If Only – Summer Surprise

If Only – Summer Surprise


Sky crawled towards his mom as Sunshine positioned herself on the other side. Maya fluttered her eyelids and smile emerged on her face.

“Happy Mother’s Day mommy!!!” Sky enthusiastically shouted as his mom finally woke up. He kissed her and gave the flowers he took from the garden.

Yep, that’s what he whispered to his dad.

“Dahdi, I’m looking for flowers to gift to mommy. Kuya said, we have to give something but should be secret.”

Of course, Dahdi is more than proud to be part of that secret.

“Happy Mother’s Day mommy!” Sunshine then gave her mom a bracelet like what ate Abby gave.

“Awwww, ang sweet naman ng mga babies namin. Hug mommy.” And the twins scrambled to do as told.

Ricky was watching with Sean on his arms. Then Sean protested as he wants to be included as well. Ricky placed him down on the bed and he joined the circle.

“So daya. Ung babies lang ang pinapansin.” Nikki complained good-naturedly and pouted.

“Ay, ang seloso at selosa ng big babies. Halina kayo, sali na.”

Luke, Nikki and Abby placed down the cake, bouquet of flowers and breakfast on bed and engulfed their mom and siblings. Ricky chuckled and joined as well.

“Enough! Enough!!!” Sky started to protest.

“No! No! No!” Sean blabbered as Sunshine laughed at him. The rest laughed as well.

“O sige, tama na daw at baka may magmarkulyong bata.”

“Get ready now guys.” Ricky said and winked at them.

“Ay ano yan? Bakit may pagkindat?”

“That’s for us to know, and for you to find out, sweetheart.” Then he gave her his lopsided smile.

“Let’s go Sky, Sunshine and Sean.” Luke carried Sean, as Sky sweetly asked his ate Nikki to carry him. Abby took hold of Sunshine.

When the door closed, Maya looked pointedly at her husband.

“I won’t tell sweetheart but you definitely need to get ready. The hot tub is waiting for you my queen.”

Maya giggled, then Ricky kissed her on the lips and ushered her inside their bathroom and left.


After two hours, everyone was ready.

“Are we all set?”

“Yes dad.” Luke answered.

“Opo sir Richard.” Doris answered.

“Okay na okay na po sir.” Sabel seconded.

Joma nodded in agreement.

Maya still has no clue. And before they head out, Nikki put a blindfold on her.

“Nikki, ano to?”

“Oh mom. You will like it but this has to be done. I love you.” Nikki kissed her on the cheek. Luke, Abby and Ricky smiled.


When they arrived in their destination, of course they won’t be able to keep it anymore.

Maya looked around and covered her mouth. Tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

“Happy Mother’s Day sweetheart. We couldn’t think of a better way but for you, us, to celebrate it with Nay Tere and Chris. We love you.”

Maya couldn’t speak so she embraced her husband. Their kids followed suit.


-San Nicolas-

A van stopped in front of the chibugan.

“Nay, may bisita po ba kayo?”

“Ha? Wala naman anak. Baka kakain lang yang mga yan.”

They waited for the passengers to alight. When the doors opened, they were in for more than a surprise.

“Happy Mother’s Day Lola Nanay at tatits!!!” The children shouted in chorus.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh” Nay Tere and Chris shrieked together.

“Arturo! Andito sina Maya!” Nay Tere shouted as she ran towards the family.

Seeing the happy faces of her mother and sister, Maya couldn’t help but get teary eyed again. The kids hugged and kissed their lola nanay and tatits as Maya turned towards her husband who engulfed and kissed her on the head.

“Thank you, sweetheart!”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart!”

And they took their turn to greet Nay Tere and Chris.

“Mga anak, salamat talaga sa sorpresa nyo.” Nay Tere couldn’t continue as she cried.

Chris cleared her throat before she spoke, “Richard, bunso. Maraming salamat talaga. Grabe kayo.”

“Naku kute, nasorpresa din ako. Tong mag-aama ko ang nakaisip nito.”

“Aba, magaling na si bayaw mag-sikreto.”

And they all laughed.

“Ah, nga pala, uwian ba kayo?”

Before Maya could speak, Ricky beat her to it.

“No, Chris, we will be staying for the night. Kung di naman makakaistorbo.”

“Ay Richard, mas magagalit akopag di kayo dito natulog.”

He chuckled, “That’s settled then.”

When he looked back at his wife, tears were brimming in her eyes. As emotions engulfed her, she couldn’t help but give in. She kissed her husband and hugged him in front of her family who were smiling nonetheless.

By afternoon, the kids were outside like they own the place.

“Sweetheart, nasan ung mga bata?”

“Ay,Ricky, Maya, nandun sa tapat. Marami kasi bunga ng mangga, nakatuwaan mamitas. Mababa lang naman.”

The couple looked at each other, smiled and head outside to watch their kids feel further more the province life.

Luke was holding Sean up, who was gurgling with glee as he touched the mangoes.

“Kuya Yuke, me too. Me too.”

Sky jumped as he asked his brother to carry.

“But you’re too heavy.”

He pouted, “I’m not.”

“Here Sky, daddy will carry you.”

The kids looked at their parents, whom they did not notice already around.

“Ay sir, mrs. chief, pasensya na po, di na kami nakapagpaalam.”

“Naku Doris, okay lang. Di rin papapigil ang mga yan. Maghahanap lang abogado.”

“I wonder where did they get that.” Ricky playfully remarked earning a light slap from his wife.

“Dahdi!” Of course mr. grumpy is one very patient kid.

Maya took pictures here and there. It turned out a bit of an afternoon pictorial for the family. One favorite was of Sky with his arms up high, reaching for the mangoes from the branch his dad pulled down for him.

“Kuya Sky, put down your hands, your armpit stinks.”

“Ish not. Right mommy?”

“Grabe talaga, favorite talaga akong mag-amoy ng kilikiling mabango?” Maya’s playful remark as she tickled her son. “I’ll bite so I will know better if the smell is good or not.”

“No mommy, no!” Sky protested as he laughed. Everyone laughed as well.

“Mga anak, meryenda na muna.” Nay Tere called them out.

And they went back to Chibugan with big smiles on their faces.

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17 thoughts on “If Only – Summer Surprise

  1. Thank you Ms. Ejoy for my happy pill at the start of the week! I have energy to endure 5 work days. Unless, there’s another Sky story, I mean If only story in the offing within the week, that would be awesome!! 😜👍

  2. Belated happy Mother’s Day to you Miss Ejoy, wow what a vivid scenery you’ve given of this outing 😆😆love, love this story and thank you so much .

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