If Only – Summer Cuteness

If Only – Summer Cuteness
Maya found Sky in the lanai doing something.
“Sky? What are you doing there?”
 The cute little boy jumped in surprise making his mom laugh a little.
Then he surprised his mom by running fast past her.
“Sky!” The cute little was giggling then when he saw his dad, he literally jumped on him.
“Woah! What’s up buddy?” He moved to hid whatever he was holding and giggled.
Ricky then looked where he came from and saw his wife.
“Ah! Galit na si mommy kaya tumakbo kay daddy. So, si mommy kay daddy magagalit. Aren’t you such a clever boy?” He addressed his son who nodded his head as he continued to giggle.
“So, sweetheart, what pray tell does this cute innocent boy has done?”
“Yun din ang gusto kong malaman kasi dun ko siya nakita sa lanai. Nagulat nga nung tinawag ko.”
He chuckled, “hmmmm, someone’s guilty of something.”
He sat down on the couch, placing Sky in front of him.
“Sky, daddy will ask questions and I want you to answer me, okay?”
“Otei Dahdi.” He sat up straight as he seriously answered. The couple stifled their laugh.
“Why where you in the lanai? What were you doing there?” Ricky was then surprised, even his wife, when Sky blushed. 
‘Oh my, this will be interesting.’ Ricky mused.
Sky bit his lower lip before he answered.
“Ummm, dahdi I just want to check the flowers there in the garden.”
“Okay, but why would you keep it from mommy?”
Then he moved towards his dad to whisper his answer.
Maya watched her husband and son. But her husband put on a poker face. Then he spoke.
“Buddy, always remember it is not good to hide things from mommy and daddy. You always have to be honest okay?
“Otei dahdi.”
“Go find ate Doris and ask her to clean you up. You stink now.” Then he grinned at his son.
“I’m not dahdi!” He cutely protested.
“Okay, kiss mommy then go.”
He did as told and ran to find ate Doris.
Ricky stood up and was about to leave his wife.
“Hep, hep Mr. Lim. Anong nangyari? Akala ko ba be honest? Pero bakit parang wala naman akong nalaman?”
“Naku sweetheart, boys talk.”
Then he did the escape ala-Sky. He ran fast away from his wife who was left gobsmacked.
“Ricky!!!” She laughed as she ran after her silly husband.
Eh, nakulong sa kwarto. So, bahala na si Ricky lumusot. 😀 – a/n

16 thoughts on “If Only – Summer Cuteness

  1. Thank you Ejoy..your stories is like a day to day life at the Lim mansion starring the cutie iskhay💗..missed those kids sky & sunshine..sana one day we will watch them again on tv

  2. Ms. Ejoy! Thank you for my happy pill to start the week! So what was it? What did the cute adorable Mr. Grumpy tell his dad? Is it safe to assume this has a part two? I can hazard a guess but I will just wait for your update. 😉😜👍

  3. Boys talk talaga. hahaha! Daig pa si Luke.
    More pa sis! I can imagine Iskay with his chubby cheeks and tweety bird lips. Hay kakamiss.

  4. checking the flowers? owwwwss….baka balak kumuha ng flowers para sa crush nia and daddy ricky couldn’t tell that to mommy maya baka kc either mag Muning Mode o dkaya umiyak? hahahaha…just guessing!!! thanx once again for this Ejoy…..God bless!

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