If Only – Sky-shing

If Only – Sky-shing
The couple went inside the kids’ room and found Sky in one corner doing what looked like a boxing motion.
“Kuya Sky, what are you doing?” Maya asked.
Maya and Ricky chuckled.
“What baby?”
Maya looked at her husband who shrugged in response.
“Sky, can you please hold on for a minute and tell mommy what you are doing.”
The cute little boy did as told.
“Mommy, I’m ershishaying. Like Dahdi.” He seriously answered, seemingly annoyed with the interruption.
“Oh, you are exercising baby.” Maya echoed, emphasizing the word. “But why baby?”
“Because she like my new friend.” Sunshine suddenly piped in.
When the couple looked at the little boy, there was a tinge of red on his cute chubby cheeks. Ricky couldn’t help but laugh out loud while his wife frowned.
The twins were attending a summer class.
“Have we seen her, Sunshine?”
“I don’t know mommy. She’s pretty like me mommy.” The little Maya answered.
“You’re not.” Of course, little Ricky would contradict.
“Sky.” Ricky sternly called out his son.
“Sorry shineshine.”
“It’s okay, I know I’m pretty. Right daddy?”
“Of course, princess. But, first things first. Do you know this girl’s parents? And what is her name by the way?”
“Summer Margaux Uy. I don’t know their names daddy, but I can point them to you tomorrow.”
The following day in school.
“Mommy!” Sky called as he ran towards them.
“Daddy!” Sunshine.
Ricky picked up Sunshine.
“So, where is your friend princess?”
Sunshine looked back in their classroom.
“There daddy. She’s in red dress and she is with her mom and dad too.”
The couple looked where Sunshine pointed. Both of them were shocked. They looked familiar. Then the family walked their way.
“Hi, Sunshine. Hi, Sky.” The girl greeted the twins. Ricky hid a smile when he saw his son blushed.
“Hello Summer. This is my daddy Ricky and that is my mommy Maya.” The girl proudly introduced.
“This is my mommy Chris and my daddy Eddie.”
The two-beautiful girls introduced their parents like adults.
“Hi, I’m Richard Lim and this is my wife, Maya.”
“Hello, pleasure to meet you both. I’m Eddie Uy and this is my wife Christine. I’m so glad our daughter found a friend in yours. We were a bit scared that she won’t like here in school.”
“Well, our daughter got her charisma from her mom. Our son, typically took from me. However, I think he has bit of a crush with your daughter. I hope it won’t bother you and your wife.”
“No worries.” Both parents shared a laugh.
After a few more minutes of chatting, the families parted ways with a new built friendship.
[a/n: who were the couple and why they looked familiar? I have no idea too…hahaha.. Happy Weekend guys!]

9 thoughts on “If Only – Sky-shing

  1. Thank you for my happy pill Ms Ejoy! The ever so cute and adorable Mr. Grumpy is already preparing for his pagpapa-cute with Summer, and it will definitely not sit well with his mommy. Pano ba yan Sir Chief, ikaw ang bahala magpa-kalma kay Mrs. Chief! Have a great weekend!

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