If Only – Summer Drama

If Only – Summer Drama
[a/n: pangWeekend baon sana kaso may magandang lumabas so ilalabas ko na rin to. #WalaAngSkyKoKayaDitoNaLang 😁. My JoChard 💙 is very very Happy. ]
Maya was busy in their kitchen when Sky found her there. She was about to slice the fish when the little boy suddenly shrieked.
“No mommy! No! Why you hurt it.”
Maya was alarmed when she saw her son’s tears flowing freely on his eyes and very much distressed.
“Sky, mommy is just…”
“No, mommy. I don’t yike, I don’t yike.”
“Sabel, pakitawag nga si Ricky.” She didn’t need to as Ricky saunters into the kitchen.
“What happened sweetheart.”
“I don’t yike Dahdi, I don’t yike.” Sky was crying so much that his parents were a bit alarmed.
Ricky got to him and carried him. He was whispering soothing words to somehow calm his son who was hiccupping much due to his crying.
“Nakita akong hihiwain ung isda, biglang umiyak.” Ricky is seeing how distressed his wife is as well, so he gathered them both and steered them in the living room.
“Sabel, pasuyo ng tubig. Pakisunod na lang.”
“Sige po sir.”
Sky has already calmed down and napping, while his parents were in their room.
“Are you okay now sweetheart?”
They were lying down, with Maya’s head on his chest.
“Sweetheart, mato-trauma ba si Sky? Di ko naman akalain na ganun maging rekasyon nya.” She was sniffing.
“Hey, it’s perfectly normal. Nagmana sau ung anak mo eh. You both have, well all our kids, have that compassion to animals that they definitely got from you as I am certain am not.”
“I’m being true. Don’t stress yourself much. Next time, let’s make sure to keep the kids busy in the play room and never go in the kitchen. That was one quite a drama.”
Then they heard someone by the door.
“Gising na si Sky.”
Ricky got up from the bed to open their door.
“Hey buddy, how was your nap.”
“Sleepy Dahdi.” Then he moved towards his parent’s bed and laid down beside his mom. Maya placed her arms around their son.
Ricky could only shake his head.
“Mommy will always be his number one.”
Maya smiled, she has no energy to make a retort, as she closed her eyes. Ricky moved on her side to kiss her on the head and Sky as he planned to leave them, but the little boy spoke.
“Dahdi, sleep.”
“Oh, okay buddy. Dahdi will sleep too.”
Maya bit her lip as Ricky moved on the other side. He put Sky on his chest as he placed his left arm around Maya and they took their much-needed sleep.

8 thoughts on “If Only – Summer Drama

  1. When you said “my jochard 💙 Is very very happy” i knew something was up. And true enough, i checked my twitter and there it was Welcome Back JoChard!! Thank you for keeping us posted. And thank for such a sweet story of Mr. Adorable and Grumpy himself, everybody’s favorite!! My happy pill for the weekend! JoChard ang Sunshine ng mga adiks!

  2. Yes! JoChard is back!!! Sana lang hindi tayo bitinin ng ABS na hanggang summer station ID lang sila magkasama. Thanks for our dose of happy pill.

  3. Wow dramatic naman si Sky , innocence is so wonderful, in time he’ll appreciate the bounties of nature and will take care of the environment and our eco system, while making use/ partaking of
    what it could provide humanities

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