If Only – Summer Heat 2

If Only – Summer Heat 2

After their laughter died down, Sky went to his dad.

“Dahdi, ish not hot?”

“Well, it is hot buddy.”

“Why you not take off your shirt like me and kuya Yuke?”


“Daddy does not need to take off his shirt sweetie.”

“Why?” Then he pulled up his dad’s shirt, and continued, “He has no big tummy like me.”

Nikki and Ricky laughed at that while Maya was still trying to dissuade their son.

“Daddy, does not need to baby. You and kuya are fine.”

“No mommy, Dahdi needs to take off his shirt too like me and kuya. So, we will all be same.”

“Well, daddy and Sean are same too.”

“He is baby, Dahdi is not.”

The little boy was making it hard and harder for his mom and his dad was not helping at all as he continues to laugh.

Nikki then whispered to her dad, “Ohemgee daddy, help mom now. She might get angry.”

“No, she won’t Niks, he’s mom’s fave. But yeah, let’s just hold it for a bit though. Your brother is really witty.”

“Oh, he indeed is dad.” And they silently laughed once more.

“Sky, you go play now. Later you’ll take a bath.”

“Otei, after Dahdi take off his shirt.”

Maya sighed, face a bit serious and was about to respond when Ricky beat her.

“Sky, go play now or I will put a shirt on you, you like?”

“No, Dahdi.” He answered giggling and ran towards his twin sister. Then he looked at his wife.

“Kaya mo naman pala, pinahirapan mo pa ko.” She pouted and so he kissed her.

“Okay lang yan sweetheart, ang cute nyo kasi. Si Nikki nga nag-enoy.”

“Dad!” Nikki protested, not sure how her mom would react.

“Okay lang anak, makulit lang talaga yang kapatid nyo, lalo na tong daddy nyo. Naku, bakit ba sau nagmana yan.”

“Aba sweetheart, he’s my son, kaya sa akin lang yan pwede magmana kung hindi man sau.”

She pinched then his nose, “At napakapilosopo pa.”

Niks laughed at her parents.

“Ang kulit nyo mom and dad.” Then she stood up, “Magtimpla po ako ng juice, dadalhan ko na lang po kayo.”

“Thank you anak.”

“Thanks Niks.”

When Nikki was out of earshot,

“Sweetheart, di ka pa abswelto ha.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart, mamayang gabi na ko babawi.” He whispered.

“Tumigil ka nga dyan!” She playfully slapped him as she laughed.

Yap, later na lang at sila nang bahala dun 😀


9 thoughts on “If Only – Summer Heat 2

  1. kahit dito madamot si Maya . hmp!

    ikaw sis ha venting ka tapos gagamitin mo pa si iskay!
    kay iskay
    syempre. alangan k ricky.
    dont want to experience what you went thru hahaha!
    (at wala akong emoji sa taptap.) hahaha!

    thanks for this, babad sa site mo mode ako now.

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