ve got something in mind?”
“Wala pa po, but if you want we can help on the planning.”
“Sige na Niks. Kayo na ng mga kapatid mo magplano.”
“Really daddy? Okay lang po kay mommy kaya?”
“We’ll still check on the plans but of course, whatever you guys would agree on, will have our approval.”
“Oh, thank you so much daddykins. I love you.”
“Inuto mo pa ako, sige na, plan it now. And I love you too.”
Nikki stood up and kissed her dad before going to her siblings.
“Nikki Grace! Pwede hinaan? Grabe ung eardrums ko basag na basag na.”
“You’re so OA kuya. Tara na, I know you will love my news.”
“Whatever Niks.”
Ricky chuckled as his children went inside the room.
“Sweetheart, anong meron at mukhang excited ang dalaga natin?”
“Well, ummm, sweetheart….”
“O, bakit di mo matuloy?”
“Ah, I gave them, her?, the carte blanche to plan for the family trip this holy week.”
“Eh di okay. At least di na tayo mamomroblema mag-isip. Pero bakit di mo masabi agad?”
“Well, I forgot to give you a heads up first.”
“Okay lang yan sweetheart, ung mga bata naman ang mag-benefit.”
Then Maya stood up.
“O, san ka pupunta?”
“Pupuntahan ko ung mga bata, baka gusto ng merienda.”
“Let them be sweetheart. Remember, carte blache?”
Maya pouted.
“Sisilipin ko lang naman eh.”
“No, sweetheart.”
“No, dito ka lang sa tabi ko.”
And to emphasize more, he engulfed her in his arms making her laughed.
Then Sky came out of their room.
“Dahdi, what you doing to mommy?”
“I’m just hugging mommy. You want too?”
The cute little boy grinned and ran to them to be included.
“hahaha, napaka-seloso. Kanino kaya nagmana.”
“Malamang sa atin, anak natin eh.”
“Ay ewan ko sau sweetheart, ang korni mo.”
“hahaha, but you love me nonetheless.”
“Oo na. Our feelings are very mutual.”
“hahaha, ikaw na talaga Mrs. Lim.” And kissed her on the lips.
“Me Dahdi.” As he pouted his lips making his parents laughed.
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 Hoping for a great weekend to all. *:) happy

16 thoughts on “If Only – Summer Plan

  1. Thank you Hija! 🌻 Good vibes always. Will definitely have a great weekend kung parating may updates, tulad mo and Miss timmy. 👍 Again, thank you. ❤❤❤

  2. nice nice…me lambingan, me happy children…at me selosong sky….wat more pa ba mahihingi namin? complete na weekend hehe….salamuch salamuch!!! God bless!!!

  3. You never fail to put a smile on the adiks’ faces. Planning pa lang yan, kilig na! Ganda ng hugot ng inspiration mo iha! Saludo ako sa yo! And of course, Tita Ejoy’s favorite Ishkay, will always be the selosong bida in these If Only series. 😜👍 Thank you for my happy pill!

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